One Less Lonely Girl

17 year old Maryanne is a huge Belieber. When her mom decides to move to LA. Her live changes. Her new neighbour is none other then the teen heartthroub Justin Bieber. She soon decides to introduce herself. But not as a obbssesed fan. As a friend. They start hanging out and he starts calling her names like "cutie" and "baby" Is this the start of something much more then a friendship?


1. Moving Day

Today is the day. The day I move from Toronto, to sunny LA. I hate the fact that I have to leave everything behind. I have to leave my friends, family, and my little appartment right by the  CN Tower. The only good thing is Justin Bieber lives in LA. Yes I am a huge Belieber. I am what they call A crazy obbsessed fan girl". Something about him makes my heart stop. His smile, his voice, and his music are just perfect.


I just finished helping my mom put the last box of stuff into the moving truck. "Okay thats it" said my mom. "I cant believe were leaving" I said sadly. We got into the truck. The engine started making noise and we were off. Im leaving everything. Im gunna need to start all over again. What if they dont like me? What if im to ugly for the gorgeous teens in LA? All theese things were going through my head but i couldnt think about it anymore. I could only focus on the negitive. I tried to think about the positive but could only think about one thing. Justin Bieber. I closed my eyes and put my head against the window and watched every single thing pass the truck.

I woke up to the bright sun hitting my face. I knew we werent in Toronto anymore. It was never like this back home. I put my head up and looked at my mom. She smiled and said "Maryanne were here". I dont know if it was the fact that i hadnt went to the bathroom in what felt like forever or if i was just excited but i started jumping in my seat. After about ten minutes we pulled up into our new house. It was huge but what made me even more amazed was the neighbours house. 


Chapter 2. The boy next door

We unpacked the whole house. Everything was perfect. I cant believe how big the house is. I went to my new room and looked at the huge Justin Bieber poster tapped to the wall. He was perfect if only one day i could meet him. And right after i looked away the neighbours car pulled up. I noticed that perfect hair anywhere. It looked exactly like Justins. It couldnt be. Thats when I heard my name being called. "Maryanne!! Go invite the neighbours over for dinner". As i walked down stairs I answered her. "Were inviting the neighbours over for dinner? Why". "Were new and it would be nice to know at least one person". I laughed at her and headed out the door towards the house on the left. The same house I saw the Justin Bieber look alike walk into.

I rang the doorbell. I waited for like 30 seconds and then i heard footsteps coming. I couldnt believe my eyes. Pattie Malette. Justin Biebers mom was standing right infront of me. I couldnt lose my cool. I stayed calm and said "Hi were the new neighbours, my mom and I would like to invite you to dinner tonight if your free. And before you go to crazy assumptions this is not a trick to meet your son". Pattie laughed and called for Justins name. He came running down the stairs. When he came to the door. "Justin this is our new neighbours, they are inviting us for dinner so dont make any plans". Justin smiled and said "Is this a trick". "No, I mean i am a fan of you dont get me wrong but we just moved and my mother wanted me to invite you guys over. We didnt know you lived next door till well now." Pattie and Justin both smiled and said "Its nice to meet normal people for once" I laughed and said "well ill see you to 6 30." "till then" said Justin. The he shut the door. I couldnt believe my eyes. Justin Bieber. In my house.


Chapter 3. Perfection

It was almost 6 30 and I still wasnt ready. I quickly made myself look good. I could smell my moms fantastic food from my room. Thats when the doorbell rang. I had a huge smile on my face. I started walking downstairs as Justin and Pattie were wlaking in. We all said hello to each other and we made our way to the kitchen. My mom and Pattie sat beside each other on the other side of the table. They didnt even notice us. "So you lok really good tonight" Justin said. I was screaming on the inside Justin Bieber said i looked good. "Why thank you, you look amazing as always" He laughed. "Why thank you but you look better" I just smiled. "So am I gunna get a house tour mrs. Maryanne" He said with a grin. I looked over at my mom and said :Im showing Justin the house." She gave me a smile and nod and we headed off. I started with the main floor and then worked my way upstairs. "And this is my room" I said. I opened the door and we walked in. "Wow this is a nicer room then mine' I laughed and replyed "Probably not' He was facing the wall with my Justin Bieber poster. Oh god. "Oh i see you have me on your wall missy" he came closer to me and said "You look really good, and you smell really nice" I looked him straight in the eyes and he looked back at me. He pulled me closer and closer till we were almost touching. Justin lifted up my chine and kissed me. His lips were so soft. I couldnt believe it i was kissing Justin Bieber. The boy who i would fan girl over for hours. He was still kissing me. He pushed me against my wall then put his hands up my back. Thats when we both heard two sets of footsteps. I pulled away and he said "I hope we can continue that later" I smiled and said "We most deffinatly will". thats when my mom and Patti walked in and my mom said 'and this is Maryannes room". Pattie replyed with :Its so nice, you have a lovely home"

Me and Justin walked downstairs. As we were walking he said "whats your number" As he held up his phone. I took it and added myself as a contact. I put my name as 'That girl next door'. "What did you put it as" Jusitn asked. "Youll see it and know its me dont worry". Just then Patti came down with my mom and said "Justin we gotta go" Before they left Patti and my mom were talking about their plans for tomorrow. I guess their going out.


Chapter 4. The start of something more

30 minutes later i got a text from an un known number saying.. Hey girl next door. I imediatly knew it was Justin so I added him in my phone. I texted back saying.. Hey cutie. We texted for a good two hours when i decided to go to bed. He texted me saying .. Goodnight Beaut <3. I said goodnight and shut down my phone i couldnt believe it. Justin Bieber kissed me and is texting me. A dream come true.

In the morning i found a note that said my mom and Patie were out for the day. I turned on my phone and was suprised to see Justins name to pop up. It was a text saying.. text me when you wake up i want to hang out at my place. I texted him saying i would be there in 30 minutes.

30 minutes later I rang the door bell and Justin opend it. Instead of saying hello he greeted me with a kiss. "Morning babe" He said. "Oh im your babe know" I said to him and winked. "Well yes you are your mine". I was blushing and he picked me up and put me over his sholder. Laughing i said "What are you doing Justin" He ran up the stairs and opened his bedroom door and placed me on his bed. He got ontop of me and kissed me. H e was such a good kisser. He put his hands up my shirt. He started kissing me neck. He got up and said "Let me close the door" I didnt answer I just layed there.



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