The Secret

Shelby was no ordinary girl. She was different in many ways. Examples? All the girls at her school were beliebers, she was a directioner. When hip hop was in, contemporary was her style. She stood out, she did her own thing. Some people were jealous of her for her personalitys but for the most part, they weren’t. But, there was one difference, that stood out in her. That secret? No one knew except for her, and well for the most part, she didn’t want anyone to know. Her secret? Haha cant tell you that, continue reading the story and you will eventually find out


6. ~Harry~ Getting Ready

"8:45" the clock read. Harry knew at any moment his stylist would be in there getting him ready. He wasnt looking forward to all the make-up to put on but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. "Harry! Its time to do your make-up and hair!", shouted Amy (his make-up and hair stylist). "Well, here goes nothing he thought as he got off the couch and went to the "styling area" on the bus. It was really nothing much just a chair, mirror, and all the tools she needed. When he sat in the chair he was thinking in his head "Maybe, just maybe i can find a girl today."ok Mr.Styles, your all done.". When he heard that he glanced at the clock and it read "9:55". Well i guess i need to go make my grand entrance. He heard the girls shouting the countdown. 5! 4! 3! 2!- and on 1!, he stepped out.

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