Rosa Crux Academy for the Magically Gifted

When Dumbledore asks for exorcists to protect Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament, the Black Order sends its teenage exorcists undercover as students representing Rosa Crux Acadamy for the Magically Gifted. As Allen gets involved in the mission though, he starts to have flashbacks of things he doesn't remember... Are the flashbacks connected to a notebook that Hermione finds in the Library full of coded magical research? (A note to the readers: This is a Harry Potter and D.Gray-Man crossover)


1. Missions and Magic

(A Dream)
A young boy no older than eleven was sitting next to an older man who had donned the clothes of a clown. The two of them were behind a circus tent that looked like it had been neglected, and trash surrounded the area.
The boy had medium length warm brown hair, but it appeared to be greasy from lack of bathing. His silver eyes were hardened from living on the streets for survival. They reflected his fear toward most adults, though a faint glimmer of love for the man next to him, and the happiness that they had shared together. His porcelain face was not marred in any way except for a few small cuts. He wore a small checkered hooded sweater and skirt, with dark tights and brown boots that reached halfway up his calfs, as well as a large filthy green glove that hid his left hand from prying eyes .
The man next to him was tall and dressed in the baggy clothes of a clown, but his pale face was not painted. His black hair was slicked back except for a few strands that fell in his face, his eyes appeared to be endless golden pools. The man's eyes, unlike the boy's, were full of love and kindness, though a light of suspicion always lingered in his gaze.
Both of the people in question jumped in surprise when a tawny owl landed in front of the boy. The letter tied to its leg was addressed to 'Mr. A. Walker' in emerald-green ink.
"Mana?" The boy asked, wondering why there was an owl delivering a letter to a Mr. A. Walker.
"I think it's for you Allen, how about you try opening it and see what is inside?" The man, Mana, replied. Mana was curious about the letter as much as the boy, especially since neither he nor Allen ever told anyone their last name.
The boy shrugged, as he kneeled next to the bird and proceeded to untie the letter. When he properly held the letter in front of him, he could see that the envelope was made of a heavy yellow parchment. The full address was written in a fancier script, like it was written by someone in a higher social class. Allen dropped the letter as he read what was written, backing away from the letter, disturbed by what was written as the address.
"How can anyone know where we sleep?" Allen asked, his voice an octave higher than normal.
"Pardon?" Mana tilted his head in question.
"This letter is addressed to 'Mr. A. Walker, The smallest circus tent, Cheshire, England"
Mana was shocked as well, but still encouraged the young boy to open the letter due to his own curiosity. He had abandoned the world of magic a long time ago, and wondered why they would contact Allen. The older man was startled out of his thoughts by the boy reading his letter out loud in a voice that trembled with fear, but was laced discreetly with a sense of wonder that only Mana could hear.
"Dear Mr. Walker,
We are please to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.
Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall."
(Dream End)

As I scarfed down my meal, or what others preferred to call a feast, I pondered on the dream that I had last night. I didn't think that it was a memory because throughout my travels with Master Cross, I had never heard of such a place like Hogwarts, but the realistic feeling that I had seemed to disagree.
"Allen!" I turned to find a sixteen year old Chinese girl jogging towards me.
Her dark medium length hair was curled slightly under her chin and bounced as she took each step. Her vivid amethyst eyes sparkled like gems in the bright lighting of the cafeteria. She was almost as pale as snow, with a slight tan that gave her skin a warm hue. She was dressed in the new exorcist uniform that was issued to her, a black long-sleeved military jacket that had a silver rose cross placed over her heart and an ebony mini skirt, both with red trim. Tall ivory stockings reached up her long, slender-yet-muscular legs and ended mid-thigh. Blood red high heels clacked on the cobblestone floor with each step she took, while two darker red bangle-like rings jingled merrily around her small ankles.
"Allen!" She called again, reaching me and a towering pile of empty plates that threatened to topple over the two of us.
"What is it Lenalee?" I asked, my silver eyes meeting hers.
A subtle blush graced her cheeks before she replied. "My brother said that he wanted to see you. I think he's going to assign you a mission along with Kanda, Lavi, and I."
I swallowed some food before a small smile danced across my lips. "Alright, I've just finished eating, so I'll meet you in Komui's office."
With that, I piled the empty plates onto an empty cart, and wheeled them back to the kitchen. I typically washed my own dishes because of my large, and rather unquenchable, appetite, but if I was ever called to Komui's office or if I had to go on a mission, then I would typically wash extra dishes later to help those who worked in the kitchen. Today was unlike any other in that case, so when I parted with farewells, I headed towards Komui's office.
