Change My Mind

Paige has just run away from her abusive father and has no where to go. She is scared and doesn't know what to do. But then Zayn from One Direction finds her and takes her into his home. They start to become closer and soon she starts falling for Zayn, but she is terrified of being hurt in relationships. Will she give love a try?


23. Honeymoon

Sydney's POV- After Zayn and Paige left for their honeymoon, Harry and I went out to dinner. "Do you know where they are going on their honeymoon?" I asked Harry. He shook his head and said, "No one knows except Zayn. He wanted to surprise Paige." "Oh, that's really sweet." I said. We finished dinner and went home. "Want to watch a movie and eat some ice cream?" Harry asked. I nodded and then headed to our room. I sat on the bed and tried to find a movie. Harry came in with two bowls of ice cream, sat down next to me and handed a bowl to me. "You've got something on your face." I said to Harry. "Really, where?" He asked. I scooped some ice cream on my finger and wiped it on Harry's nose and said, "Right there!" He grabbed me and wiped some ice cream on my cheek. We both laughed. I giggled as Harry kissed the ice cream off of my cheek. I used my finger to wipe the ice cream off of Harry's nose and then I licked it off my finger. We watched a movie and then fell asleep.
Paige's POV- "Zayn, where are we going?" I asked. Zayn gave me a soft kiss then whispered, "It's a surprise." We had a private jet to wherever we were going. It was a really long flight. Zayn and I played games and watched a few movies. I fell asleep during one of the movies, and when I woke up, our plane finally started descending. When we landed, the pilot said, "Thank you so much for flying with us. I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon in the beautiful Bahamas, Mr. and Mrs. Malik." I smiled up at Zayn and he leaned down and kissed me. I remember telling Zayn that I had always wanted to go to the Bahamas, a while ago. It was so long ago, that I was surprised he remembered. We got to our hotel and Zayn talked to the front desk. "Name please?" The lady asked. "Zayn Malik." Zayn replied. "Ok, here are your keys to the honeymoon suite. Have a nice stay, Mr. and Mrs. Malik." It felt so amazing to hear that. We had a huge suite on the very top floor and it had a gorgeous ocean view. "Want to go down to the beach?" Zayn asked. I nodded and he handed me my bag. Zayn had packed everything and he packed me 3 bikinis. I chose a blue and orange tribal print one and put on a tank top and a pair of shorts over it. "Ready babe?" Zayn asked. I nodded and then we walked down to the beach holding hands.
Zayn's POV- We got down to the beach and it was amazing. They're weren't very many people there today. We laid out our towels and I took off my shirt and Paige took her tank top and shorts off. We ran to the shore and chased each other up and down the beach and splashed each other. Paige laid out to tan and I stood right over her. "Um, you're kind of blocking my sun." She said smiling. I laughed and dropped down next to her and kissed her softly. We stayed at the beach a little longer then we walked along the streets and shopped. I bought her some jewelry and blue dress. We went to dinner at a small restaurant right on the beach. Then we headed back to the hotel. As soon as we got inside our suite, I grabbed Paige and kissed her. The kiss grew more intense and more passionate. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me and then we fell on the bed. I felt bad for the people on the floor below us, because they probably won't be getting very much sleep for the next few weeks.
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