Just Another Lover Boy

Taylor wasn't just another directioner. Wanna know how? Well thats kinda hard to say because actually she isn't one at all. She doesn't have time for that between getting beat at home and bullied her life is on edge. One day she finally get permission to go out of the house. Only nobody gave her permission to go out of the house she gave it to herself. She ran and ran until she found her friends Shelby, Leary, and Skyler walking she ran up to them and told them everything. They walked to the nearest starbucks and bumped into what they thought was a group of friends when really it was One Direction!
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1. School

                  Taylors POV*

    "Taylor you little bitch!!!!" I heard my dad yell from downstairs "if your not ready for school in 10 minutes I'm gonna beat your ass!" He did this everyday I stumbled out of bed and quickly brushed my hair and changed clothes. I wore my skinny jeans matched with a plane black top a rainbow scarf and a pair of converse. My dad never bought me any clothes it was all my brother. He was in the navy but not because he wanted to he just wanted to get away from my alcoholic mother and abusive father. I wish I could do what he did but nope. I am not as strong and brave as him. First gunshot and I'd take off running. I walked down stairs and told my mom I was ready "Cars broken. Have a nice walk." she replied. Thank god its Friday I mumbled under my breath as I headed out the door. But I couldn't bare to think of the rude comments today will bring.

                    When I got to school my 3 best friends Skyler,Leary, and Shelby stood in the hallway. I walked up to them and I heard them talking about the up all night album One Direction just came out with. Wow. I never heard of that band but they never would shut up about them. I always wanted to say something about it but I didn't want to lose them. They are all I had. I didn't want to give that up. One of them mentioned their new back packs . Fuck. I just realized I left mine at home.

The day was really long but I manged to not get bullied mostly because I stayed close to the girls. They weren't popular but not losers ether. Therefore they never got picked on by Cindy the most popular girl at school. Lucky them.

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