Loved You First

Zayn Malik was new to his school and was bullied like crazy, but when he meets Riley, the sister of one of the bullies, they become the closest friends. But when they both realize what their dreams are, will it tear them apart? or will they do everything to keep their once in a lifetime friendship alive?


38. Torn


.:~Zayn’s PoV~:.

I had given Riley seven months of space, seven months of not looking for her, but now I was sick of waiting so I figured a good place to start looking was Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Hopefully this time around, they don’t hate me as much there this time around.

When my cab pulled up in the town square, I decided to go to the little café that Riley’s group of friends always hung out at. When I walked in, a bunch of girls mobbed me. I happily took pictures and gave autographs. When they finally cleared out, I saw Riley’s two of Riley’s friends, Andrew and Mary-Kate I think it was. I walked up to them,

“Um hello guys.”
They looked up at me, and Andrew spoke,

“Oh, um hi. You’re Zayn Malik, right?”

“Uh, yea that’s me.” I smiled

“Well how can we help you?”

“First, I wanted to congratulate you two. Riley’s parents told me you got married.”
“Thank you. And second?” Mary-Kate asked

“Is Riley here? A few months ago she left saying she needed to think, but I am tiered of waiting for her and I want to find her. So is she here?”
“Oh yea. She told us that whole story…”

“So she is here?”
“She was. She’s gone now mate.” Andrew said

“Where is she?” I asked

“She told us not to tell you. Or anyone really. But I’m surprised you don’t know.”

I was a little confused. How am I supposed to know where she would go?

“Well even if you aren’t supposed to, I only have two days and I have to find out where she is, so could you please tell me?”

They exchanged a look, then let out a deep sigh, “She’s in San Francisco.” Mary-Kate said, “But we aren’t going to tell you where exactly. You are a big celebrity and you have lots of reasons to be down there, so she won’t know we told.”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS SHE’S IN SAN FRAN?” I yelled in excitement

“Yea, why?” Andrew asked

“Because I am in San Francisco for the next five weeks.”

“That’s good. And if you find her, don’t mess it up again Zayn. She loves you more than anything; she just left to make sure that each other is what you both wanted. And make sure you and Perrie are over before you talk to her.”
“I know. Well I need to be in San Francisco tomorrow, so I should go. Thank you guys. And congratulations on your wedding and baby.”
“Thank you.” They said in union and I left.


When I got to the airport, I picked up my phone. I wasn’t going to go to San Francisco and tell Riley I will only break up with Perrie if she gives me a second chance. I’m going into this totally open. I picked up my phone and dialed. She picked up after two rings,


“Hey Perrie, it’s Zayn.”
“Oh hey baby, what’s up?”
“Look, I know that I shouldn’t be doing this over the phone, but-”

“But you don’t want me coming to San Francisco because we are breaking up?”

“Um, yea. Perrie I’m so beyond incredibly sorry.”

“I know you are. But why are you doing this?” I could hear her choking back tears “Is there someone else?”

“Um, yea, there is. There has been someone else for a long time. Perrie, I love you very much, but there is someone I’m meant to be with.”
“And it isn’t me?”

“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. When you would look at me, I saw love, but I also saw someone else was on your mind.”

I was about to say something when my flight was called.

“Perrie I have to go. I’m so sorry for doing this to you.”
“It’s okay… there is someone out there for me.”
“Goodbye Perrie.”
“Goodbye Zayn.” I heard her sob and then the line went dead


.:~Louis’ PoV~:.

“HARRY! LOUIS! LIAM! NIALL! DANIELLE!” I heard someone shouting from outside our door, along with a bunch of knocking.

“Who is it?” I yelled.

“It’s El! I forgot my key.”

I went and checked in the peephole, and then let El in.

“You are never going to guess what just happened!” she panted

“Okay, so I was at Starbucks and I spilled coffee all over this girl. She looked so familiar. Anyways, her and I started talking and I finally realized who she was.”
“And it was…” Liam asked

“Riley. Riley Campbell.”

All of our faces dropped. Riley is here in San Francisco. Just then, Niall turned on the TV.

“In other news, Zayn Malik was seen in an airport in New Jersey just over a few hours ago, and on the phone with girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. He was overheard saying the he was breaking up with her because of a girl in San Francisco.” The reporter said. Niall turned off the TV and looked at us,

“Well, he must know she’s here… why is she here anyways?”
“Well,” Eleanor started, “I didn’t tell her why we were here, but she told me she was here because she was a contestant on a certain TV show called, um, I think it was The Voice?”

“Holy shit! Are you serious?” I asked

“Dead serious.”

“That means if she doesn’t get voted off, one of us could be her mentors!”

“Well,” Niall said looking up from his phone, “I was just looking at her twitter and Facebook and the Voice website and other blogs, and it looks like she is one of the favorites.”
“That’s awesome. Ni, type up her audition. I want to watch it. See what she sang and how well she did.” Harry said

“Okay.” Niall typed it up, then connected his phone to the TV so we could all watch it. I have to admit. We all got tears in her eyes when she started to sing Torn.

“Oh my god.” Harry smiled

“I know. Of all the songs, she chose this one and she did better than us, I have to say.” Liam said

“She is amazing.” Danielle admitted. When it was over, all four judges had turned around, but in the end, she chose Blake. They filmed her going backstage to talk to her parents, and when they asked her why she had picked the song, her response was “Because it got five of my best friends somewhere and I hoped it would do the same for me.”

We all teared up at that part. She chose it because of us. I was really proud of her. We all were. And now one of us get to help her make it all the way. We would see her tomorrow at the live performance.

“But guys,” Danielle said, “We do not tell Zayn. We surprise him, okay?”

“Agreed.” We said in union

I had a really good feeling things were finally going to get that happy ending.

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