Stuck with 1D

When Zoey's dad tells her about his new clients, she doesn't expect them to be the same band her little sister is in love with. What will happen when they all get stuck in the house?


5. Chapter 3

*next day in emma's pov*

One Direction's "Heart Attack" came blaring through my alarm clock speakers, nearly giving me a heart attack. I moaned. I am so So SO happy that its the last day of school! I roll out of my bed and fall onto the floor. Zoey is so lucky she doesn't have to go to school anymore. I get up of the floor and hop in the shower. After I get out, I pull my hair up into a high ponytail. Then I put on my outfit for the day: I don't even bother to bring a bag. It's not we'll be doing anything today. I walk downstairs, and into the kitchen. Zoey is still asleep. She usually is awake before me. Whatever. I grab a banana and walk out the door. Then I turn around and run back inside and grab a bagel. I write a note to Zoey telling her I left for school. I walk out the door again. I walk to Megan's house, since she lives closest to me of all the girls. She is literally my neighbor. I don't even knock, just walk right in. This place is my second home.

"Megan!! Get your lazy ass down here right now!" I yell up the stairs.

"Calm yo ass down! I'll be down in a second!!!" she yells back at me.

I roll my eyes and go into the kitchen and grab a Poptart from the pantry, since I already finished my bagel and banana. Megan comes running into the kitchen, wearing:

"Let's go pick up Bella and Jocelyn!!!" she says excitedly.

"Okay Megan. Jeez calm down, it's only school. How many packs of sugar did you put in your lemonade this time?" I say.

Megan doesn't answer me, just pulls me out the door. We start talking about random stuff until we get to Emma's house.

"Hey guys!" Bella says, come out of her house wearing:

"Hey!" Megan and I answer.

We walk next door to Jocelyn's house. She's sitting on her bedroom window. Bella calls out to her, and she jumps down. Luckily, her bedroom is on the first floor. She is wearing:

"Let's go!" she says.

When we walk into the school building, we go straight to the office to get our yearbooks. Then we go to our lockers and the last day of school has officially begun!



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