Forgetting is So Hard to Do (sequel to The Direction Love Travels In)

Sequel to The Direction Love Travels In. Takes place 6 months after Kaylynn's death. It shows how each individual character changes and moves on. For some it's harder to do. And it's the ones you least expect. Kaylynn finally earns her wings. And Louis and Bella advance their relationship


6. Finding Faith

When they finally arrive at I Hop, Niall opens the taxi door for amber who arrived at the same time he did. They walk inside to a reserved table in the back of the restaurant. harry arives shortly after and his eyes go wide at the girl sitting beside niall. damn she looked like kaylynn, but she wasnt her, he could tell. her face wasnt as pale and sickly as his sisters once was. and she had brown eyes that reflected a smile, not blue ones that read off death. he smiles and sits beisde amber and infront of niall at the square table.

"whos this?" he asks with a smile. he doesnt mention anything about her shocking resemblance.

"this is amber... we sort of met by mistake..." he smiled as he gestured to her. "and shes a really big fan...of mee" he boasted as he held his head high. harry was happy to see niall smile again.

Amber sits in between both of them and looks at her menu. Niall does the same but instead he keeps his eyes on her. "what a resemblance" he thinks to himself. After about 3 minutes of blatantly staring at her, he look at his menu and decides what he wants. He hears a familiar giggle and looks around the restaurant hoping to find kaylynn. He turns to amber to see she was the one who let out that heart pounding giggle he smiles at her. "what's so funny?" he asks pretending to pout.

Amber smiles "I can only imagine you ordering everything on the menu"  

Niall smiles at her "you read my mind" he says as the waitress walks over.

"hi my name's Faith, what can I get you guys today?" she asks lazily.

Harry studies her. She was No older than 21. She had curly blonde hair that was tied up in a messy bun. Her face was fair and clear of make up her eyes were as green as grass. He smiled at her "why hello Faith I'm Harry, Harry Styles." he boasted.

Amber and Niall shook their head and laughed at the same time as each other, which made them laugh even more.

Faith put on an obviously forced smile "I know who you are" she said in somewhat of a groan. "now what would you like to order?" she asked.

Niall inhaled. "I would like the red velvet pancakes doused in syrup and butter please!" 

Faith nodded and wrote down his order. "and you miss?" she asked looking at amber

"uh umm I'll take the m and m pancakes" she orders hesitantly.

Faith writes it down and reluctantly turns to Harry. "and you?"

Harry thinks for a second. "how about some sugar?" he flirts pointing to his cheek. "this is why he is called the flirt"

amber laughs looking towards Faith who looks like she wanted to murder harry. "look I'm not one of those dumbass fan girls who are in love with you and your stupid ass friends. In fact I hate your retarded band so can you be serious for at least second and order your damn meal so I can get on with my day?" she groaned with an attitude.

Harry looked at her surprised and offended by her words "I'll get the, uh, the same thing as Niall then." he says Hesitantly. Faith walked away not bothering to write it down. 

Faith returns after a while with their food. She places the pancakes infront of them and turns to leave but Harry stops her. "wait Faith," he says reaching for her. "I'm sorry, I was being sort of a jerk before.." he apologizes.

She gives him rude stare "yeah I know,." she sneers at him not making eye contact.

Harry's eyes go wide as she walks away not bothering to give him the slightest chance to explain.

Amber cuts her pancakes and looks to Niall. His plate is already cleared. She raises an eyebrow at him and then takes a bite of hers. 

Niall laughs. "they were delicious, I loved them" he smiles.

Amber nods and laughs. "I can tell" she says before taking another bite.

Harry looks at them distantly. "I now understand love at first sight"

amber shoots harry a confused look. "she hates you"

Harry nods. "I know" he says as he accidentally leans his elbow on his pancakes. He lets out a surprised squeal.

Niall laughs histerically. "youre such an idiot!"

Harry wipes the syrup off of his sleeve making sound effects as he does so. Amber laughs with Niall and while she does he snags a piece of her pancake. She raises an eyebrow at him and laughs even more. "you guys are a bunch of goofs" 

 Harry takes off his jack wills sweatshirt and hangs it over the chair. "I give up" he says pushing his plate to Niall. "here you. Can have them. I'm not too hungry."

Niall doesn't hesitate, he devours them within a minute "yummy tasted live sleeves" Amber finishes hers and wipes her mouth. Faith walks over to the table and takes the empty plates in her arms. "can I get you guys anything else? Or would you like the check?" she asks still not bothering to make eye contact with any of them.

"the check please" Harry says trying to be more polite. Faith nods and turns, walking quickly away.

Amber laughs at him. "Harry its not working, you're making her feel uncomfortable." she says looking at harry.

"seems as though hazza's lost his charm" Niall adds in.

Harry runs his hand through his hair. "Bella's to blame" 

Faith returns with the check. Harry does the math and signs the slip before handing her his credit card. She walks away again to swipe the card.