When I entered the office, I was surprised to find Kanda and Lavi sitting quietly sitting next to each other... at least with Lenalee between them, and Komui was sitting upright at his desk rather than the usual slouch.
Komui didn't wait until I was seated to brief us on our mission.
"A man who goes by the name of Albus Dumbledore has asked for exorcists to protect his school. He also claims that he suspects there is innocence involved." The room was silent for a minute before Lavi asked the question that I was thinking myself.
"I thought that the Black Order didn't accept clients?"
"They typically don't," Komui agreed, "but this client is rather different..."


I glanced around the four of us warily as we walked down the crowded London road. Kanda, Lavi, Lenalee, and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, especially since Komui never told us why this particular person was different from the other people who requested the help of the Black Order. I pondered on the rest of the mission briefing.
"You are to rendezvous with Mr. Dumbledore at a pub called The Leaky Cauldron. While there, you are to grab supplies that you will need for the following year. I will tell you more when you come back, but remember- don't make yourself noticeable, and don't tell anyone your names." The room stayed silent for a minute while everyone processed what was said.
(Flashback End)
I was taken out of my thoughts by the sight of a rather ancient looking sign that hung in front of a tall dark building. Even though it was almost faded, I could still read the sign. The Leaky Cauldron.
The faint tinkle of bells could be heard as I opened the heavy wooden door. I was instantly hit with the slightly sweet smell of pipe smoke that intermingled with the harsh, nose burning scent of alchohol. The pub was lit by the low lighting of lanterns and candles, with random golden rays of sunlight that streamed through high windows. The bar was occupied by a small group of oddly dressed people, that covered their attire with variously colored cloaks. The worn ebony floor was recently swept, and glimmered in the light. The aged tables were made of a heavy dark colored wood as well, but shined with fresh polish.
At one of the tables sat a rather thin older man with long hair and an equally long beard as white as snow. He wore brass half-moon spectacles, and behind them, were bright blue eyes that seemed to read the very essence of a person's soul, and sparkled. His nose was crooked, like someone had broken it, but it didn't heal properly. His clothes were the color of a dark blue sky, and the cloak that he wore looked like woven from silver.
By unspoken agreement, I was elected to be our spokesperson, so it was me, who went up to the older man.
"Excuse me," I asked, "Are you perhaps Mr. Dumbledore?" He turned to me then, his eyes searching my gaze like he had experience in a war like scenario. After what seemed like a little while, he answered.
"Yes, I am. Is there anything that I could help you with?"
"Do you know of anything called the Black Order?" As I mentioned the Black Order, his eyes lit with recognition. "We are the exorcists that were assigned protect your school. My name is Allen, and my colleagues names are Lenalee, Lavi, and Kanda" As I spoke, I gestured toward Lenalee, Lavi, and Kanda in turn. He seemed to observe our uniforms in an awe of curiosity before he invited us to sit down at the table with him.
When we sat down, he asked us if Komui had told us anything about the mission. When we shook our heads no though, he began to explain.
"Within the past few months of last semester, there were a series of dissaperences that were reported. Due to the fact that a man considered to be a mass murderer had escaped a high security prison called Azkaban, these disappearances went unnoticed. I believe that man is not responsible for those disappearances, which brings up the following question: If Sirius Black wasn't responsible for the missing people, then who was? I had heard about your organization through former students, and concluded that Akuma were behind the disappearances, as well as the fact that there was a high probability that a crystal called Innocence was hidden somewhere on the school's grounds."
I glanced at my comrades, wondering what they were thinking about this mission. An outsider would have thought that we were neutral about the situation, but I could see in their eyes how they truly felt. Lenalee's violet eyes shone with a nervous light, but a twinkle of bravery and curiosity were buried in their depths. Lavi's emerald eye shone with a curious light like Lenalee's, but I could practically see gears turning in his mind while he was working through what Dumbledore had said. Kanda was just as stoic as normal, but his cobalt blue eyes seemed to scoff at the wizard government because they couldn't handle one prisoner escapee.
