Loved You First

Zayn Malik was new to his school and was bullied like crazy, but when he meets Riley, the sister of one of the bullies, they become the closest friends. But when they both realize what their dreams are, will it tear them apart? or will they do everything to keep their once in a lifetime friendship alive?


41. Is everything okay?


**Three Days Later**

.:~Zayn’s PoV~:.


“Zayn… stop… we… have… to… rehearse…” Riley tried to say during kisses. I pulled away,

“Fine.” I laughed, “I just kinda have to make up two and a half years of kisses.”

“I know, but I go on in four days and I still don’t know what song to sing.” She said, getting off the couch and walking over to the piano.

“Well,” I said walking over to join her, “Last week, you sang with lots of emotion and people loved that. It got you loads off votes and people loved that you opened up. You should open up even more this week. Maybe sing a song for Tyler.”

She was quiet for a minute, then she nodded and smiled, “That’s a great idea. And I have a perfect song too.”
“What song?”

“Over you by Miranda Lambert.”
“That’s a good song… do you want to start rehearsing?”
“Sure, why not?”
We rehearsed for a few hours and during that time; the camera crews came in and filmed us rehearsing for one of the Voice commercials that would be airing tonight. After we were finished rehearsing, we did stupid stuff like we used to, took pictures, karaoke and all that jazz. We posted some of our pictures to Twitter. A few hours later, when Riley was working with Blake and they didn’t need me anymore, I went back on Twitter and shock waved over me. #Ziley was trending. I went and read some of the tweets and most of them made me smile. Especially these two,

<@MalikForEver: I used to forever ship Zerrie, I still do. But looking at Zayn with this Riley girl in some of the pictures, I can’t help but smile J >

<@EmmaStypaymalhornson: I have been supporting @RyRyCampbell throughout the entire Voice season, and her and @zaynmalik are perfect together>

I smiled so big, but I did have to consider what Riley and I were going to do about us. I do figure we are back together, but she is in a competition and I am her mentor. I guess that is something her and I can talk about later. I decided to go out to the gym in the hotel and work out. I left Riley a note, telling her where I was and I ran upstairs and grabbed my gym bag. As I walked down into the gym, I saw Terry riding one of the bikes. He looked up at me and smiled then waved me over. I went to join him.

“Hey mate! What’s up?” I asked, getting on a bike

“Nothing. I’m done working with Blake, so I decided to come work out a little. How about you?”
“Nothing. Riley is working with Blake now, so I decided to come work out a bit before the lads and I have to rehearse for our performance Tuesday night.”
“Ah cool. Riley is really happy you are here.”

“Oh yea. She’s a really cool person. I’m glad I met her and I’m her mentor.”

Terry just laughed.

“What is it?” I asked

“You don’t need to lie to me. Riley is my teammate and her and a girl who got voted off last week were inseparable. Tuesday night she came up to my room and told me about your kiss.”
“Oh okay.”
“But don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. I know that you guys aren’t sure about your relationship and coming out about it.”

“Thanks man. You are pretty cool. I should go, gotta rehearse. See you later.”

“Bye Zayn.”
“See ya Terry.”


.:~Riley’s PoV~:.


“Haz? Is everything okay?” I said. I was walking up to my hotel room when I had seen Harry crying.
“Um, yea.” He lied

“Harry, your cheeks are bright and red and your eyes are bloodshot. What happened?”

“Um, I don’t want anyone to see me crying, can you come into my room with me so we can talk?”
“Sure.” I said and followed him into his room. Once we got in, he sat on his bed and burst into tears. I walked over and wrapped my arm around him,

“Haz, tell me what happened.”

“Did Zayn ever tell you about that girl from France I had been seeing for the past two months?”
“Um, yea. Marie, right?”

“Yea, well look at this picture she sent me.” He sobbed, pulling out his phone. He unlocked it and went to his text messages. He opened his conversation with Marie and there it was, a picture of who I’m guessing was Marie making out with some other guy and a message,

“Harry, I met someone else. He treats me perfect and is a lot better than you ever did. Bye.” He read aloud

“Oh my god Harry. I’m sorry.”

“It’s cool, it’s just everyone is so happy. Liam has Danielle, Louis has Eleanor, Zayn has you and Niall, well he is single but he is still really happy.”

“Harry, you will find someone. Maybe even here in San Francisco even.”
“Well unlike Zayn, I got a bitch that I have to mentor.”

I laughed at his comment, “I know she is.”

“I just wish I had a girl like you.”

“What do you mean?”
“I mean I am jealous of Zayn for having a girl as sweet, kind, beautiful and as perfect as you.” He said and looked deep in my eyes. I don’t even know how what happened next happened. All that I know is the minute Harry and I’s lips touched, hearing his voice so hurt made me want to kill myself the moment Zayn choked out the name,



[A/N] Haha funny story... I finished this chapter two days ago... I just forgot to update. But here it is and I will try to post the next chapter tonight! I really hope you guys are enjoying, so please oh please comment your thoughts, as well as like and fav this movella. Also tweet me on twitter or follow me on instagram, @kenny_tomlinson for both :)

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