The Secret

Shelby was no ordinary girl. She was different in many ways. Examples? All the girls at her school were beliebers, she was a directioner. When hip hop was in, contemporary was her style. She stood out, she did her own thing. Some people were jealous of her for her personalitys but for the most part, they weren’t. But, there was one difference, that stood out in her. That secret? No one knew except for her, and well for the most part, she didn’t want anyone to know. Her secret? Haha cant tell you that, continue reading the story and you will eventually find out


3. ~Shelby~ Her Chance

"UGH! School today, that sucks! ", said Shelby listening to the sound of her alarm clock go off. She had to admit though, it was pretty cool that her alarm clock sang "What Makes You Beautiful" to her every morning. It made her feel beautiful, even with bed-head. As she rolled out of bed she discovered that one of her posters of One Direction had fallen off of her wall. "O well, no big deal", she said as she picked it up. When she picked it up, there was a camera under the poster, along with a sheet of paper with a barcode on it. What was even more wierd was that the camera was on and the paper had her FULL name on it. "Well, I might as well read the paper", she said as she picked it up still wondering why the camera was on.

                                            ONE DIRECTION MEET AND GREET TICKET

                                                                   NASHVILLE, TN

                                                           FRIDAY, April 14, 2012

                                                                       10:00 a.m

                                                  MUST HAVE TICKET AT ARRIVAL

                                                                  NO REFUNDS!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!", she screamed in excitement has her parents came running up the stairs. Her mom and dad were laughing as soon as they walked in. "We figured you might want that", said her dad. "h-hh-how did u get them?! I-I-I thought they were sold out!", said Shelby. "Honey, we have had these things since they first went on sale 9 months ago!", said her mom. "Wow guys, thank you so m-wait!", said Shelby as she read the ticket. Reading the ticket she discovered it said April 14...that was today! "This is today?! But I have school!", said Shelby. "Oh, its a Friday and your a straight A student. We figured it would be ok if you played hookie and went to the meet and greet", said her dad. Shelby, at this point, was in awe. She was so excited. "But i mean if you dont wanna go i can always...", said her mom. "NO! I WANNA GO!", said Shelby. "Ok then but you better hurry up and get ready, you only have about 2 more hours to get ready. So chop-chop!", said her dad. Shelby then looked at her clock. It was 8:05 and she had to be on the road at 9:30 so technically she had under 2 hours to get ready. "Your Welcome!", her parents said as they walked out the door. "I gotta get ready!", Shelby said running towards her closet.

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