Gotta Be You♥

Shauna, lived a normal world, until her cousin, Niall Horan told her he is in One Direction. And she falls in love with the curly one of the group, Harry Styles. She moved to London..


2. New School.

*Liliane P.O.V*
Shauna : -Yelling- "Mum! Mum!"
Liliane : "She went to work."
Shauna : "And Erika?"
Liliane : "School."
We walk for like 15-20 minutes to get to school.

*Shauna P.O.V*
The school is HUGE! We stared walking, but i hit someone and feel.
Shauna : "Oupss i'm so sorry!"
I could'nt see his face.
X : "It's okay.. Shauuuuuuna!!"
He give me a 'Horan Hug'
Shauna : "Niaaaaall!! What are you doing here?!"
Niall : "Well me and the boys are here for scool, and you?"
Shauna : "Autie Mama, did'nt told you? We moved here yesturday because mum cried because Irleand made her think of dad.."
A tear start falling on my cheek.
Niall : "Awnn. Love don't cry! Come see Lou, Hazza, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, El & Dani, they miss you."
Shauna : "Yeah, i miss theme too. Lili come!"
Liliane come over and look at Niall, like he was a angel.
Niall : "Hi Lili!"
Liliane : -blushing- "Hi Niall."
Niall give her a 'Horan Hug'.
We went to see the others. They give us hugs. A blond girl walk up and kiss Harry.
I started cring. I run to the bathroom and i did'nt want to get out.
*Niall P.O.V*
Since Shauna, prisended to Liliane, i had a crush on her. But we all know that Shauna loves Harry and he loves her! But know.. there is Taylor!.. Stupid management!
Niall : "Harry! Can i talk to you?!"
Harry : "Euh.. Sure."
Taylor was coming but.. NO!
Niall : "Euh.. Just Harry!"
She's gone.
Harry : "So.. What's wrong?"
Niall : -getting annoyed- "You don't know what's wrong?! You, Shauna, Taylor! What's wrong?!!"

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