Loved You First

Zayn Malik was new to his school and was bullied like crazy, but when he meets Riley, the sister of one of the bullies, they become the closest friends. But when they both realize what their dreams are, will it tear them apart? or will they do everything to keep their once in a lifetime friendship alive?


37. Why are you here?


Loved You First ~ Ch. XXXI

[A/N] I think I am just going to skip ahead a little in the FanFic, to where things start to get a little more dramatic. I will give a brief explanation of what has happened so far, but I do have two other fanfic ideas; A Harry one or a Liam one, and so if you could comment which one you want me to write first, that’d be great. Now, to the story


**4 months later**
.:~Zayn’s PoV~:.

“Yup, okay. We’ll be there in twenty minutes.” Louis said to the person on the phone then hung up. The lads and I were all at Louis’ place watching movie. He turned to all of us,

“Hey guys, Paul wants us at the studio. Emergency meeting.”

“Okay. Let’s go. I’ll drive.” I said.


When we got to the studio, Paul was out there to greet us and he led us to the meeting room. We all sat down and Simon came in.

“Hey boys, long time no see.”

“Hey Uncle Si!” Niall said

“Anyways, I called you all here today because I have an excellent job proposition for you boys.”

“What is it?” Harry asked

“Well, I got a call from a singing show in San Francisco the other day, and in about a month, they are going to need five mentors for the last five weeks, so I was wondering if you guys would like to go down and do that? It’s fun, you get to interact with future singers and I thought it would be great because you can relate to them more, as you guys used to be on a singing competition.”

The lads and I all exchanged looks and nodded.

“Sounds like fun. I’ve always wanted to go down to San Francisco.” Liam said

“Yea, same.”

“And I’ve already talked with them, and Eleanor and Danielle can come down with you guys next month and Perrie can come down two weeks after.” Simon added

“That sounds great. I would love to go to San Francisco with El.” Louis smiled

“Then lets do it!” Liam cheered


**1 Month Later**

.:~Riley’s PoV~:.


 The Voice has been going amazing. Except right now. A girl on Team Adam named Bethany was sent home last week and she was my best friend on the show. I still had a Scottish boy named Terry, who was on team Blake with him and me are pretty close. The one problem was this girl name Emma. She was on Team Christina and she was the biggest bitch in the world. She was out to destroy me, but I’ve been through so much in life, I learned to ignore her.


I made it to the live rounds, all the way to the top six. Those performances were on Tuesday and today was Sunday. I am going to sing Gavin Degraw’s Not Over You this week. I was pretty confident to sing this song, because it was very different that what I normally sing, but that song really spoke my mind, so I will sing it with a lot of emotion. And no one would tell us, but apparently this week, after someone got eliminated, five singers, we don’t know who, would come pair up with us and be our mentors until we got booted off. I was curious to know who they were, but I will find out in a few days.

Terry was working on his song with Blake right now, so I decided to go to Starbucks and get a coffee. When I walked in, I realized this Starbucks looked exactly like the one in Bradford, where Zayn and I would go all the time. He is still with Perrie, and he looks so happy in all those pictures I’ve seen, so I’ve decided that I’m not going back to him. I will leave him to live his life and I will live my own. If our paths ever cross, then we will see what happens.
When I ordered my coffee and walked towards a booth, I bumped into someone, making me spill my coffee all over my shirt,

“Oh shit.” I mumbled

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry.” A brittish accent said

“No, no, no it’s okay.” I said rubbing the coffee off my shirt.

“No it’s not, let me by you a new coffee.”

“It’s okay” I said and I looked up at the person, “Holy shit. You’re Eleanor Calder.” I said, not too loudly, so I wouldn’t draw attention.

“Uh, yea. I am.” She said, taking off her sunglasses. When she looked at me, she focused on my face, and her expression made it obvious that she was thinking about something. She walked up with me to the counter, and much to my protest, bought me a new coffee. When we went and sat down at a booth together, she finally spoke up,

“Do I know you? I mean, like, not have I met you, but have I seen you somewhere, like a picture or tv?”

“Well, I’m on The Voice.” I said, knowing that wasn’t it.

“No, no that’s not it. What’s your name?”

“It’s, um, it’s Riley.” I said. When I said that, El seemed to choke on her drink,

“Wait, Riley CAMPBELL?”

“Um, yea.”

“Well, I know you probably don’t want to talk about Zayn, so instead I want to say thank you for convincing Louis to ask me out. I really love him.”

“Well, he wouldn’t shut up about you, so I told him that he should tell you how he felt.”

“Ah, well he is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.”
“That’s good.”

Her and I continued to talk until a question hit me,

“Why are you here?”
“I can’t tell you… but you will figure it out soon.”
“Oh, well I should go anyways, I have rehearsals.”

“Oh okay. Well we will be watching, maybe even be able to catch a show.”

“Wait, you are all here?”
“Yea, Liam, Danielle, Harry, Niall, Louis and I. Zayn is up north until tomorrow and Perrie is coming down in two weeks.”
“Oh… well if you come to a show, don’t bring Zayn. Or Perrie. It’d hurt too much.”
“Okay… I won’t. But call me and we can go shopping.”

“Okay.” I said and handed her my phone. She dialed her number, gave me a hug and I left.

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