The Secret

Shelby was no ordinary girl. She was different in many ways. Examples? All the girls at her school were beliebers, she was a directioner. When hip hop was in, contemporary was her style. She stood out, she did her own thing. Some people were jealous of her for her personalitys but for the most part, they weren’t. But, there was one difference, that stood out in her. That secret? No one knew except for her, and well for the most part, she didn’t want anyone to know. Her secret? Haha cant tell you that, continue reading the story and you will eventually find out


12. ~Shelby~ The Secret

With tears in her eyes, she started to explain. "It all happened last year,when I had a boyfriend. I thought he was the guy of my dreams...He was SO nice, he was hot, everything all my other boyfriends werent.", she suddenly stopped and grasped for air then continued her story, "So, 1 day my parents were out of town and i invited him over, i didnt wanna do anything "bad" I just wanted to chill with him. That night, he came in my door, without knocking, and started screaming at me. He called me every curse word invented, but after awhile i got fed up with it so i told him to get out...big mistake. It went from verbal violence to physical violence. Now if ur wondering if i got raped, i didnt, i got something way worse. He threw me at the door and told me to stay there or he would cut me...slowly. It had been a little over 3 hours and i couldnt stand any longer, so i sat down by the door, another big mistake. He came running to me while screaming and picked me up and drug me to the guest bedroom. When we got there, he pulled out a piece of paper."Paper?", Harry said. "Yes",Shelby replied. Then she continued, "It was his application to the school of his dreams....he didnt get through to the school, then he cut my leg with the paper 13 times in one spot on my leg. It hurt SO bad! I was bleeding but not that bad. He then pulled out a sharp knife, it was one out of his fathers hunting knifes, and cut me one good time, deep. I screamed, so loud. Then he just got up and left like nothing ever happened! He just walked out the door like i was dirt! Then later i found out why he had cut my 13 times with the paper and once with the knife, heres what it was, he was so nervous for 13 days untill he got his application with results back. Once with the knife was to represent how his dreams were shattered in one day. Now im stuck with one HUGE scar to wake up to everyday just to remind me of this...and him!", she said as she bursted out into tears. Harry grabber her and held her in his arms, he comforted her.

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