Forgetting is So Hard to Do (sequel to The Direction Love Travels In)

Sequel to The Direction Love Travels In. Takes place 6 months after Kaylynn's death. It shows how each individual character changes and moves on. For some it's harder to do. And it's the ones you least expect. Kaylynn finally earns her wings. And Louis and Bella advance their relationship


4. Close

Niall waited until zayn left the room before running into the bathroom and searching through the medicine cabinet. He pulled out the asprin and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He pitted himself. "You need to do it" he said to his reflection. He opened the bottle And looked up. "I'm coming kaylynn ." He whispered. Niall heard footsteps in his room.

"Niall?" Harry called.

Niall ran to the bathroom door and shut it, locking it quickly. Harry ran to the locked door and placed his ear against it trying to listen "niall are you okay in there?" He asked nervously.

Niall fell to his knees. "Noo man I don't think so" he replied as he opened the bottle.

"Okay well let me in.." harry said as he jiggled the doorknob.

"'ll try to stop me" niall began to cry he was shaking like crazy. 

Harry jiggled the knob faster "let Me in niall! Don't you dare do something stupid!!!"

Niall shook his head "I'm going with her" niall replied while harry banged on the door.

"Are you fucking crazy!? Let me in!!!" He screamed.

Niall closed his eyes and poured the pills into his mouth and swallowed. Harry used his entire body and ran the door down. Harry saw the empty aspirin bottle on the floor. He got niall into a head lock and forced his finger down his throat making him vomit up the pills.

Niall puked on the floor and cried "what the fuck harry why didn't you just let me do it!?" He cried.

Harry let go of him and groaned. "Cuz you're out of your mind! What the hell were you thinking!?"

niall cried. "I want to be with her!!"

Harry shook his head. "I'm signing you up for therapy sessions... you need to start talking to somebody about these problems... and thoughts...and anyways if you commit suicide or do something to purposely kill go to hell...smartass.." harry dragged niall out of the bathroom and picked him up placing him down in his bed as if he were a child.  Niall pulled the covers over his head as Harry walked out of his room saying "you're starting tomorrow.."

     Niall woke up the next morning from Harry's loud knocking. "Come on wake up our session is in ten minutes!!!" He announced from outside of the door. Niall got out of bed and put on a new pair of sweatpants and a plain blue tee. He threw on his white sneakers and the snap back kaylynn had given him for his birthday on their 3rd summer. He walked past Harry and into the car outside. Harry got in and they drove in complete silence.When they got there, their therapist gestured for them to take a seat on the couch. Harry and niall sat as far away from each other that the couch allowed them. 

"Hi my name is Gwen"

Harry smiled. She was about 34 and had bright red hair and light blue eyes. She seemed skinny and very kind. He had been meeting with her for ten years now. She knew everything about him. Harry thought it would benifit niall if came along and talked to her.

Niall remained quiet as he stared at the door.

"Hi Gwen this is my friend niall " harry said motioning to niall.

Niall looked at Gwen for a second and then turned back to the door.

"Well I'd like to start off today's meeting by talking to niall..." she began as she turned towards him on her swivel chair.

Niall kept his eyes on the door as if he was expecting some one to walk in.

"niall?" Gwen pushed for a response. She was patient

he turned to her abruptly and raised an eyebrow as of to be asking "what?" but with no words.his hand rested lightly over his mouth.  

"i want you to talk to me niall...tell me how you feel." she explained softly.

niall held back his tears and had his mouth covered by his hand. he didnt want to talk about anything. he didnt want to be here. he wanted to be with kaylynn. niall sat there silently staring back at Gwen. harry  looked at him waiting for him to speak.

niall's eyes bounced back and forth from harry to gwen. he broke down in tears burying his face into his hands."i miss her...." he sobbed.

gwen reached out and put her hand in his shoulder. "good good.. its okay to cry.." she said calmly.

"this isnt fair! why did she have to leave me? i failed her! why couldnt i save her?"

"niall it wasnt your job to save her...she couldnt be saved.." she assured him.

niall shook his head. "i cant do this anymore... i cant live without her." he muttered.

