The Lost Song ( A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

All of her life Jessica had been living in a beach house in Malibu, California. One day, she was sitting on the beach writing a song when some of her songs got blown away by the wind. One that was very important to her. It was called 'Moments'. It was about her sister who got killed in a car crash and her boyfriend who then committed suicide because he loved her so much. The next day she posted signs everywhere saying "Lost Song" reward $1,000 if found return to 189 Malibu Beach. The next day she gets a call from an unknown number who happens to be Zayn Malik from One Direction. What will happen when they meet? Will she get her song back?


3. Falling for You Already

Jessica's POV: I can't believe someone actually found the song! I'm on my way to meet the guy that found it at the pier. I definitely have to thank him! I got to the pier and started looking for anyone that could be him "Hello?" Someone said . I turned around and there was a boy standing there holding a piece of paper. "Hey are you the guy that found my song?" He nodded "It's really good by the way" "Thanks"

"So why did you need it back so badly" I took a deep breath and started explaining. " We'll, my sister Liz got killed in a car accident by a drunk driver and her boyfriend Keaton committed suicide because he loved her so much" By then tears were streaming down my face. It happened every time I talked about it. He pulled me in for a hug "Shhh, it's ok" I got a weird feeling when he touched me. It was like a weird feeling in my stomach. Did I like him? I have to admit he was kind of cute and he was really sweet. The whole time I was talking he just stared at me and listened. Not to mention his eyes are gorgeous! Also, he's British! I know I just met him, but I think I'm falling for him.

Zayn's POV: I was waiting at the pier for the girl. I finally saw someone searching for something or someone so I approached them. "Hello?" I said "Hey, are you the guy that four my song?" She asked. I nodded "It's really good by the way." "Thanks" she replied "So why did you need it back so badly?" I asked. As she was explaining she started crying. She's been through a lot. I pulled her in for a hug "Shhh, it's ok" I said comforting her. As she was telling her story I was staring into her eyes as I was listening. Her eyes were a beautiful dark blue. You could get lost in them if you stared for too long. I hated seeing her cry, she was too sweet and beautiful. I felt like we had known each other forever just by her talking to me.
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