Loved You First

Zayn Malik was new to his school and was bullied like crazy, but when he meets Riley, the sister of one of the bullies, they become the closest friends. But when they both realize what their dreams are, will it tear them apart? or will they do everything to keep their once in a lifetime friendship alive?


44. #Ziley


Loved You First ~ Ch. XXXVIII




**Three days later**

.:~Zayn’s PoV~:.

Harry and Emma were rehearsing. I wondered how that was going because he REALLY hates her. The rest of us were watching TV; Riley, Terry, Niall, Liam, Louis and I, when something really interesting came on MTV:
“So, a lot of people have been talking about Zayn Malik and that girl he mentors on The Voice, Riley Campbell. A lot of people are saying they should date and that they act like they’ve known each other forever… and the truth is, they actually have. Thanks to all those Directioners who are creepy enough to be able to find ANYTHING about those five singing pop stars, who were able to find old pictures of Mr. Malik, and if you look her to my left, you can see a picture of Zayn here, probably about 17 years old all ready for prom, and if you look at the girl who his arm is around and change the hair color from blonde to brown, you have Ms. Riley Campbell.” The host said. Riley and I looked at each other in shock. They found out what we had been trying to hide. The host continued, “It is pretty obvious that these two used to be an item and my question is ‘is Riley Campbell the reason Malik dumped Little Mix member Perrie Edwards?’” Niall quickly turned off the TV and a minute later, I received a text from Paul

<From Paul: Meet me in meeting room #2, ASAP, bring Riley>

“Um, Ry, we have to go talk to Paul.”

She looked up at me a little nervously, but nodded her head and we went to the meeting room. When we got in there, Paul was there, as well as Blake, Carson and the producers of the show. Riley and I walked in and sat down.

“Zayn, do you know why you are here?” Paul asked

“I have an idea. And I am not going to break up with Riley, so you guys can’t tell me to.”

“Look, people are starting to think that you and Riley are in a relationship.”

“We are.”

“We know that,” one of the producers said, “but right now, you can’t be. People are starting to think the show is possible rigged and Riley is going to win because she with you. I don’t understand it, but that’s what people are saying. So, the two of you have an interview today. Say that you did know each other and you did date, but for this show you have put all of that behind you so you could focus on this and are just being best friends like you used to be. Just keep your relationship quiet, and come out about it after the Voice, because ‘Directioners’ and Riley’s fans love you two together and when this is all over, your relationship will be very accepted to all of the fans, but for now, you understand, right?”

Riley and I both nodded.


Two hours later, we went to our interview and did exactly what we were told. The paps were unsure, but believed what we said and most of the Ziley stuff was dropped.


**Week and a half later**

.:~Riley’s PoV~:.


This is it. This is the moment I have been waiting for. Today I would find out who the 2012 victor of the Voice. It was between Terry, Emma and myself. They end The Voice at the top three, I don’t know why, but they do. So the plan for tonight was the top three does a duet with their coach, top five would each sing a duet with their mentor, the top three does a duet with their coach, the top twelve all would sing together, some celebrities would perform, One Direction would perform and then the 2012 victor would be announced.


I sang Steve McQueen with Blake and Terry sand Dude Looks Like a Lady with him. Emma sang Airplanes with Cee-Lo. Next it was time for the performances with our mentors. The performance order will be Terry and Niall, Louis and Nicholas, Trevor and Liam, Zayn and I, and then Emma and Harry.


It was finally Zayn and I’s turn. We were singing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. I felt that song really represented us. Zayn and I stood on opposite sides of the stage facing each other and I began to sing as we walked towards each other

“Heart beats fast, colors and promises. How to be brave? How can I love when I’m afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone all of my doubt, suddenly goes away somehow.” And as we took our final step, we sang in union, “One step closer…” and I carried on,

“I have died everyday waiting for you, darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years… I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

Then Zayn sang, “Times stand still. Beauty in all she is. I will be brave; I will not let anything take away what’s standing in front of me. Every breath, every hour has come to this… one step closer…” we held each other’s gaze for the rest of the song and then we finished, “I will love you a thousand years oooooo.”

