Stuck with 1D

When Zoey's dad tells her about his new clients, she doesn't expect them to be the same band her little sister is in love with. What will happen when they all get stuck in the house?


4. Chapter 2

*still zoey's pov*

"Oh. My. God." is all I can manage to say.

"Fan?" says Louis fricken' Tomlinson.

I take a few breaths. Now I can talk normally again.

"No, but my younger sister is probably the biggest fan you guys have. So, umm, i guess you guys are my dad's clients that are gonna be staying with us, so... You guys can come inside. Yeah" I mentally facepalm. Smooth Zoey, smooth.

"Thanks" they all say together. It's like they practice it. I step aside, and they walk in.

*skipping until 1D is setteled in*

"You guys might not want to let Emma see you. It probably wouldn't be good for her health," I tell One Direction.

"Umm okay, but who is Emma?" says Niall.

"Oh, she is my little sister. And she is OBSSESSED with you guys.It's actually kind of scary how much she knows about you guys."


*Emma's pov*

I have finally finished my homework! I text my friend to see if they want to get ice cream with me. Megan and Emma reply instantly. Of course they do, they LOVE icecream. I wait 5 more minutes for Jocelyn, then text her to meet us there. I climb down from my loft, and walk out of my room. (her room: just imagine the main color is green and purple)

*back to zoey's pov*

"Zoey!!!! I'm getting icecream with Liam and Louis and maybe Zayn!!! K bye!!" Emma yells from upstairs.

"Oh CRAP! She can't see you guys! She would have a heart attack! Quick, HIDE!" I whisper-shout to them. They scramble out of the room, just before Emma walks in.

"Hey Zo! I'll be back soon, OK? OK. BYE!!!!"

Thank god she's gone.

"Okay guys, she's gone. You can come out now." I yell, not knowing where they hid. They come back into the living room. Niall has a scared look on his face.

"What's up with the face, Nialler?" asks Zayn.

"I- I went into your sister's room, an-and there were pictures of me EVERYWHERE." says Niall, still sounding scared.

"I warned you guys. Now that Niall has seen it, why don't you see my sister's bedroom. Or as I call it, the Niall Horan fan HQ."

*Liam's pov*

We walked upstairs, and Zoey tells us to go in one at a time. Poor Niall is still traumatized. I wonder what could have scared him so badly. Now that it is my turn to go in, Zoey leads me to Emma's room, and opens the door. Now I see why Niall was so scared. The room has 2 walls just covered in posters of us, One Direction. There are mainly pictures of Niall, though. Every single place possible on the 2 walls are covered with a pictures of Niall. I run out of the room, and when Louis and Harry see my face, they burst out laughing.

"It can't be that bad, Liam." says Harry.

"Why don't you go in next then." I retort.

Harry goes in, then comes out with a face as pale as a ghost. After all of the lads have gone in, we sit in the living room.

"Well this is awkward..." says Zayn.

"Captain Obvious strikes again!" scoffes Zoey.

 "Let's play 20 Questions!" Louis suggests.

We all agree to that, so we decide to ask Zoey. On Niall's turn he asks her why Emma said she was getting ice cream with Louis, Liam, and Zayn.

"Well, it's kind of a long story, so I'll give you guys the short version. First you need to know that Emma has 3 bestfriends. Emma, Megan, and Jocelyn."

"She's one of her own bestfriends?" interupts Zayn.

"No! One of her friends is named Emma! They call themselves Double Dynamite, and believe me, when they are together, there is nothing more hazardous to your health. But Emma, not my sister usually goes by her middle name, Bella. So I'm going to call her Bella. Anyway, when Megan and Emma found out about One Direction, they decided who everyone was most like. It turned out that Megan was Louis, Emma  was Niall, Bella was Liam, and Jocelyn was Zayn. I'm not gong to explain why because you guys are gonna be here for a while and you'll probably meet them."  

"You were right," I say, "it was a long story."

*Skipping to the end of the day*

authors note: its too confusing to have 2 emmas so im gonna call one bella. so yeah.... 

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