The last Guardian has been killed.
The forest is dying.
The Tree of Life will prosper no longer.
This is the beginning of the end of the world.

Or so they thought...

**This is my entry for the Unexpected Adventure competition! Hope you like it!**


1. Prologue


The call swept through the forest.

It was a call they had all been dreading.

A call that stopped all wars.

Vines untangled themselves. Trees stopped gnarling.

Even the people were affected. They stopped their wars to puzzle about the difference in the atmosphere.

But the people didn't know what was wrong, and so went back to fighting.


The forest knew what it was. The forest acted accordingly. At first they tried to ignore it, but even they couldn't.

Nymphs ran away.

Sprites hid.

Animals shied away from the terror and tried to leave.


It was official.

The Tree of Life was dying.

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