The Secret

Shelby was no ordinary girl. She was different in many ways. Examples? All the girls at her school were beliebers, she was a directioner. When hip hop was in, contemporary was her style. She stood out, she did her own thing. Some people were jealous of her for her personalitys but for the most part, they weren’t. But, there was one difference, that stood out in her. That secret? No one knew except for her, and well for the most part, she didn’t want anyone to know. Her secret? Haha cant tell you that, continue reading the story and you will eventually find out


5. ~Shelby~ Getting Ready

When she got to her closet she grabbed all of her 1D merch and through it on her bed. There was a 1D tie die shirt, a 1D necklace, 22 1D bracelets, and a " I LOVE HARRY STYLES" bag. She loved all the boys but she just, for some reason, liked Harry the best. He was her 1st love of the band and still was. "HMMMM, i guess i could wear the 1D shirt with my new pink skirt i got and my harry styles bracelet and bag.", she said as she put it on. She glanced at the clock, "8:45". "I gotta hurry!". When she had her outfit on, she glanced in the mirror and felt beautiful but then she saw it, she saw her secret. "Well, so much for that, i guess purple skinny jeans will have to do!", she said, "O! I guess i will need my Toms since those are Louis' FAVORITE kind of shoes!", she said throwing the jeans and converse on. She glanced at the clock "9:05". Then she saw an empty poster board. "Hey! Im going to make a sign!" She said as she grabbed the poster board and markers. After 20 minutes of decorating she was finally finished, the sign read "  I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU HARRY". She glanced at her clock again "9:25". "Well, i guess we can go ahead and get on the road.", she said. Then she grabbed her poster and "I love Harry Styles bag" ,with her ticket inside and fled down the stairs. When she got downstairs she peeked through the window and saw that her mom was already waiting in the car for her in the car so she ran out the door, jumped in the car, and drove off.


When her mom dropped her off she followed the other girls heading to the tour bus to wait for Harry to get out of the tour bus. She held her sign proudly in the air and counted down to the seconds to when he would get out of his tour bus with the other girls. 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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