Another love story

Michel is taking care of his family because his father left when he was a child
As he took care of his family he realized he had a crush on his next door neighbor Derek. You will have to read it to find out the rest!


1. The begging

One day a boy named Michel was walking down the street in his home town of Tanzania wishing of a new land wishing he could leave but his responsibility of taking care of his mother and younger brother and sister ever since his father abandoned him and his family stopped him from doing so. He looked at his watch worried he would not make it home before nightfall "Oh no" he cried. turning on his heel he started running as fast as he could down the street he swerved to avoid a melon cart and cried to the melon man " sorry sir!"
As he dashed down a side ally he remembered he had to stop and grab some goat meat from the market, bread, and cheese from the bakeries as he bought his items he noticed a strange man watching him. he grabbed his change and hurried out of the market. Rushing down the street he knew his mother would be worried. Once he rounded the corner he would be home free. As he rounded the corner he heard a shout from behind "Wait boy!" He did not dare turn he knew the man meant him. Walking fast he threw open his Door then shut it behind him. "Michel is that you my son."
"Yes mom it's me sorry I'm late I lost track of time."
"Dear me I thought something had happened I was worried sick!"
"Just as I thought you would be" Michel thought to himself "Well I'm home now."he announced
"Did you get the items from the market"
"Yes I did and the butcher and baker gave it to me for free for the work I did for them so I bought you, Lucy, and Jack some sweets" Michel said as he entered the kitchen. Looking around at his surroundings his mother had just turned on the stove putting a pan over the flame his brother and sister no doubt in there shared room playing some kind of childish game. "That will be nice." Replied his mother absent mindily. Suddenly he heard the sound of running footsteps "Here they come." He thought. BOOM they burst through the door "Big brother! Big brother!" They exclaimed in unison. As they hugged him he heard a knock on the door. "I'll be right back help mom with dinner ok?"
"OK!" They both said. Smiling from ear to ear he answered the door.
"Hello son."

"Michel who's at the door sweetie?"
" one mom ill be right back"
"Ok sweetie"
Michel walks outside and pulls the door shut behind him. "What do you think your doing here haven't you done enough damage Richard!?"
"No" Michel interrupted "don't call me that."
"Fine. Michel I'm back I'm sorry for all I've done but I'm back now to be your father and to raise your brother and sister."
"You lost that right when you left us for some reason probable to go hook up with some women and forget about your family"
As soon as the words left his mouth he saw the impact the glint of rage in his fathers eyes was hard not to miss no doubt he would be hit when the door behind him opened his mother coming into view.
"Michel are yo........ Richard?"
His father regained his composer "yes my lovely wife it is me I've come back."
"Why to torture us more" yelled Michel wanting to shield his mother from this man he hated with all his being.
"Michel do not yell at your father like that" scolded his mother "Richard there is no place here for you leave please." His mother said with tears in her eyes.
"Melina please don't cry I realize you will not want me around for awhile but I can change I plan on showing you how I'm better now"
" Better your better you left the day the twins were born. when you left I had to care for this family I was working day and night to provide and I WAS SEVEN!"
His mother lost it then she started crying. After a couple minutes the young man next door who Michel had a crush on opened the door "is everything ok Michel I heard a lot of yelling"
"Derek I..."
"Who are you and why do you care!" Demanded his father
" I'm Michel's boyfriend and I care because I can!!"
" your his wh...what?!?!?"
"Richard leave now I need to cook dinner for my family which you are presently not part of."
"And hopefully never will be." Michel said under his breath where only Derek could hear. Wiping tears out of her eyes she turns and walks in Richard seeing that it is going no where that night turns and heads back to the main road to find a hotel.
"Derek are you joining us for dinner?"
"Wh.. Oh ya do I need to bring some more food? I have some potatoes."
"Um hold on." Michel turns and yells into the house."Mom Derek said he has some potatoes should he bring them?"
A moment later the reply came "tell Derek yes and to bring a big pot also."
"I'll be right back." Derek said with a worried look on his face. Michel walked into Derek's house behind him. "Do u feel ok babe?"
Derek turns and smiles "Now that your here yes!"
"You are forever a flirt baby hurry and get the potatoes and the pot tonight we can stay over here and give my brother and sister the room so they can play there little games till they get tired."
Derek runs to the kitchen and a few minutes later comes back with a sack and a pot shiny and new. "Derek is that a gift from your grandmother?"
"Hmm oh ya you know how it is she always sends me new gifts from America I have a new game system I'm giving my old one to you that's what I was originally doing then I heard that commotion." Derek paused "Do you want to talk about it?"
"No sorry baby but not right now tomorrow."

After they ate dinner Michel's mom went to bed Derek went to get the game system so Michel decided to do the dishes when he was done he went to his room and grabbed some clothes that he would need the next morning after his shower. "Derek thank you!"
Michel smiled as he heard the excitement as he finished his brother Jack came in dragging Derek behind him "Hook it up hook it up please please please!"
"Ok I will then your brother and I are going next door so you and your sister can play on it."
"Thank you Derek." Said Lucy as she walked in with her cute dimpled smile.
Soon Michel and Derek were walking out of the house hearing the sounds of his brother and sister playing some kind of racing game.

"Good morning babe!" Michel heard through the thick comforter.
"Mmmmmm" was his sleepy reply.
"I made pancakes with chocolate chips." Came Derek's reply to his sleepiness.
"Pancakes!" Said Michel sitting upright so fast he startled midnight at the end of the bed.
"Sorry boy!" He said to the wide eyed tiger at the end of the bed.
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