Hi I'm Jade Malore a 17 year old girl.
I believe you would call me..... I don't know..... I guess..... Different then the other girls. Like I mean seriously a girl that has supernatural powers and has magic exsisting in her world then I guess they're different right? I got this strange feeling inside of me when I met some certain guys.
I had to keep my secret away from them or else it wouldn't be a secret anymore.
But the worst thing happens to me this guy cheats on me and breaks my heart. Something unexpected happens though and I was grateful.
So if you wanna read a story about a 17 year old girl jade Malore a girl that has supernatural powers and has glowing purple hair when she's angry then I think this is the book for you.
(p.s you know how much better your life is then mine don't get locked up and waste your life like I did your free come on live while your young you know that old saying they say YOLO well I guess that word doesn't just match with my life.)


1. Camden high

Jade's  POV:
What the hell!?!?!!! How am I supposed to understand all this?
Oh yeah hi I'm Jade Malore, brown wavy hair, green eyes, and have super powers wierd yeah but I was born this way I can't change it. So right now I'm basically heading to school, from school.
See I have 2 schools the one in the day is like normal school 
 ( Camden High ) and the second one is, trans high, a school for kids with supernatural powers like me. The last subject I had was at the periodic table so far what I've learnt is that potassium means K, I don't understand it that well. 
*********************************************************************The bell just rang for lunch, so I headed to my locker, put in my combination, put my books and stuff, then headed to the cafeteria. For lunch I bought an apple, spaghetti I know right my school rocks, fruit punch, and 6 slices of pizza. I went to where I sit everyday, the table beside the entrance door to meet my friends "Zahra and Sabrina.
I have every single power (amazing right ) but I haven't learnt all of them yet I'm still working on it. Zahra is a non- blood sucker vampire, and Sabrina is a good witch. There are some bad witches at Mount High....our enemies, technically every student is bad there. " hey Jade " called Sabrina as I headed my way to the table. I took a seat down and just remembered something " oh yeah... Guys so I wanted to tell you that my mom and dad are leaving for some time off  in hotel Transylvania with Zahras parents so..." I started " wait don't you have to be a like a monster type not like a monster/human to get in hotel Transylvania" Sabrina interrupted " no " answered Zahra, I think Zahra would know cause she went there for a family vacation once. " so as I was saying myn and Zahras parents are leaving and my mom and dad said that since Zahras parents aren't home she can stay with me at home since I'll be home alone  and so can you Sabrina " I finished  " yeah my mom told me and asked me and I agreed " said Zahra " yay " I shouted " what about you " I asked Sabrina, she tilted her head up from her cell phone screen and said " yeah I just told mom " " yeah buddy " me and Zahra said at the same time. Which leaded to fits of laughter from us. The school bell rang " ok so meet me at my car after school kay " I asked them while we walked to the garbage can to throw the rest of our food away 
" okay " " ok " said Sabrina and Zahra while heading away to class.
After school Zahra and Sabrina came to my car and we ( well I ) drove home.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N so thanks for reading so far I didn't have much time so I wrote this quickly. Please read my other movellas and I'll update as soon as I can, thanks! ( p.s see what I did with the hotel Transylvania thing lol )
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