"That brings us to this mission," Dumbledore continued. "This year, Hogwarts will be hosting a competition called the Triwizard Tournament. As stated by the title, the Triwizard Tournament is a competition between three of the most highly regarded schools in Europe: Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, and Hogwarts. Since this mission is undercover, Komui and I agreed to have the four of you represent the fictionalized school of Rosa Crux Academy for the Magically Gifted, the Black Order's code name in any book in the world of magic. You can wear you exorcist uniforms as school attire, but you will need school supplies. For that, I will have the keeper of keys take you around Diagon Alley to help you financially, and to make sure you won't get lost. And one last thing before I go... You will have to come up with a presentation routine to showcase your 'school'." When he finished, he stood swiftly before gesturing for us to follow him to a small area behind the pub.
Dumbledore was nowhere to be seen as I absorbed my surroundings. The area was fenced in by a tall brick wall eroded by time. In a corner stood a tin trash can, and next to it stood a gigantically tall man.
His long dark brown hair and beard ended mid-chest and appeared to be untamed. His eyes were dark beetles that glimmered in the light, and his boy-like face was crinkled in a smile. He held out a large beefy hand in greeting, while his other hand clutched a bright pink umbrella.
"Pleasure to meet you!" He boomed, "My name is Hagrid, and I am the Keeper of Keys and the Care of Magical Creatures professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."
"It is a pleasure to meet you too, Professor Hagrid!" I bowed, "My name Allen, and my comrades' names are Lenalee, Lavi, and Kanda." Each person nodded their head when their name was mentioned, except for Kanda who just looked away.
"Alright, I will be guiding you through Diagon Alley, so if you could wait just a minute..." Hagrid took the umbrella and tapped some bricks in what seemed like a random order before the sound of moving bricks reached my ears.
I watched in amazement as the bricks seemed to rearrange themselves to form a large arch that didn't lead to the rest of London, but a brightly lit street lined with shops of all sorts and filled with bustling people who I assumed were witches and wizards.
"Welcome," Hagrid boomed, "to Diagon Alley!"


When we walked through Diagon Alley, I could have laughed at the expressions on my fellow exorcists' faces. Kanda's eyes seemed to flash with a sparkle of interest, Lenalee's eyes were as wide as saucers as she tried to take in everything at once, and Lavi's eye seemed to catalogue everything- which probably was the case- but a lopsided grin was there the entire time, and only seemed to grow larger with each new thing we saw. I was surprised myself, but I reminded myself to not do anything foolish, otherwise, the mission would have been a waste.
The last shop that we stopped at was a tall building that looked as old as the sign that hung in the front claimed it was. Olivander's: Makers of Fine Wands Since 382 B.C.
"I'll just stay outside and keep your belongings with me. I recomend that you don't keep him waiting." Hagrid took a position outside the door as he spoke.
"Are you sure Professor?" I asked, I was positive that he had already made up his mind, but being polite couldn't hurt.
"Yeah, I'm sure"
With that, I led the small group of exorcists into the store, surprised to find the store filled with aisles of small, long-yet-thin boxes. A bell above the door tinkled as we walked in, and as our eyes adjusted to the dim light, an older gentleman with wiry white hair walked up to us.
His pale skin looked milky, and his mercury eyes sparkled with wisdom and age. I assumed that his name was Mr. Olivander.
"Ahh, some exorcists I see." He seemed to murmer to himself in a gravelly tone. He waved what appeared to be a wand, and tape measures elevated off of a desk in the back, and flew toward us, starting to take measures of each of us, excluding myself. "And you, Mr. Walker," He turned to me, "I remember when you came in just a few years ago. You are fifteen years old now right?"
I slowly nodded, "Yes, sir."
"And more polite too, I see. I guess more has changed than your hair color and the gain of that scar of yours. I am deeply sorry for your loss. As a matter of fact, I have kept your wand from before, but with your experiences, I was not sure if you would need a new one or not." He turned and grabbed one of the boxes from his desk, and a small smile came to his lips from what appeared to be a memory, before he came back and handed me the wand that was in the box.
At the sight of it, I seemed to get a headache from trying to remember something that had a seal with one of the connected memories.
The wand was rather elegant with an intricate design of dark colored wooden vines that curved up to the tip. A background of pale wood made the vines seem to stand out. It seemed to be around thirteen inches, and the worn wooden grip felt like it was made specifically for my hand. The wand was warm to the touch.
When I took the wand from the elderly man, it gave off a silver glow, and a gentle cyclone of warm wind seemed to circle me. I could feel a familiar sensation as Crown Clown's cape wrapped itself around me, flapping slightly in the breeze, but when I looked down, I was shocked to see that my innocence wasn't activated.
