The Lost Song ( A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

All of her life Jessica had been living in a beach house in Malibu, California. One day, she was sitting on the beach writing a song when some of her songs got blown away by the wind. One that was very important to her. It was called 'Moments'. It was about her sister who got killed in a car crash and her boyfriend who then committed suicide because he loved her so much. The next day she posted signs everywhere saying "Lost Song" reward $1,000 if found return to 189 Malibu Beach. The next day she gets a call from an unknown number who happens to be Zayn Malik from One Direction. What will happen when they meet? Will she get her song back?


2. Moments

Jessica's POV: I sat on the beach and wrote a new song about my sister and her boyfriend. It was called 'Moments'. I shed a few tears writing it because it brought back too many painful memories. A strong breeze came through and blew away all of my songs. "No!" i screamed. I ran after them but they were too high in the air and i couldn't catch them. "No" i whispered with tears in my eyes. I ran back to my house and burst through the doors runnning up to my room. "Jessica?" yelled my mom. I ignored her and slammed my bedroom door. All of my songs, gone. I was mostly saddened my losing 'Moments'. I had to get my song back. I made posters that read " LOST SONG! Reward $1,000. If found return to 189 Malibu Beach or call 1-234-3490." I hung them all over the beach and the pier.I know $1,000 was a lot but that song was important to me and I had to get it back. Now I wait. The chances are very slim but maybe someone will find my song.


Zayn's POV: I was walking along the beach when i stepped on something. It was a piece of paper and i picked it up because I didn't want it getting washed up in the ocean. I turned over the paper and it seemed to be a song. It was called 'Moments' and it was actually really good. It read ~ Shut the door turn the light off i wanna be with you i wanna feel your love~ I wonder who's this could be? As i was walking towards the pier i saw a sign that said "LOST SONG! Reward $1,000. If found return to 189 Malibu Beach or call 1-234-3490" That's odd, but what are the chances I actullay found the song. I decided I might as well give it a try so I dialed the number. It rang a few times and someone picked up. 'Hello?" they said. "Um yeah, I found a song on the beach. It's called 'Moments'?" the girl gasped "Yes! Thank you so much, I didn't think anyone would actually find it" she said "Why did you need it back so badly if you mind me asking?"  "Meet me at the pier and i'll explain everything" Well I was already here so I guess I just wait.

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