Forgetting is So Hard to Do (sequel to The Direction Love Travels In)

Sequel to The Direction Love Travels In. Takes place 6 months after Kaylynn's death. It shows how each individual character changes and moves on. For some it's harder to do. And it's the ones you least expect. Kaylynn finally earns her wings. And Louis and Bella advance their relationship


12. Days End

     Amber released her tears. "i really dont want to leave you but... my dad just came back from Pakistan.. I havent seen him in 5 years." 

niall held her hand on top of the table. "have him come here... have the whole family come to the summer house with us.. i just met you..." he begged.

amber laughed a bit. "niall you sound crazy.." she smiled faintly as tears ran down her cheeks. "i cant do that though.. i want to go home.. i miss my mom and my bed" she explained.

niall began to cry silently as he held her hand tighter. "this isnt fair."

amber sniffled. "i know im sorry.." she sniffed and covered her mouth as her tears fell faster. she stood up, letting go of NIall's hand, and walked out. niall sat there paralyed and in tears.

     Amber walked the 2 miles to her hotel crying the entire way. she walked into her room and threw her bags onto the floor. amber threw herself onto the bed and cried into her pillow. amber hadnt felt this sad since her dad was shipped off. she wanted to go home as badly as she wanted to stay here with niall. she felt bad. she knew that niall had just lost Kaylynn, his first real girlfriend and now he's going to lose her. amber felt like a bitch.

     Niall got up slowly and walked out of the restaurant with a heavy feeling in his chest. how could she leave him like this? it wasnt fair at all. He got into his car and drove home slowly. his thoughts became as clouded as the night's sky. Amber was the only hing he could think about. he didnt want her to leave, especially on such short notice. he just met her, he was just starting to be himself again, and now his world was crashing down on him once more.

when he arived home he stormed into his room and slammed his door shut. he threw his keys against the wall. his phone rang, amber was calling. he didnt answer. he just wanted to forget her and move on. he didnt want to be reminded of another failed relationship. and yet, he didnt want to be without her. Amber was the one who brought niall back to life, made him smile again. Niall ran his hands thrpugh his hair and wiped his tears with his sleeves. he couldnt do this anymore. he didnt want to feel like he did before all over again.

Amber kept calling niall but he didnt pick up. she gave up after the 10th try. she set her alarm for 5:30 and slipped into bed. she cried herself to sleep.

Niall sat on his bed staring at his phone. he listened to it ring 10 times and debated on whether or not he should answer. each time he made his mind up it was too late. "come me one more time.. ill pick up" he spoke out loud. his phone remained silent. he sighed and put it on the charger as he got up and walked to the bathroom. he looked at himself in the mirror placing both hands on either side of the porcelain sink. he grasped the edges tighter as rage overcame him. "youre such an idiot!" he muttered to himself.

     The next day arrived rather quickly. Amber sat in the airport after a gruesome 2 hours through security checks and baggage. as the plane began to board, she looked around the airport hoping to see Niall. He was no where in sight. she sighed and showed her ticket before entering the plane. it seemed to her as if the plane took off right away. she weeped silently in her seat.

Niall had not slept all night. he ran into the airport, still wearing his pajamas, hoping he would not have missed the flight. when he reached security, they would not let him through.

"i need to stop her!! i need to say good-bye!" he pleaded. the security gaurd wouldnt budge.

"sir we are not letting you pass the gates. the flight has already left and you dont even have a ticket." he explained calmly. niall groaned and walked away. he wasnt about to give up just yet. he had to see her again.. at least one more time. he ran to the ticket desk all the way in the fornt of the airport and cut through the line.

"i need the first tickets out of here to Rhode Island!" he demanded.

" just cut the enitre need to go to the back and wait."

"listen to me loud and clear little miss do the right thing. im niall fucking horan you dont tell me what the fuck to do i have a girlfriend to chase and you are going to get me those tickets now!" he said sternly.

the lady gave him am oh-my-god-you're-niall-horan kind of look and then searched through her computer. "the earliest flight we have isnt for another hour..." she said looking back up at him.

"ill take it." he took out his wallet and handed her his credit card.

she swiped it and handed him his tickets. "good luck.." she smiled as he walked away.

Niall drove back home quickly and packed one suite case with clothes, money, his charger, a few hats, and some sneakers. he packed only what he needed. he changed out of his pajamas and into some jeans and his usual white v-neck t-shirt. he threw on a beanie and his white hightops and grabbed his bag. he left a short note on his bed before running into his car.

by the time he made it to the gate, the airplane started boarding. he hadnded his ticket in and sat in his seat with his head hung low. there were a lot of teen girls on this flight, many of which were wearing shirts with his and his friends face on them. with just his luck one of them sat beside him. she was wearing a black varsity jacket with the same white high tops, red skinnys, and a shirt with Niall's face on it. he tugged on his beanie and pulled it down as he kept his eyes on the floor. "this is going to be a long flight" he thought to himself.

"but mom this isnt fair! we paid for the tickets! i was supposed to meet niall!!!" the girl whined as the plane was now in the air. niall shifted nervously in his seat and kept his face concealed in his glasses and beanie.

"i know hannah, i know. but they canceled the show.. i cant change that." her mother explained.

the girl sunk down in her seat with her arms crossed. "this is bull mom." she pouted as she looked down at her shoes.

she looked toward's nialls feet and then up at him. "nice shoes." she smiled at him niall shrugged and kept quiet. "my husband-to-be has those same ones..." she said still looking at him. Niall remained silent not wanting to blow his cover. " why are you wearing sunglasses on a plane? why are you wearing a hat in the middle of November? why are you hiding from me? are you niall horan?" she asked as she leaned in closer. niall closed his eyes tight. her mother pulled her back.

"ok hannah thats enough leave the poor man alone. he's not that kid from New Directions so stop with this craze and calm down." she scolded her. she turned to niall. "im sorry about that sir," she apologized with a laugh. "she's a bit crazy sometimes."

niall nodded and flicked his wrist indicating it was okay.

      For the rest of the flight, the girl kept talking and complianing about the canceled concert. niall turned to her, as the plane had finally landed, and put his finger to his lips and he took off his sun glasses. he winked at her and turned back around, putting his sunglasses back on. he stood up and walked inot the terminal. the girl remained silent, as she was in shock.


     Amber's flight finally landed. she walked out of the airport with her luggage to see her mom and dad smiling at her wide. AMber smiled at the sight of her dad and ran into his awaiting arms. "daddy! i missed you so much." she cried out. her father hugged her tighter. "i missed you to Bambi." he said softly. It was just starting to get dark out now. "come on lets get you home and settled in so we can go out for dinner." amamda, her mom, smiled as she picked up amber's bags and placed them in the trunk. they drove home.

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