"and thats why you're here.. so you can learn to move on and smile at the memories of her." Gwen smiled.

niall shook his head. "i dont think thats possible." he looked up from the floor.

gwen kept smiling "i know thats what it feels like... but trust me, i will help you get through this every step of the way..."

niall cried silently as he looked back at her. "I don't want to move on though.."

Harry face palmed and looked to the floor. "My god niall this is getting out of hand!! You have to fucking build a. Bridge and get the fuck over it!!! Its been six months!! Six!!!! You're going crazy!! Trying to commit suicide to be with her!! You know what?! There is no hevean!!! When you die you rot in the ground and that's what's happening to her!! She's gone you'll never seed Herr again!!!!!!" Harry exploded.

Gwen pushed her hair back. "Harry. .please calm down remember what I told you...count backwards and breath slowly.."

 Harry was breathing heavily and his heart was beating quickly. His face had gone red. Niall got up and stormed out of the room. Harry rolled his eyes as Gwen sighed.

"Harry that was unnecessary.. you havent been doing your tricks and it's pretty obvious..."

harry shrugged. "It's annoying when people just cry over dumb shit" he replied.


"Just because he doesn't give a fuck about his dead sister, Doesn't mean that I dont..." Niall murmured to himself as he walked out of the building He caught a taxi and hopped in. Just a moment before he reaches for the door a familiar looking girl sits down beside him.

"Oh is this taken..." She gasped. " You're.. niall horan..."

This girl looked just like the girl he had just lost months ago. "Kaylynn?" He asked giving her a perplexed look. The girl shook her head. "

Umm no...." she said raising an eyebrow at him niall laughed a little.

How crazy he must have sounded. " kinda look like ummm her.." he said nervously.

"Well I'm.Amber..." she smiled."and today will probably be the worst day of your life...I'm a really big really big"

 Niall smiled for once in a very long time.


Kaylynn watched with a falling feeling in her heart. She hated to see the one she loved fall in lobe with another but she was happy to finally see him smile.

"She looks just like me..." she turned towards her guardian angel.

He smiled. "Pretty close match right??"

kaylynn smiled "yeah" she replied. Maybe I shouldn't have zayn give him the note... I mean he's finally happy... she thought to herself


an unclear thought awoke zayn.

"maybe i .....give him the note....i mean hes finally happy"

zayn looked around the room scared. "ummm woah.." he said with his eyes wide. he looked to the clock it was 2;00. he got out of bed and opened the safe in his closet. maybe this meant it was time to give niall the note. He played with it between his fingers and walked to niall's room. He placed the sed depressing note on the vanity and sighed. Poor niall will never get over her...


Louis woke up to find Bella wrapped around him. he smiled and kisses her forehead before slipping out of bed. he slipped on his pants and threw on his shirt he smiled at his sleeping fiancee and shut the door behind him. he bumped into zayn, who looked like he had just saw a ghost or something.

"zayn?" he asked curiously. zayn looked up to him silently and then walked away. louis raised an eyebrow suspiciously and shook his head pushing the awkward encounter behind him. he continued down the hall to bellas old room and sat on the bed.

"wait what am i doing here? idont even remeber going to bed..wasnt thsi room purple? why is it blue?" he asked to himself. just then the room was lit with a blinding light. louis covered his eyes with his hands trying to block the light. a dark figure stood out in the bright room.

"louis?" it whispered. louis uncovered his eyes to see kaylynn before him.

"umm woah kaylynn? youre alive?" he asked sincerely surprised. he reached out to touch her but his hand went through.

"no this is a dream..." sh replied looking down at the floor briefly then looking back to him. the room seemed to quiver, like the walls were made of water. "i need you to do something for me.. okay? tell bella that the box is under Liam's bed..." she urged.

louis nodded as her words echoed through the room and his surroundings faded to black. he woke up to see bella curded beside him fast asleep. he ran his hair through his hair and sighed.

"what the hell is going on here?" he whispered to himself in disbelief.

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