Just Another Lover Boy

Taylor wasn't just another directioner. Wanna know how? Well thats kinda hard to say because actually she isn't one at all. She doesn't have time for that between getting beat at home and bullied her life is on edge. One day she finally get permission to go out of the house. Only nobody gave her permission to go out of the house she gave it to herself. She ran and ran until she found her friends Shelby, Leary, and Skyler walking she ran up to them and told them everything. They walked to the nearest starbucks and bumped into what they thought was a group of friends when really it was One Direction!
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5. Next please!

                               Louis POV*

                         "Sounds great!" she replied. We walked over to the table I hoped it would be fun but it really wasn't. She just sat there and spun her coffee with a straw... I liked out going and hyper girls. Then there is Shelby a mixture of them all everything I wanted and may I add pretty to that! I had to get her some way some how. Leary finally said "Louis I know you like Shelby and its all good! I like someone else anyway." she smiled "I can help you get her! She is like my sister!" she leaned in like she was trying to tell me a secret I leaned in to and turned my head so she could whisper in my ear finally the words came out just what I needed to hear." She likes you too" I grinned so big got up from the table and sat next to her. My next move!

                                           Shelby's POV*

                         Louis was the one I wanted and loved. He was cute,hilarious,and well manured. I turned my head a little bit to see where Leary and Louis went. They sat near a window behind the rest of us. Leary leaned over the table whispering into Louis's ear. Holy Shit! Did she just tell him?! Seriously Leary he has better girls than me he can have any girl he wants! He doesn't want me! At that moment I was proven wrong. He came and sat next to me. EEEEPPPPPP! He picked up my hand looked at me and smiled while giving it a gentle kiss right above my knuckles. I felt like I was the happiest girl in the whole entire world. I love you Louis!


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