Just Another Lover Boy

Taylor wasn't just another directioner. Wanna know how? Well thats kinda hard to say because actually she isn't one at all. She doesn't have time for that between getting beat at home and bullied her life is on edge. One day she finally get permission to go out of the house. Only nobody gave her permission to go out of the house she gave it to herself. She ran and ran until she found her friends Shelby, Leary, and Skyler walking she ran up to them and told them everything. They walked to the nearest starbucks and bumped into what they thought was a group of friends when really it was One Direction!
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4. Gotta be you

                     Harry's POV

        I heard a bunch of teenage girls screaming behind me. Damn they were so fucking loud! I mean can't you use your fu-. I was interrupted with a man saying our drinks were ready. Crap. Now I had to turn around and take pictures sign autographs etc... When I turned around I was surprised at what I sall a dark brown haired and green eyed girl. May I just say I felt like an idiot because of my next foolish move. There goes the coffee ...

                             Louis POV*

                               She was quiet not very out going but I wanted to change that. She was very pretty I admit to that. The other boys were in awe with Taylor and Skyler. Well everybody except me and Zayn. Zayn had a girlfriend and I wanted to try to get Leary. She looked bored so I finally got up to the question and when I was going to say it something else popped out of my mouth. I am such an idiot.

                                    Leary's POV*

                        I was very bored. It seemed like everybody else but me and Louis were a good time. "Hey Leary..." he said "Yes?" "Want to go sit with me at the other table over by the window?" "Sounds great!" I smiled. I hope he gets to know me better...

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