Loved You First

Zayn Malik was new to his school and was bullied like crazy, but when he meets Riley, the sister of one of the bullies, they become the closest friends. But when they both realize what their dreams are, will it tear them apart? or will they do everything to keep their once in a lifetime friendship alive?


36. So Proud


Loved You First ~ Ch. XXX


**Two Months Later**

.:~Riley’s PoV~:.


“We are rooting for you. Even the little thing in here.” Mary-Kate said, rubbing her stomach. Her and Andrew were expecting a baby in seven months.

“Yep. We know you are going all the way. You are so talented.” John added.

“Just when you become all big and famous, don’t forget about us.” Patrick said

“I can’t forget about you guys even if I wanted to.” I joked

Today, I was leaving for San Francisco to audition for The Voice tomorrow, and John, Alyssa, Russell, Nikki, Patrick, Matt, Andrew and Mary-Kate had all wanted to drive me to the airport. I gave them all a hug goodbye and walked through security.


It was a really long flight. I sat beside a boy, probably a few years younger than I, around 14 or so.. It was really awkward sitting there in silence and he looked kinda shy or sad, so about an hour into the flight, I spoke up,

“Why are you going to San Francisco?”

“I’m going to live with my dad for the rest of the year.” He said shyly

“That sounds like fun.”

“Not really. My dad doesn’t pay any attention to me. He always says we will do fun stuff, but he’s always too busy with his new girlfriend.”

“Well what do you like to do?” I asked

“I just want to see some places, ye know? My parents have been divorced for 5 years. I’ve been here half a year every year for five years, and I’ve seen nothing.”

“What is one thing in San Francisco that you’ve always wanted to do? Or see?”

“Well, there is this show, it’s called The Voice. I don’t want to be on it, I’ve just always wanted to see one of the liver performances. I’ve always wanted to sit there and then when someone from that show becomes big star, I can say I watched it happen. You are a really good singer by the way. I heard you singing to yourself when we were waiting to board.”

I smiled at what the boy said.

“Well thank you. Do you want to hear something funny?”
“Sure.” The boy said, his face brightened a little.

“I’m going to San Francisco to audition for The Voice. My audition is tomorrow. So, I’ll tell you what. Give me your phone number and if I make it through to the Live Rounds, I will send you a ticket to come watch me perform, okay?”

“Oh my god, really? Thank you. That’s so sweet. I’ll make sure to watch the auditions when they come out so I can see if you make it through. I know you will though… I’m Riley by the way.” He said and I laughed.

“Well Riley,” I said, “I’m Riley too.”

“That’s funny we have the same name. And Riley, can I give you a hint for the show?”
“Sure.” I smiled

“If you have a choice, choose team Blake. Your voice is very different from him, and that’s best for you. Because he can help widen your horizons.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Riley and I continued to talk until the plane landed. Once we did, Riley gave me his number and I promised to call him once the live rounds came close.


**Audition time**

I walked onstage, the crowd cheered. I’d never felt more nervous in my life, but I also never felt more confident. I think I have a real good shot. As for my song choice, I chose I song that spoke to me, a song that whenever I heard, I felt proud.

The music started to play and I finally let all my confidence show in my voice,

“Thought I saw a man brought to life…”


([A/N] Because Riley’s character is based on Cassadee Pope, who auditioned for the Voice with this song, if you’d like to listen to what Riley sounds like and just hear the song, here is a link


“Torn…” and I finished the song. All for judges had turned around for me. I couldn’t help but smile. Carson Daly came on stage,

“Well Riley, it looks like you have a choice to make. But first, let’s hear the Team Captains try to prove why they want you.”

All the judges said some really nice things about me, but I already knew whom I was choosing. I had known the minute he turned around for me.

“So Riley,” Carson said, once the judges finished talking, “Who’s it gonna be?”
“I choose… Blake!” I smiled

The entire crowd cheered. Blake celebrated his victory of me and the other coaches did seem a little depressed about it. Who knew I was so special? I walked up to Blake and gave him a hug, then walked off stage. I could barely believe I had kept my cool during that whole time, but the minute I was off stage, I started freaking out. And I freaked out even more when I walked into a room and saw my parents standing there with huge smiles. I ran up and hugged them,

“Oh Riley we are you proud of you.” My mother cried happily.

“Thanks mum, and thanks for coming down you guys!”
“We wouldn’t miss it for the world sweetheart.” My dad said, “I really liked your song choice too. Why did you choose that?”

“Because it got five of my best friends somewhere and I hoped it would do the same for me.”

“Well sweetie, it sure did. We are so proud of you. We have to be home in two days, but let’s go out to dinner.”


As we drove to a nice restaurant, I decided to call John and all of them and tell them. I dialed and soon he picked up.

“Hey it’s Riley.”
“GUYS RILEY’S ON THE PHONE!” I heard John call; everyone was probably at his place. I heard what sounded like thunder through the phone. I laughed, knowing it was everyone coming.

“Okay, you are on speaker now Ry.” John said, “So what happened?”
“Yea?” I heard Matt say.

“I made it through to the knockout rounds!” I said happily

Through the phone I heard a mix of screams, cheers and congradulations.

“We are so proud of you Riley, but I gotta go. Call us and keep us posted. We will always be watching you on TV!”

“Okay bye guys!”

“Bye!” they said in union

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