"That was an even more extreme reaction than last time, I'm assuming that you strengthened the traits that it was looking for... Either that, or it's an extravagantly loyal wand for only one wizard. That wand in your hand is made of pine with the tail hair of a threstral, and the feather of a phoenix. It is the first to have two cores, and I find it to be rather unique in both power, and special abilities." Mr. Ollivander gave a last approving nod before turning to Lavi.
"I see that you are a Bookman. You prefer your right hand, am I right?" Lavi nodded, probably wondering how the man knew of his clan.
"I think I know of a wand for you then..." He wandered into one of the aisles before pulling out a box that was longer than most of the others.
"This wand," He stated as he took an abnormally long wand out of the box. "Is made of redwood, and phoenix feather."
When Lavi took the wand in his hand, the man immediately took the wand away from him, before handing him another.
"This beech wand is made from dragon heartstring." When the wand was handed to Lavi, he held it rather limply.
"Well give it a wave!" A sudden destructive force broke the one chair in the room. The man quickly snatched the wand back before replacing it with another.
"This wand is made of ebony with the tail hair of a unicorn." With that, Lavi was about to wave the wand before the man snatched it back.
The pattern continued until, the man handed him a medium colored wand.
"This wand is made of spruce, and Dragon Heartstring, it is 17 3/4 inches."
The wand was indeed very long, but since Lavi was a tall person, It was more proportionate than if the wand was my own. It had a lighter tone like mine, with small, shallow carvings of flames that intertwined along the side up to the tip. The handle seemed to have an irridecent red-orange tinge.
With a wave of the wand, a burst of orange flames shot out of the tip in the form of a small snake, a phantom of Lavi's Hiban. It paused for a second before flying around the store at a speed similar to hiban as well. When the snake flew by me, it felt like chilled invisible hands played with my hair and gently caressed my cheek, leaving behind a trace of the distinguishing scent of cinnamon. The man's eyes grew wide as he watched the snake continue flying through the store before it faded into thin air.
"Extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary..." Mr. Ollivander trailed off, absorbed in awe. A moment of silence passed before he turned to Lenalee.
"I wonder which wand will choose you."
"Choose me?" She asked, clearly confused.
"Well of course," He answered as if it was obvious, "the wand chooses the wizard." With that, he handed her a reddish brown wand.
"This wand is made of Cedar and a unicorn tail hair..."
Lenalee seemed to go through only a few wands before she found the right one.
"This wand is made from Pear, Unicorn Hair, 12 1/2 inches"
The wand looked like it was made of gold, and shimmered in the light. Even though the main part of the wand was plain, the grip had small and shallow carvings of small butterflies.
With a wave of her wand, blood red butterflies flew from the tip, and fluttered around her before dissolving into glowing specks of silver. We didn't need to be told that we just found Lenalee's wand.
"I presume that you want a wand as well sir?" The man had turned to Kanda.
"Che..." Kanda looked away, but it seemed that Mr. Ollivander understood what Kanda was implying, and rushed to find a wand.
After several wands had passed through Kanda's hands, the man pulled out a longer than average silver colored wand. It was rather elegant, with the Japanese character for lotus carved at the base of the grip, with small flower petals that were tinged pink, and held the appearance of being blown in a non-existent breeze.
"This wand is made from Elm, and Phoenix Feather, 15 inches."
As soon as Kanda took the wand, the room was filled with the scent of lotuses, and when he waved the wand, light pink and white lotus petals poured from the wand tip like a waterfall.
A small smile brushed his lips before he murmured a name, his voice full of love, and care, with a gentle undertone.
A second later, the expression was gone, and his face was masked with his usual facade of indifference.
As Kanda stepped back towards the door, I walked up to Mr. Ollivander.
"Excuse me sir," I asked, "Do you have any holsters that are made for wands?" Mr. Ollivander seemed to examine me intently before disappearing to the back of the store and returning with enough strange black contraptions for the four of us. I assumed that they were the holsters that I asked for.
"Would this do?" He asked as he handed one to each person.
I strapped the contraption to my lower left fore-arm before nodding approvingly. Lenalee had strapped hers to her right upper thigh, sheathing her wand while she did so. Lavi had strapped it to his right upper thigh, opposite of his hammer. Kanda had strapped the holster to his waist, slightly above Mugan's sheath.
After expressing our gratitude, we exited the store, and once again entered The Leaky Cauldron.
It was there when we parted ways with Hagrid, and returned to the Black Order, not yet knowing that we were to travel to Hogwarts in three months.
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