Loved You First

Zayn Malik was new to his school and was bullied like crazy, but when he meets Riley, the sister of one of the bullies, they become the closest friends. But when they both realize what their dreams are, will it tear them apart? or will they do everything to keep their once in a lifetime friendship alive?


47. Call me Simon


Loved You First ~ Ch. 41


.:~Riley’s PoV~:.

The minute I hung up the phone, I went down to The Voice studio. I had to talk to the producers about Simon’s offer. They said it was totally okay, as I have not yet signed the contract. I asked who they would give it to, and they said that I could give it to anyone in the top 5. I knew exactly who I was going to give it to. I left the studio quickly and went back to the hotel, hopefully, Terry hadn’t left yet.


Luckily, he hadn’t. I knocked on his door and his wife, Bella opened up.

“Oh hello Riley! What brings you here?”
“I had to talk to you guys before I left.” I said

“Oh, okay, what’s up?”
“Well, I was wondering if you Terry and your son, Adam, would like to go to dinner with me?”
“Oh we’d love to!”

“Fantastic, Blake will be coming too. I have some news for you guys.”
“Okay, sounds good. When are we going?”

“Blake will meet us outside at 8.”
“Amazing, Terry is just finishing packing his room. We will meet you in the lobby at 8.”

“Yea, I need to go pack too.” I said and left.



We were almost done our dinners when I decided to tell everyone the news.

“So guys, I invited you all here because I have some big news.”

“What is it?” Terry asked

“Well Terry, I have decided to give you my recording contract.”

Bella, Blake and Terry all choked on their drinks,

“WHAT!?” they said in union

“I am giving Terry my recording contract.”
“Why?” Terry asked, “You don’t give up that kind of opportunity.”

“I’m going to London, and Universal Records is in Los Angles, so I don’t need it.”
“Are you going to London because of Zayn? Look Riley I know you love him, but you shouldn’t give up something this important over a boy!” Blake scowled.

“Blake, chill. I got an offer from Simon Cowell in London. I have decided to take it because Simon is an excellent producer, plus I will be in London with Zayn. Terry, I want you to have my record deal.”
Terry smiled, “So you have another offer that you are taking?”


Terry stood up and walked over to me. He wrapped me in a big hug,

“Thank you so much Riley. This is my dream.”
“You are very welcome Terry.”

“Riley that is so sweet of you.” Bella said

“Yes Riley, that is so kind of you.” Blake added

“So daddy is going to be famous?” Adam asked. Terry walked over and picked him up,

“Yea buddy, dad’s going to be famous.”

I couldn’t help but tear up a little. I really hope that someday, Zayn and I have a family like this.

We finished our dinner and then we all went our separate ways. I just realized, in two days I am moving to London. Most of my stuff is here, but some of it is in New Jersey. I called John,

“Hey John it’s Riley.”

“Thanks. But I’m not taking it.”
“I’m taking a different one, over in London.”

“Oh, really? That’s fantastic.”
“Yea it is. I am so excited, I will be back with Zayn and I love London.”
“That’s fantastic, anyways, why are you calling?”
“Right, I need you to go to my house, grab what’s left of my clothes and send them to Simon Cowell’s studio in London… okay?”
“Okay, sounds good, but it’s late. I should go.”
“Okay, bye John.”


“Ready to fly on a private jet?” Simon asked me

“Yes. I am so excited. Thank you for this opportunity Mr. Cowell.”

“Please, call me Simon.”
“Okay, thank you Simon.”
“I should be thanking you… but let’s go.”


**11 hours later**
.:~Harry’s PoV~:.

My cell rang, I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Simon,

“Hey Uncle Si! What’s up?”

“Yes, hello Harry. I was just wondering if you could come pick me up at the airport.”
“Don’t you have a driver?”
“I gave him the weekend off. Please Harry? And bring the rest of the lads too.”

“Um, Liam, Louis, Niall and I will come, but Zayn isn’t feeling well.” I said, knowing Zayn has locked himself in his room because he missed Riley so much. Simon sighed,

“Okay, then the four of you come.”

“Okay, we are on our way.”
“Fantastic, I am in terminal two, gate 33B.”

“Okay, see you then.”

When we got to the airport, we ran in, excited to see Uncle Simon. We haven’t seen him in forever. We walked up to the gate and we saw Simon getting off his private jet. But he wasn’t alone. Beside him was a brunette girl wearing a beanie and sunglasses. At first I wondered who that was, but the minute she smiled at us, I knew that smile from anywhere.

“Riley?” the four of us said in union. She took off her sunglasses,

“Hey guys. Miss me?”

We ran up to her and tackled her in hugs.

“I will take that as a yes.”

“Duh!” Liam said

“So why are you here? Did you give up that record deal? Zayn will kill you?” Louis rambled on.

“LOU! Shut up.” Riley laughed

“Why are you here?” Niall asked

“A certain Uncle offered me an amazing record deal here in London. I decided to take it.”

We all looked up at Simon with smiles, he shrugged,

“She is talented and I know you guys would miss her, so I have her an offer she wouldn’t turn down.”
“Thank you Simon.” I said and hugged him

“You are welcome boys.”

“Where is Zayn?” Riley asked

“He wasn’t feeling well, but I’m sure he will feel a lot better when he wakes up and sees you beside him.” Louis said

“Well then, what are we waiting for?” I asked, “Let’s go!”

And with that, the six of us were out of the airport on our way back to our house.


[A/N] So this is the last chapter for today, but not the end of the story. I have decided there would be 3-5 more chapters and then an epilogue. I hope you guys like <3 Like always, like/comment/fav and follow me on Twitter and IG @kenny_tomlinson


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