Just Another Lover Boy

Taylor wasn't just another directioner. Wanna know how? Well thats kinda hard to say because actually she isn't one at all. She doesn't have time for that between getting beat at home and bullied her life is on edge. One day she finally get permission to go out of the house. Only nobody gave her permission to go out of the house she gave it to herself. She ran and ran until she found her friends Shelby, Leary, and Skyler walking she ran up to them and told them everything. They walked to the nearest starbucks and bumped into what they thought was a group of friends when really it was One Direction!
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6. Moments

                                                  Taylor's POV*

                                  "Niall?" I said hesitating to ask him "Yepperz!" he replied "Well I was just wondering well ughh ok lemme get to the dang point ... Do you maybe wanna go out?" He smiled so big "I thought you'd never ask!" "So is that a yes?" "Hell ya it is!" The way his Irish accent cursed was so cute! We threw away our trash and headed out the door. Time to go our separate ways I thought. I thought wrong. Niall took me in his arms and looked down at my small fragile self. "Come home with me?" "Defiantly!"  "I call sitting next to Niall on the bus!" I yelled loudly "Wait we are going with them?!" Leary asked Skyler, Shelby, and I look at her quickly and well all said at the same time "They are our boyfriends what do you think!" "Well then stop complaining and get your asses in the damn bus!" we all gasped and laughed so hard "What are yall laughing at?!" Harry said Skyler calmed down enough to speak "Leary never says curse words!" she instantly fell to the ground laughing again like me and Shelby. We got on the bus and I sat next to Niall cuddled up in his arms. "Right where I belong." I looked up and said to him followed by a kiss on the cheek. "So am I" he said. We walked to the bunk beds and me and Niall went on his. His was in the top Left. Wants we were settled I felt my eyes get heavy I then realized Niall was singing to me and a few minutes after that we were both asleep in each others arms. 

                                           Harry's POV*

                            Skyler said it! Its official! I whipped out my phone and quickly got on twitter taking a picture of my new girlfriend sleeping

 @Harry_Styles My new girlfriend @leoslover0000! Isn't she beautiful!? My own personal sleeping beauty!

Tweet sent***

              I knew she was going to get hate but I'll protect her even if it meant taking my own life. I whispered in her hair " I love you Skyler..." Her eyes shot open "Not as much as I love you!" she whispered loudly back good thing Leary,Zayn, and Liam didn't hear. Liam was to busy texting Abbey his girlfriend today was their 7 month anniversary. I knew because he never could shut up about it... "Lets go to bed..." she said her eyes were still closed "Pick me up?" she asked "Anything for you love." I picked her up bridal style and took her to the bedroom. Quietly I set her down on the bed trying not to wake up Niall and Taylor. She moved over to the wall and I crawled into the bed too. She cuddled up next to me and fell asleep. I was in love nothing could be better I thought and soon felt my eyes get heavy. Bed time.


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