Loved You First

Zayn Malik was new to his school and was bullied like crazy, but when he meets Riley, the sister of one of the bullies, they become the closest friends. But when they both realize what their dreams are, will it tear them apart? or will they do everything to keep their once in a lifetime friendship alive?


42. Don't throw it away


Loved You First ~ Ch. XXXVI

.:~Harry’s PoV~:.

“Zayn…” Riley began, but Zayn wouldn’t let her finish, he took a deep breath, shook out the tears and sadness and replaced it with anger,
“NO RILEY! I can’t believe it! I walk in to get Harry for rehearsals and I catch you two making out!” he yelled

“Zayn, Harry was upset, I was comforting him, I just-”

“No. Just drop it. Whatever it is we had here,” he said, pointing to himself and then her, “is over.”

Then he turned to me, “We will rehearse tomorrow.” And stormed out without another word. I sat there in shock until I was snapped out of it by the sound of Riley’s sobs. I turned to her,

“Riley, I am so sorry. This is my fault, I shouldn’t have kissed you. I was just really upset and depressed and I-”

“Harry. Please just stop talking about it. I need to go clear my head.” She said softly as she stood up and started to walk out

“You hate me, don’t you?” I asked and she froze. She turned around, walked up to me and kissed my forehead,

“I’m never going to hate you Haz.” And then she left.

I figured I should go find Zayn. I grabbed my key and walked out of the room and bumped into Niall,

“Dude what happened? Zayn stormed downstairs and told us all to go back to our rooms and that we would rehearse tomorrow. He looked really pissed. Do you know what happened?” Niall asked

“I kissed Riley.” I mumbled so quietly he couldn’t hear

“Pardon? Harry, I didn’t hear you.”


“You what? Harry how could you?”

“Marie broke up with me. I was upset. Riley came to comfort me and I kissed her. The minute our lips touched, Zayn came in and instantly broke it off with her. It’s my entire fault Ni. She says she doesn’t hate me, but I know she does and even if she didn’t, she should!” I cried/yelled. Niall hugged me,

“It’ll be okay mate. I will admit you did mess up, badly. But come on, it’s Zayn and Riley we are talking about here! They have been in love with each other since they were 13! They will figure it out.”
“Um, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” A voice said from behind me. I turned around to see Terry,

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I was talking to Riley and she told me what happened. She said she couldn’t bear to look at Zayn anymore. She’s lost two of the most important men in her life and it’s killing her too much. She said she is quitting the show.”
“She can’t quit though!”
“Well if they don’t let her quit, she will just throw her performance, get the least amount of votes and go home.” Terry replied sadly.

“Shit.” Niall and I mumbled, “Did you try talking her out of it?” I asked

“Yup, but she wouldn’t listen.”
“Well one of us should go talk to her.” Niall said.

“Well I would say Zayn, but obviously not… she is really close with Lou and El. Maybe one of them could.” Terry offered.

“Good idea. I will call them.” I said and pulled out my phone.


.:~Zayn’s PoV~:.

I couldn’t believe Riley and Harry kissed. I was furious. I had decided to go for a walk on the beach. As I was walking I saw Riley walking towards me, but she didn’t see me. I didn’t want to talk to her, so I was going to turn around, but she called me, “ZAYN!”

I turned and walked away.

“Zayn can you stop for a minute?”

“No, I don’t want to talk to you.”

There was no reply, so I figured she had walked away, but I was wrong, her little figure appeared in front of me, “Look Zayn, I’m not talking to you to get you to forgive me. You made it clear that we were over. But you are still my mentor. So we will only be together when we are required to rehearse or the cameras need video clips. Other than that, I will leave you alone Zayn.” She said, I could see the tears brimming her eyes. I wanted to go in and hug her. No Zayn. I thought. She cheated on you with Harry. So I just stayed silent. She looked up at me with hopeful eyes, but I just responded with a dead cold look. She let out a sigh,

“Well then, bye Malik… I guess it makes me feel a little better knowing the fans would’ve liked me.” And she walked away. She must’ve seen that #Ziley had been trending.


**Two days later**

.:~Louis’ PoV~:.

“Please just don’t throw it all away. Zayn is just being an idiot, but he will come around. He loves you Riley.” I begged her, trying to convince her not to purposely mess up her performance tomorrow night.

“You should’ve seen his face though. It was so broken, and when we talked, his eyes showed no emotion! He fuckin hates me Lou!”
“He doesn’t…”
“Plus it wasn’t even a full on make out session! It was a little kiss and he totally overreacted.”

“Do you want to know why he overreacted?”
“Because he always knew that he was better than any other guy that you had been with before, Sean, Jake, John, but when it comes to the lads, Zayn thinks he is the worst of all of them and his biggest fear was to lose you to one of us, so he just feels that nightmare came true. Give him time, he will come around. Just please don’t give this up. You have a real shot at winning. If not for me or for yourself, but for your fans.”
She let out a deep sigh and smiled for the first time in three days, “Fine. For my fans. Thanks Lou… I was really going to throw something away if you didn’t stop me.”

“No problem.”
“But can you just leave me alone for a bit. You should go work with Nicholas for a bit.”
“Yea I should.” I stood up, gave her a hug then left.

I ran into all the guys, minus Zayn, when I was entering the Voice arena.

“Hey guys, I convinced Riley not to throw her performance tomorrow, but I’m still not convinced she won’t do anything. She hates looking at Zayn and his hurt. If she throws it away because of him, I will kill the both of them.”
“If who throws what away because of who?” Zayn’s voice said from behind me. I turned around to look at him, took a deep breath and told him what Riley was thinking of doing. When I finished, all he said was,

“She is thinking of throwing away this competition because of me?”

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