The Secret

Shelby was no ordinary girl. She was different in many ways. Examples? All the girls at her school were beliebers, she was a directioner. When hip hop was in, contemporary was her style. She stood out, she did her own thing. Some people were jealous of her for her personalitys but for the most part, they weren’t. But, there was one difference, that stood out in her. That secret? No one knew except for her, and well for the most part, she didn’t want anyone to know. Her secret? Haha cant tell you that, continue reading the story and you will eventually find out


4. ~Harry~ Waiting For The Time

Harry was sitting on the tour bus,while the boys were already inside. Harry liked waiting untill 5 minutes before he HAD to go because he liked to hear the girls scream his name. Of course, who wouldnt. Harry looked at his clock "8:05" is what he read. "I think im going to wait untill 9:55 to get off this bus so all the fans will be here", he said to his cat Coley. He then put Coley down and grabbed his guitar and started playing the chorus to "Little Things". "oh its you, they add up too. Im in love with you, and all your little things", he sang. Then out of no where he stopped. He fell to the floor in tears, he couldnt hold it in any longer, he was lonely. He wanted somebody, he NEEDED somebody. But today wasnt the day to think about this, no way. He had to get his act together. He was about to meet hundreds of people that adorded him. So with no further ado he put his motions to the side and finished playing and singing "Little Things".

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