Stuck with 1D

When Zoey's dad tells her about his new clients, she doesn't expect them to be the same band her little sister is in love with. What will happen when they all get stuck in the house?


8. Chapter 6

*2 weeks later... Everyone is more comfortable with having 1D at the house, and are all friends. Niall's pov*

I wake up to the smell of something burning, and Emma shouting. I doze back off, and then my brain slaps me. SOMETHING IS BURNING! I jump out of bed, grab a shirt, and run down stairs. I see Zayn, Harry, Liam, and Louis running down the stairs. And then I see Zoey, Bella, Megan, and Jocelyn just talking and playing cards in the living room like nothing might be on fire. The boys and I rush into the kitchen and see Emma shrieking and swatting at the toaster , which happens to be on fire, with a dishrag. Then she grabs bowl full of water and dumps it on the toaster.

"Ummm Bella!!" Emma calls

"What?" Bella answers.

"I kinda set the toaster on fire. AGAIN." she calls. Emma turns around, and sees us, standing there.

"Oh.... how much did you see? Did you see the part where my rubber chicken caught on fire?" Emma asks us.

"What?" we all say together.

"NOTHING. There is definitely no burnt rubber chicken in the trash can." she says. Louis walks over to the trash can and is about to open it when Emma screams and tackles him. The rest of us start chuckling.

"Definitely nothing in the trash can, huh?" says Zayn.

Bella, Megan, Jocelyn, and Zoey walk into the kitchen. They help us clean up the mess.

"I guess my dreams of having toast are toast." Emma sighs.

*time skip to around 4:30. Emma's pov*

I am nervous as hell right now. I have a date in a hour, and I still haven't picked out my outfit. I need help. I run up to my room, and start tearing my closet apart to find the perfect outfit.

"Whoa Emma calm down! Don't kill your closet!" I hear from behind me. I turn around and see Louis standing there.

"CALM DOWN!?!? How am I supposed to calm down when I have a date in 1 hour?" I yell at him. I start talking to myself, and he just slowly backs out of the room, and shuts the door. I am about to go back to tearing my closet apart, when Bella, Megan, and Jocelyn walk in.

"Oh thank god you guys are here! I don't have an outfit for my date yet!" I tell them desperately. We all go to work. 1 hour later, I am ready to go and dressed in this: Zoey comes in and sees me all dressed up. Oh crap, she doesn't know I have a date.

"What are you all dressed up for, Emma?" she asks me.

"Ummmmm I have a party?" it was really more of a question than a statement though.

"Save it. I know you have a date Emma. And you can relax, Emma. I'm not mad. You look really cute!" OH THANK GOD! I hear the doorbell ring and I start to hyperventilate. I'm gonna embarrass myself, or do something stupid, I just know it. I walk down to the door, and open it. Matthew is standing there, also looking nervous.

"H-hi Matthew." I stutter. God, it hasn't even been a minute, and I've already embarrassed myself. What is it with boys that makes me act like this? We walk off towards the beach...

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