Just Another Lover Boy

Taylor wasn't just another directioner. Wanna know how? Well thats kinda hard to say because actually she isn't one at all. She doesn't have time for that between getting beat at home and bullied her life is on edge. One day she finally get permission to go out of the house. Only nobody gave her permission to go out of the house she gave it to herself. She ran and ran until she found her friends Shelby, Leary, and Skyler walking she ran up to them and told them everything. They walked to the nearest starbucks and bumped into what they thought was a group of friends when really it was One Direction!
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9. Loving Louis (Shelby's POV*)

                                            Shelby's POV*

 I loved  this... I couldn't stop laughing at Louis trying to catch Coley the kitten! I mean she literally hid from Louis! When Louis left the room she ran to me and sat in my lap. But when he entered the room she was gone in a blink of an eye! Louis got  upset and came and sat on my lap. He put his lower lip out and said " Shelby Coley is being mean to me..." in the most childish way as possible is how he said it. All of a sudden Coley ran into the room and looked at Louis. I swear that cat was smiling she took off running when Louis got up louis yelled "Get yo ass back over here you four legged bitch!" I cracked up laughing and fell to the floor as Louis left the room chasing after the cat. He dived onto the floor and grabbed Coley's tail. Coley hissed and MEOWEEEDDD at Louis clawing his hand and arm. He released her tail and ran to me. "Kiss it and make it better?" I loved that he was acting like a 5 year old. But he wasn't just any 5 year old he was my 5 year old finally I answered back "Okay.." I kissed not the scratched parts but next to them ... What? I wasn't about to get blood on my mouth! I grabbed his good arm and pulled him into the kitchen. I took a wet paper towel and gently rubbed the wounded spots on his hand and arm. I could feel him staring at me the whole time. I looked up and he leaned it... So did I... Our lips met and sent shivers down my whole body. There were fireworks in my mind. They say that you get that feeling when your in love. But I already knew before the kiss exactly how I felt about Louis. I loved him. This felt so right ... I departed from him and grabbed his hand we entered the living room smiling. I looked at Louis and said "Louis I love you.." in front of everyone. I didn't care about their opinion. I liked who I liked and as long as I am happy that's all that fucking matters right? Yep. He answered back "Shelby I love you too..." Finally I am happy once again...

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