Change My Mind

Paige has just run away from her abusive father and has no where to go. She is scared and doesn't know what to do. But then Zayn from One Direction finds her and takes her into his home. They start to become closer and soon she starts falling for Zayn, but she is terrified of being hurt in relationships. Will she give love a try?


11. Falling in love

Sydney's POV- I had just finished breakfast when I got a call from my friend Jessy. I answered, "Hey Jessy! What's up?" "Hey Sydney! Um, I was just wondering why there are pictures of you, Harry, Brittney, Liam, Paige, and Zayn out to dinner together without me, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?!" She screamed through the phone. I told her the while story and she freaked out and said she was happy for me, but she was also jealous. She was in love with Niall and she has always wanted to meet the guys. I invited Jessy over to hangout with me and she came over about 10 minutes later. We talked about the boys and sang along to our favorite songs by them, then I got a text from Harry asking, "Hey do you want to come over for lunch with me and the guys? Paige will be here and Liam is bringing Brittney. And Louis is bringing Eleanor." I asked Jessy if she wanted to come and she freaked out and said yes. I responded saying, "I would love to! Do you mind if I bring my friend Jessy?" He texted back saying, "Yeah, sure. Can't wait to see you!" "I'm really excited!" I replied. Jessy and I hung out until we had to leave.
Liam's POV- I was in my room playing on my phone when I got a text from Brittney saying, "Hey I'm in the lobby, on my way up." I walked out into the main room and when I heard a knock on the door, I ran and opened the door to see Brittney standing there smiling. I pulled her into a big hug and brought her inside. We sat down and talked until it was time for lunch.
Niall's POV- I was helping make lunch when someone knocked on the door. "I'll get it." I said as I walked to the door. I answered and saw Sydney standing there with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. They walked in and I introduced myself to the girl. Her name was Jessy. We sat next to each other during lunch and we exchanged numbers and right after after lunch we all hung out for the rest of the day.
Britney's POV- Lunch was really good and the rest of the day was really fun. Eleanor was really nice and Jessy and Niall seemed to get along really well. When we were hanging out and playing games, I kept looking over at Zayn and Paige who were holding hands and Zayn would kiss Paige's cheek every now and then. I nudged Sydney and whispered, "Do you see them? I think their together now." "She had a huge smile on her face and nodded. I knew they would get together sooner or later.
Paige's POV- When everyone was leaving, I looked over at Sydney and Harry. They were laughing and then Harry leaned in and gave her a kiss. They are so cute together. I looked at Liam and Brittney and they were hugging and he kissed her. I just smiled. I was so happy for them. After they left, the guys and I watched Toy Story. It ended around 11:00 and everyone went to bed. Zayn picked me up from the couch and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me down and I climbed under the blankets. He climbed in next to me and he pulled me close to him. We both fell asleep in each others arms. I think I might be in love with Zayn. I have never felt this way about anyone.
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