The crowd burst into applause, standing ovations from all of the coaches and the boys. I gave Zayn a hug and he pulled his mic far away from his face so no one could hear when he whispered, “I will love you forever Riley.”

Once everyone was done their performance with their mentors, the top twelve all sang together. We sang Fighter by Christina Aguilera. And then it was One Direction’s turn to perform. When the five of them walked on stage, they all made mini speeches,

“May I just say that working on this show was amazing. It was nice to be able to work with these people, because we know exactly how they felt. Terry, you are really talented and I’m glad you and I have made it all the way to the finals. I love you bro!” Niall said

“I agree with Niall. It has just been an amazing experience. I didn’t get to work with Trevor for long, but he is incredibly talented and I know you haven’t heard the last of him.” Liam added to the speech

Next was Louis, “Nick and I may have been out first, but he was really cool to work with and this show gave me so much experience and when One Direction stops performing YEARS from now, this is defiantly where I want to be.”

“I am one of the lucky people to have their mentoring person make it to the finale. Emma you are really talented and working with you was amazing. I can’t wait to see where you end up, because it will defiantly be somewhere amazing.” Harry said, obviously lying, but I don’t think anyone other than the guys, Terry and I, knew.

And finally Zayn spoke, “Riley. You are my best friend and the most talented singer I have ever met. I am so proud of how far you’ve gotten. For this song we are going to sing, it’s a song I wrote and I got the idea when I was fifteen. I was head over heels in love with my best friend, but she was with someone else, even though I loved her first.” He looked at me and smiled. I had tears in the corners of my eyes, happy ones. The crowd roared with cheers and my twitter mentions were going crazy,

<@NiamForever: Wait, so is #Ziley real? Are @RyRyCampell and @zaynmalik really dating? I would be so happy if they are!!!!! > was only one of the many tweets that were being said. In 10 seconds, #Ziley was tending worldwide. The music started to play and Zayn sang,

“Girl it should be me driving to your house, knocking on your door kissing you on the mouth…”

The guys continued to sing and then when Zayn’s next solo came around, he turned to face me, and though I was off stage, the crowd knew I was there,

“The first touch. The first kiss. First girl to make me feel like this. Heartbreak, it’s killing me. I loved you first, why can’t you see?”

As the boys finished up the song, Terry came and stood behind me.
“You ready to find out who won this? Even though I already think I know.”

“I’m really nervous.” I said honestly.

“Please Riley, you have totally won this.”
“But you and Emma are a lot better than I am.”

“Look, here is how tonight is going to work. I am going to place second… and you are the only person I will accept placing second to… got it?”

I laughed and nodded, “Got it.”

The guys finished their song and Terry, Emma and I went on stage. Terry grabbed Niall’s hand, Emma did the same thing to Harry, which he did not seem to like and I took Zayn’s hand.

“Well this is it… the big moment that decides who will get that huge record deal. Let’s start with second place…” Carson said and the whole crowd went silent. I squeezed Zayn’s hand really hard, but he squeezed back, reassuring me.

“And, The Voice’s Season Three runner up is… TERRY MCDERMONTT!”

He let out a sigh of relief… he knew he was going to place second. I let go of Zayn’s hand and hugged Terry. When I did, he whispered in my ear, “I’m only coming in second to you.”

Then he pulled away, went to hug Blake, hugged Niall and walked off stage.

“And now, for the moment you have all been waiting for. The winner of The Voice Season Three is…”


[A/N] So who do you think the winner is? Sorry this chapter was so long. There is probably only about 2-4 more chapters left. I really enjoyed writing this fanfic… I can’t believe it’s my third already! And follow me on Twitter and Instagram, @kenny_tomlinson and like, comment and fav the movella... O and fan me too!

-Kenny Tomlinson

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