Change My Mind

Paige has just run away from her abusive father and has no where to go. She is scared and doesn't know what to do. But then Zayn from One Direction finds her and takes her into his home. They start to become closer and soon she starts falling for Zayn, but she is terrified of being hurt in relationships. Will she give love a try?


8. Dreams turned into a reality

Sydney's POV- After we left the hospital, Brittney and I were driving home and we just decided to have a sleepover at her house. When we got to her house, I borrowed some of her pj's and we sat up talking about the boys all night long. "Oh my gosh. Liam was being so cute and he was really nice." Brittney squealed. "Harry was so sweet to me. I really hope he texts me soon." I said back. A second later, both of our phones buzzed and we both screamed. "Liam just texted me!!" Brittney said, excitedly. "Harry just texted me!! He asked me out to dinner tomorrow night!" I squealed back, smiling. I had always wanted to meet the boys, and I had always wanted Harry to fall in love with me and now my dreams were finally turning into a reality.
Liam's POV- I stayed up texting Brittney all night. I really liked her, so when I got enough courage, I asked her, "Do you want to go out to dinner with me tomorrow night?" She responded a minute later saying, "I would love to!" I replied saying, "Harry just asked if we wanted to join him and Sydney for dinner. Double date?" "Sounds great! What time?" "Harry and I will pick you and Sydney up around 6:00, ok?" I asked. She responded saying, "Sounds good. I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight." "Goodnight, Brittney." I said back. I couldn't wait to see her.
Zayn's POV- I left Paige's room and went out to the kitchen. Harry was in the kitchen eating cereal talking to Liam who was sitting at the counter. "Hey guys. What are you talking about?" I asked, sitting down at the counter with Liam. "We are talking about our double date with Brittney and Sydney. Do you want to come with us and bring Paige?" Liam asked. "Uh, sure. I'll go ask Paige if she wants to." I said standing back up. I walked back to Paige's room and knocked softly on the door. "Come in." Paige yelled through the door. I walked in and she was playing on her phone. "Hey, Harry and Liam are going out to dinner with Sydney and Brittney tomorrow night, and they just invited us to go with them. Do you want to go?" I asked. She responded saying, "Yeah, sure. That sounds fun. But I don't have anything to wear." "I'll take you shopping tomorrow before we go to dinner." I said. "Ok, thanks. I'll see you in the morning." She said back. I closed the door and walked back out to Harry and Liam. "What did she say?" Asked Harry. "She said yes." I said back. "Yay! This will be so much fun." Harry said, smiling. I was pretty excited for tomorrow night.
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