Change My Mind

Paige has just run away from her abusive father and has no where to go. She is scared and doesn't know what to do. But then Zayn from One Direction finds her and takes her into his home. They start to become closer and soon she starts falling for Zayn, but she is terrified of being hurt in relationships. Will she give love a try?


3. Thanks for everything

Paige's POV- We walked to his hotel in total silence. I just watched the ground as we walked. I could see him sneaking glances at me out of the corner of my eye. "My name is Zayn by the way." He said looking down at me. I looked up at him and said, "I'm Paige." "Paige. That's a pretty name." He said quietly. I looked down at my feet and blushed. No one has ever said anything like that to me, before. The way he said it in his British accent made it even better. I felt like I had seen him before somewhere, but I couldn't remember where I had seen him. "This is it." He said pointing up to a big hotel. He took my hand and pulled me into the lobby. It was beautiful inside. There was a huge fireplace right in the middle and big black couches all around the room. This place must've been really expensive. I would never be able to afford to stay in a place like this. We walked over to the elevator, got it and Zayn pushed the button for the 82nd floor, the very top. We stood in silence in the elevator as it went up to the top. The door dinged and opened up to a long hallway. We walked down to the second door on the left then I stopped when I heard loud noises coming from inside of the room. He turned around and said, "I forgot to tell you this, but I am staying with four other guys in there. Is that ok with you?" "Uh, sure. Yeah, that's fine." I said. He pulled out his key and opened the door. There was shouting, pillows being thrown everywhere, food on the ground and I could hear a video game going on. Zayn grabbed my hand again and pulled me inside. "Hey, guys! Stop!" He yelled out to the other boys. They all stopped, looked up at Zayn, then down at me. They all smiled. He pulled me farther into the big room that was almost as big as my house. "Guys, this is Paige. She is going to stay with us for a couple of days." Zayn said to the boys. They all looked very familiar, but I couldn't remember where I had seen them before. They all ran up to me and Zayn introduced me to them. "This is Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall." He said. Then I remembered! They were the boys from One Direction!! Sydney and Brittney had posters of them in their rooms. I can't believe I didn't know that until just now. Sydney and Brittney would be so jealous if they knew I was meeting the boys. I wish I could talk to them. 
Zayn's POV- After Paige and the boys talked for about an hour, everyone decided to go to bed. The hotel room had five separate rooms, one for each of me and the boys. I showed Paige the room she was going to stay in, which was my room. "Where are you going to sleep?" She asked. "Oh, I'll go sleep on the couch." I said back. "I feel bad taking your room." She said looking over at the bed. "Don't worry. The couch is pretty comfy." He said to me. "Then let me sleep on the couch." She said back. "No, Paige. Seriously, it's fine." I responded. She grabbed her bag from off the bed and started walking toward the door. I beat her to the door and blocked her from going to the couch. She sighed and said, "I'm not going to let you sleep on the couch, when you have your own bed right here." She tried to push me out of the way, but she couldn't. I was a lot stronger than her. I just smiled and chuckled. She started laughing too while she still tried to push past me. "You're not going anywhere." I said. I scooped her up into my arms, bridal style and carried her to the bed. She laughed while she tried to wiggle out of my arms but I just held on tighter. When we reached the edge of the bed, I dropped her down onto the comforter. She kept laughing then she said, "Fine, I'll sleep here." I smiled, knowing that I had won and started to turn away, but then Paige pulled me down onto the bed and he shot up off the bed and ran to the door. I just laughed and chased her. She was in the kitchen standing behind the counter, with a big smile on her face. I ran to her and grabbed her by her arm and dragged her back into my room. She sat down on the bed and stuck out her bottom lip. "Fine, I'll stay." She said, trying not to smile. "Good." I said back, smiling. I walked toward the door then I turned around and said, "Goodnight, Paige." "Goodnight, Zayn. Thanks for everything." She said back smiling up at me. Then I left the room so she could get ready for bed. I walked downstairs, changed into some sweatpants and went to bed.
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