Stuck with 1D

When Zoey's dad tells her about his new clients, she doesn't expect them to be the same band her little sister is in love with. What will happen when they all get stuck in the house?


6. Chapter 4

*Emma's pov*

It's summer! Woo hoo! I slam my locker shut, pull out my iPod, and put my headphones in. The walk home is about 15 minutes, so I play my all songs playlist. When I get home I head straight to the kitchen to get some Oreos. I sing along to "They Don't Know About Us" as I walk towards the living room, and my bedroom.

*zoey's pov*

I hear Emma come in and go to the kitchen.

"Okay guys! She'll be here any second now, so remember, let me do the talking." I tell the boys, who are seated on the couch. Emma walks in to the living room singing along to some random 1D song that I don't know. The boys obviously know it because their faces light up with recognition.

"Hi Emma" I say.

"Hi Zoey. Hi One Direction." she mumbles, and continues on to her room.

The boys look at each other, confused.

"I thought you said she was our biggest fan?" said Harry.

"Oh she is. Just wait for it...." I tell them. And sure enough, a few seconds later we hear,

"HOLY CRAP ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" from the direction of Emma's room. Then we hear footsteps sprinting down the hallway, and then a loud bang.

"I knew she was gonna run into something," I say, "Emma? Do you want help?"

She doesn't reply. 5 minutes later, she comes into the living room, on her back, like a turtle. She's flailing her arms around wildly. I burst out laughing. I just can't help myself.

"Thanks for your support of my disability, Zoey. I feel SO loved." Emma say sarcastically.

"You're sassy. I like you." Louis says. I facepalm.

"Worst possible thing to say right now, Louis."I tell him.

"WELL LA DE DA! LOUIS FRICKEN TOMLINSON LIKES ME BUT MY OWN SISTER DOESN'T!! SHE'S TO BUSY LAUGHING HER ASS OFF TO COME AND HELP HER sweet, innocent, adorable, baby sister." yells Emma. The boys look confused.

"Don't get fooled. That is the 'poisonous cupcake look' according to my dad." I tell them. Emma sighs, and just stands up with ease. She puts her backpack down. And then she starts fangirling. Once she's done with that she picks up her backpack and walks away.

*end of day*

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