The last Guardian has been killed.
The forest is dying.
The Tree of Life will prosper no longer.
This is the beginning of the end of the world.

Or so they thought...

**This is my entry for the Unexpected Adventure competition! Hope you like it!**


7. Chapter Six

The nameless messenger leads the way down the hill, us closely behind

At the bottom, he steps off.

And is immediately shot through the heart with an arrow.


Theros, paying no heed to the body leaking on the ground in front of us, yanks out a bow and arrow of his own. Ari, wielding his club, closely follows him, deflecting shots. Cassidy hesitates at the edge of the hill, but finally swings her backpack on one arm and with the other, pulls something out.

From her pocket, she gets out a charm, much like the one Theros, Ari, and the other Messenger used to transport us here. She glances up at me, saying "Theros," by way of explanation.

Cassidy mutters a few words, dangling the charm over the thing she pulled out. The thing morphs into a jewel-encrusted sword. With one last glance at me, Cassidy leaps into action, the blade of her magic sword glinting.

There is no enemy in sight. Not that I can see. And, with my enhanced ghost senses, I probably have the best eyesight out of the four of us. But the arrows keep on flying.

I notice that they seem to go around Cassidy, like she is immune to them. She's focusing on protecting Theros and Ari.

I turn my attention away from them and focus on the fallen Messenger.

He is not dead yet; there is still a steady flow of blood. His chest moves up and down erratically, yet he still smiles. I kneel down next to him. Waiting. For the chance to heal him.

For all the strength it takes him, strength he does not have, he beckons me closer.

Up close, I can feel the life ebbing out of him. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Theros get hit in the leg, but I will my attention to stay on the Messenger.

I lean in towards him.

"I am going to die," he breathes in my ear. "But I need you to...remember."

He is interrupted by a coughing fit. I pause. His chest is raising and falling much more slowly now.

"Remember," he murmurs to me. "My name is Sylva."

So much for Messengers not having names, I think with a grimace.

I ready my hands, focus on making them transparent.

Sylva is nearing the end. I place one of my hands on his chest and gather my willpower, preparing.

I have already tried to thrust my hand when I notice that it has disappeared.

An arrow sticks out of my back. And while I can't die, I can disappear.

Pieces of my essence are floating all about now, and Ari, Cassidy, and Theros pause to look at me.

Ari furrows his brow in concern. I look at him helplessly. I am almost completely gone now.

I tell him goodbye with my eyes; send him a message telepathically that I hope he picks up on.

The last thing I see is Sylva's chest rising and falling in one final breath before he goes completely still forever.

And then I disappear.






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