Stuck with 1D

When Zoey's dad tells her about his new clients, she doesn't expect them to be the same band her little sister is in love with. What will happen when they all get stuck in the house?


3. Chapter 1

Zoeys POV

I was on the phone with my uncle. We don't usually call hm uncle; we just call him dad. He was going on and on about how successful his show was. Then he said something about his new clients will be staying at our house for a while. And that was when I asked who they were, and he was all mysterious about it. Then he said that he would be dropping them off. Bam! He hung up on me. Emma was still at school; it was only 2:30. She was in 9th grade this year.

-skipping until Emma comes home because I can-

The door slammed. That was probably Emma. Emma comes into the living room with her headphones on and humming to some random One Direction song. (her outfit:  Yup, I was right. She doesn't even say hi to me, just goes straight to her room. Dad said his clients were going to be here around 4:30, and it is 4:25 right now. This is so weird; Dad wouldn't just drop something big like this on us without any notice. Whatever. I really don't care. I just want to meet them. And then the doorbell rings.

"I got it, Emma!" I shout.

"Good, cuz I don't want to get it!" she replies. I walk down to the door and swing it open calling,

"Hi, you must be my dad's client!" But the words die off in my mouth as I see who it is.


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