Change My Mind

Paige has just run away from her abusive father and has no where to go. She is scared and doesn't know what to do. But then Zayn from One Direction finds her and takes her into his home. They start to become closer and soon she starts falling for Zayn, but she is terrified of being hurt in relationships. Will she give love a try?


27. Perfect

Sydney's POV- It was finally January and it was the day of my wedding. Everything was going to be perfect. "Are you ready girlfriend?" Brittney asked me with a huge smile on her face. I smiled and nodded my head. I was in my own separate dressing room with my maid of honor, Brittney, and my brides maids, Paige, Jessy, and Eleanor, when my parents came in and gasped. I was wearing a white strapless ball gown with lace beading and jewels on the bodice. "You look so beautiful!" My mum said as she hugged me. "Thanks mum!" I replied. My dad came over to me and I could tell that he was about to cry. "Dad, please don't cry. Because if you cry, then I'm going to cry and I will ruin my makeup." I said. He chuckled and said, "I can't believe that my baby is all grown up and getting married." I could feel tears in my eyes, but then I hurried an blinked them away. Just then, the wedding planner came in and asked, "Are you ready, Sydney?" I nodded and we walked to the front of the church. The wedding ceremony started and Eleanor and Louis walked down the aisle first, starting the parade. Then Jessy and Niall, then Paige and Zayn, then Brittney and Liam. I grabbed my dads arm, then he stared walking me down the aisle. When we reached Harry, I gave my dad a kiss on the cheek, then my dad gave me away to Harry. We spoke our vows, then we exchanged rings. "You may now kiss the bride." Harry dipped me down and gave me a long, passionate kiss. He pulled back and said, "I love you so much, Mrs. Styles." "I love you too, Mr. Styles." We walked back down the aisle and we all headed to our wedding reception.
Jessy's POV- We went to the wedding reception and ate dinner, talked and danced the night away. A few people gave speeches so Niall and I decided to go up and give one. I went first and said, "Harry, ever since you came into Sydney's life, I can't tell that she has become a lot happier. I trust that you will always care and love her, and if you hurt her in any way, then I will hurt you in every way. So please, just always be there for her and protect her at all times." Then Niall went up and said, "Sydney, Harry is a lot happier when he is around you. I can tell that he loves you very much and that he always will love, care, and protect you. Harry has waited for someone like you to come into his life for a long time, and now that he finally has you, I couldn't be more happier for him. You guys deserve each other and I wish you guys many years of happiness." After everyone finished giving their speeches, Harry and Sydney stepped out onto the dance floor for their first dance. They danced to No More Wishing by Hayley Taylor. When they finished dancing, Harry dipped Sydney down and kissed her. They were so in love. Everyone got onto the dance floor and partied all night long.
Harry's POV- After the wedding reception, Sydney and I got in our limo and headed to the airport. I didn't tell Sydney where we were going on our honeymoon because I wanted it to be a surprise for her. Sydney asked where we were going a few times on our way to the airport, but I wouldn't tell her. We had our own private jet and when we got on it I grabbed Sydney and kissed her passionately. She pulled back, smiling and asked, "What was that for?" "Do I have to have a reason to kiss my beautiful wife?" I replied back, smiling. We watched a few movies, played some games and took a nap together while we flew. When we woke up, Sydney asked again, "Harry, please just tell me where we are going!" I smiled and said, "That's for me to know and you to find out, love." She smiled and rolled her eyes. We were on the plane for about another hour when we finally landed. The pilot came on and said, "Mr. and Mrs. Styles, welcome to Brazil! Have a nice stay and have a wonderful honeymoon." Sydney smiled and jumped into my arms and kissed me. We got off the plane, got in another limo am headed to our hotel. We had the honeymoon suite on the very top floor. When we got to our room, we unpacked everything, then we went down to the beach. We splashed, chased and kissed each other in the sun all day. When it started getting dark, we went back to our suite. And let's just say, we didn't get very much sleep that night.
Paige's POV- After the wedding, Zayn and I went back to our flat and laid together in bed. Zayn had his arms wrapped around me. I was about 5 months pregnant and I had a baby bump now. We decided to wait until after I had the baby to figure out the gender. We wanted it to be a surprised. Zayn started singing Little Things quietly to me. I closed my eyes and listened to Zayn sing. About halfway through the song, I felt the baby kick. I squeezed Zayn's hand and said, "The baby just kicked!" Zayn stopped singing and his eyes got huge. He smiled and said, "Really?" I nodded and put his hand on my bump and we waited but nothing happened. "Maybe you should sing again." I said. Zayn started singing again and then we felt the baby kick again. Zayn pulled me into a big hug and kissed me. When he pulled back I said, "The baby must like it when you sing." "Maybe he, or she will grow up to be a singer too." Zayn said back. "We'll have to wait and see." I said. Zayn put his hand on my stomach and said, "I can't wait to see and hold him, or her." I smiled up at him and said, "Just 4 more months left." Zayn pulled me into his arms again and sang to me again, until we fell asleep.
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