"don't blame the girl for following her heart" Niall scolds him as she walks away. Amber nods in agreement then flips her bangs out of her face. Niall watched in awe. He snaps out of it before she notices and returns his attention to Harry. "just be yourself and don't try so hard." he continues.

Faith returns shortly and hands harry his card back. "thanks for coming, have a brilliant day." she says groggily still not making an effort to make eye contact. She takes the rest of their plates and walks away. 

Harry stands up and puts his card In his back pocket. "well it was nice talking to you.. pleasure meeting you Amber"

Amber smiled "It was nice meeting you too."

niall keeps his eyes locked on amber. Her beauty overwhelmed him.

Harry turns to them And smiles "if I didn't know any better I would guess that Niall has fallen in love" He teases.

Niall blushes and nudges harry. "shut up Harry.." 

Amber blushes deeply and looks at the ground. Harry laughs and walks to the car. Niall and amber follow close behind. "did you take the taxi? I'll give ya a ride if ya want.."

"Yeah, thanks that would be cool" she replies

As they make their way to their cars a voice from behind shouts Harry's name. Harry turns to see Faith walking towards him holding his sweater. She walks up to him and hold out his sweatshirt to him. "You, um, left this on your chair.." Faith looks up at him, He was a lot taller than she thought he was.

Harry unconsciously flashes her a flirtatious smile as she hands him his sweatshirt. "thanks Faith." he says looking deep into her eyes.

She stares back for a moment before responding. She looks down to the ground. "uh, no, no problem.. There was some uh syrup on the sleeve..but I, uh, washed it off" she rubs her arm nervously.

Harry continues to smile at her as she talks. He lets out a calm steady laugh "yeah long story behind that"

 Faith looks up at him again. "well uh, have a nice day.." she says as she turns around and walks back inside the restaurant. Harry hesitates before entering his car and driving away.


"no actually I've never been to Nandos" amber said as she looked into niall's eyes.

He looked at her as if she was crazy."well then I'm taking you back to Mullingar with me so you can try it! The food there is AMAZING!" he said with a smile.

amber smiled. "ive always wanted to go" she said aloud but in her head she thought "with you"

niall smiled. "i promise you one day i will take you there. i hate the States because there's only one Nandos and its all the way in D.C!" he pulled out of the parking lot. amber laughed

"poor nialler" She baffled.

niall laughed too. "hey how about we go to a cinema?...or do you have to study.." niall asked as he kept his eyes on the road.

amber smiled "id much rather go to a movie with you" she replied looking towards him. niall smiled. "okay then lets go" he said as he turned around.

When they finally arrived at the theaters Niall took Ambers hand and pulled her to theater six. They had decided on seeing Finding Nemo. It was having a third reappearance in theaters and it was niall's favorite movie. They sat in the middle row. She smiled at niall and then turned to the movie. Niall put the popcorn on the floor and rested His Arm on the arm rest. Amber had both of her hands in her lap.

Niall tried to watch the movie, but his attention kept turning to amber's lonely hand rested lazily on her knee. He tapped his fingers anxiously and began slowly moving his hand towards hers as Amber kept her eyes glued to the screen. He was just centimeters away from her hand. He hesitated and gave her one last look.. "would she get mad? Or would she enjoy it?" he thought to himself. Just as he was about to grab her hand, amber shifted her position and rested her arm on half of the arm rest. Niall now had his hand on his lap. He looked from his hand and back to hers. Without hesitation, he took her hand and held it in his. Amber didn't turn to him at all. Instead she intertwined her fingers with his. Niall smiles and holds her hand And turns back to the movie.

Niall and amber held hands. Thoughts were racing through ambers mind. "does this mean he likes me?? Niall Horan is holding my hand!!" she thought to herself. Niall gave her hand a gentle squeeze and she returned the gesture. Amber was screaming inside her head. All he has to do Is kiss my hand and I'll go crazy! She thinks to herself and Niall does it.. He pulls her hand to his lips and kissed the top of her hand. He placed their arms back on the armrest again with a smile on his lips. Amber was screaming inside. "Niall fucking Horan likes me!! But omg he's like 6 Years older than me! Ahhhh! Why does he like me!? Oh meh gosh I'm fangirling like asdfghjkl!!" she thinks to herself. She looks ahead not wanting to freak out.

when the movie ends niall gives her hand a gently squeeze. amber flashed him a cute smile. they got out of their seats, still holding hands, and walked out of the cinema. "i should probably get back to my hotel.." amber said as she got into the car.

niall nods his head in agreement. "okay well which hotel is it?" he asked as he started up his car.

"the marriot.."

niall nods again and drove her to her hotel.

"are we still on for this weekend kay..amber?" he stuttered.

amber didnt think much of his mistake. "yeah of course" she beamed. "thanks for the ride niall i had a lot of fun tonight.." she sais as she stepped out of the car.

"no problem me too." he smiled. amber waited a second before closing the door and walking inside the hotel. niall smiled as he drove back home.

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