Forgetting is So Hard to Do (sequel to The Direction Love Travels In)

Sequel to The Direction Love Travels In. Takes place 6 months after Kaylynn's death. It shows how each individual character changes and moves on. For some it's harder to do. And it's the ones you least expect. Kaylynn finally earns her wings. And Louis and Bella advance their relationship


7. Digits

Harry got a chill as he sat on his bed watching television. his room seemed to be extremely cold. He grabbed his sweatshirt and zipped it up. His hands were cold so he put them in his sweater pockets. To his surprise, he felt a small scrap of folded paper in his left pocket. He pulled it out and glanced at it. Harry unrolled the piece of paper to find a phone number written down and right above it read Faith Edwards. A smile escaped Harry's lips as he looked at the scrap of paper. He felt his heart beat like it hadn't in two years. He took out his phone and entered the number in. he texted her right away. "heyyyy its harrrryyyyy" he sent.

"hello" she replied

"hows it going?" he asked as he stared anxiously at his phone

"okay and you?" she didnt even know why she gave this annoying harry direction fag her number, she was wasting her time, and minutes.

"Pretty good, you still at work?" he tried to make some conversation, but he was nervous

"nope im at school." she texted under her desk.

"what do you go to school for?" he waited for a reply but it never came. maybe her phone died..did he get her introuble? is she hurt?

he stared to think of the craziest things.

"Sorry class just got out . Car got stalled lol" she replied ten minutes later.

"Damn, you want be to come pick you up??" He offered as he turned off his TV and stood up.

"No its all good I got John to pick Me up." She lied as she began walking home. Truthfully faith felt she needed the time to think things through. It was obvious that harry fancied her, but did she really want to be with the famous heartthrob? Cars drove by Quickly on the main road. She turned down a quiet street with her backpack slung over her shoulder.

Harry called her. "Wait who's John?" He asked.

"a friend.." she answered "hes gay... if that makes you feel any better" she laughs sensing harry's jealousy. she opens the door to her small house to find her dad passed out on the couch with a beer in his hand. there were empty cans everywhere. she sighed and shut the door silently.

"yes actually it does" harry laughs.

Faith creeps quietly into her room and shuts the door to find her younger sister allie hiding behind it with bloodshot eyes. "um ill call you back..later.."she said as she hung up. Faith put her phone in her back pocket and knelt beside her sister."allie.. whats wrong.. what did he do??" she asked in a panic.

allie sniffled. "daddy hurt me..and that lady fwho promised me help didnt answer her phone and mommy isnt here..." she whimpered as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Faith pulled her sister close and hugged her tight. "things are gonna get better.. i promise..." she whispered. "Henry's out cold so as long as we're quiet..we'll be okay.." she continues as she held her sister close. as if on cue, their neighbor's car alarm went off. Allie held her sister tighter. they heard the loud slow footsteps coming up the stairs. faith hid allie in her closet and sat at her desk pretending to study, little did she know she had pocket dialed harry.

her door whipped open. henry walked in and snickered. "do you think im stupid?" he sneered, with a beer in his hands.

aith turned to him. "n-n-no sir" she stuttered

"dumb bitch..i know you weren't here the entire time..where were you" his words were slurred.

"i was at school" faith's responses were soft, she was scared.

henry sipped his beer and then pointed at her with it. "you're a lying little whore!"

"no telling you the tru..." she began to say. henry threw his bottle at her,she dodged it making it hit the wall. "dont you talk back to me skank!" he spat.

"im not!" Faith yelled. she covered her mouth. "shit" she thought to herself.

this was it for her...she was going to get the beating of a life time. henry grew even more cross. he slapped her across the face causing her to lose her balance and fall off of her chair. she let out a shriek as she held the side of her face. henry kicked her against the wall and put his foot on her chest. "don't disrespect me bitch." he spat on her and slammed the door behind him as he limped out.

faith began to cry softly. allie ran out of the closet and hugged her her tight, Faith had a bloody lip and the entire left side of her face was was going to leave a bruise. faith heard her phone beep which signified an ended call. she took her phone out of her pocket and saw she had been in a call with harry the entire time. "fuck" she face palmed. thank go he didnt know where she lived.


harry listened to the entire thing.he was stunned. this poor beautiful girl had to deal with this? he had to do something.. but what. he hung up hoping she was okay and paced around the room

"hey is everything alright? you ummm called." he texted her.

"you werent supposed to hear that :/" she replied.

"do you want me to come and get you." he grabbed his keys.

"no" she replied almost immediately.

"are you sure..its not safe there...i dont mind.."

"it would only be worse if you came"

"im not afraid of him." Harry wasn't about to let this innocent girl be harmed by a drunken bastard. She didn't deserve this,

"well i am so plz just forget about it okay.."

"no" he replied. harry wasn't just going to forget about such a horrible thing. forgetting something is impossible to do, especially for harry.

"come on harry dont be like this okay.. this is none of your business stay out if done talking about this."

"just let me come and get you and ill stop worrying and i wont talk about it"

"fine... but my sister has to come too"

"where do you live? ill be there in two."

"uhhh you know that really crummy street with no name and the really shitty houses? thats my street.. third house on the right..we'll wait outside."

"kk" he replied as he hopped into his car and drove there as fast as he could.

Faith stood up and clenched her side. henry had kicked her very hard and it hurt to move. she sucked up the pain like she had her entire life and picked her sister up. "be quiet and hold on tight" she whispered to allie as she opened the window. allie nodded and held on tigthly to Faith's neck. Faith climbed out of her window on onto her roof. she looked down to the ground far below her and took a deep breath. she closed her eyes and jumped. when she landed on her feet, a sharp tingling pain spread from the bottom of her feet to her waist. she let out a silent yelp of pain and limped to harry's car.

"oh my god.. Faith...are you okay.." harry asked turning to her.

"come on lets go before he notices we're gone!" she ordered. harry sped away and drove back to the summer house.

when they pulled into the drive way, Allie was in awe. never before had she seen a house so big, "are you a prince? you have a really nice castle" she asked as she stared at the mansion.

harry chuckled. "no..if anything i'm far from a prince."

faith laughed softly "well i wouldn't say too far from it, i mean you got the saving a damsel in distress down." she smiled and then winced because it hurt her cut lip. she wiped the blood off with her wrist.harry parked his car in the driveway and got out. he opened the door for them and smiled. Faith stepped out and limped to the door after flashing harry a smile.

harry took allie from her and carried her to his bedroom. Faith followed him.

"its really can sleep in my bed" he whisped to allie as he laid her down and tucked her in. allie fell right asleep. "you can sleep with her.. ill take the couch tonight" he whispered to faith as they walked out and shut the door.

faith smiled "thanks harry..." she said softy. harry smiled and looked into her eyes.

" no problem.."  faith held her side as it throbbed in pain. her ankles were pulsating with pain. she turned her back to hair and lifted her shirt to examine the damage. her entire side was turning black and blue. she sighed.

"let me see.." harry insisted as he stepped in front of her.

fiaith shook her head. "no its nothing im fine" she said as she limped her way to the couch. she lifted her faded jeans and examined her ankles. they were swollen and had popped out of their sockets. she looked up and let out a "why me" breath.

harry knelt down beside her . "want me to take you to the hospital,,that looks really bad.."

Faith shook her head. "no i got this." she replied as she gripped one of her ankle and took a deep breath. she twisted it back to place, it made a crackling sound. she did the same with the other one. her eyes teared up in pain and she winced. harry looked at her stunned as he sat next to her on the couch. Faith broke down into tears and burried her face into harry.

he held her tight whispering "its okay..youve got me."

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