Gotta Be You♥

Shauna, lived a normal world, until her cousin, Niall Horan told her he is in One Direction. And she falls in love with the curly one of the group, Harry Styles. She moved to London..


1. New Life.

*Shauna P.O.V*
2 months ago, my dad died.Mum and my little sister Erika are move because my mum could'nt stop crying cause Irleand mad her think of dad. So we're moving to London in England. My bestfriend who is a year older is moving with us. Her parents says it was okay since she's 18. Liliane, my bestfriend, had a huge crush on my cousin Niall.
Liliane : -smiling- "So you do you think Nialler would come visite you?"
Shauna : -confuse- "Well.. I think so, i heard he was going to school, with the boys."
Liliane : "Okay, maybe a chance for you to see Hazza"
Shauna : "How did you know? And you and Niall?"
Liliane: -blushing- "I never said that!"
We both laught
Mum : -yelling- Lili, your mum is here!"
Liliane when said bye to his mum.
*Two hours of car ride to airport*

*Five hours of plane to London*
We arrive at our new house, it's abouth 10:30 PM. Me and Liliane wented upstaire and unpack a little. Then got to bed.

*Liliane P.O.V*
it's 7:30 AM. The alarm is ringing. Oh good, now i have to try to wake up Shauna.
Liliane : -yelling- "Shauna!! Get up!!"
Shauna : -half asleep- "hmm.. yes.."
Liliane : "Anyways i'm going in the showers."

*Shauna P.O.V*
I got up look in my closet. What i'm i going to wear?... .
Shauna : -yelling- "Lili!! Hurry up!!
Liliane : "I'm coming!"
Liliane got out of the showers. I went in.

*Liliane P.O.V*
So what i'm i going to wear?.. .
Liliane : -looking at the clock- "Shit! Shauna move your ass! it's 8:30 and it's 15 minutes to walk to school!"
Shauna got out out. I was ready for like 10 minutes now.
She dried her hair. Her curly brown hair that I LOVE! But she hates.

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