The Life I Had

Annabelle Reese is your average fifteen year old, she loves to party and isn't afraid to tell people how it is.

One night, when she;s out with some friends at the local Carnival, something tragic happens,

Annabelle is Murdered.

The catch?

She still wakes up the next morning, believing what happened the previous night was just a dream.

But when things begin happening the exact way that they did the day before, she figures out that it wasn't a dream. It was all reality.

She believes that she's in something called a 'Time Warp'.

But that's not whats happening to her at all.


4. -Day Three-


-Day Three-

-Annabelle Reese-



I awoke with a pounding in my head. I opened my eyes, looking around the room, a familiar coldness settled within me. It happened again. If I could put a reason to it, I would. I grabbed my laptop from under my bed, opening the page to google. I mean, google knows everything, right?

"Is it possible to re-live the day you died?"

I hit the enter button. I tapped my fingers on my leg impatiently, waiting for the page to load. The screen flashed brightly in my eyes, I blinked furiously for some seconds before my eyes adjusted to the screen.

I scrolled down a bit, my eyes coming to one particular site,

"Time Warps: The Truth"



I hovered my mouse over it a couple of seconds beforefinally clicking on it. Just then, My door burst open, and my lttle sister came running in,

"Hey Leah." I said, sitting my laptop aside, pulling her into a tight hug.

"Hey Belle!" She cheered, only my sister could be this awake at six in the morning.

"Mom wanted me to get you up." She said, hopping off my bed, going over to my doorway.

"Well, I'm up, tell mom I'm taking a shower." replied, shutting the door before she had the chance to say anything else.

I grabbed my laptop, reading down the page. (The blog is going to be in bold!)

"What is a 'Time Warp' some of you may ask. Well, while people don't really have answers, I have a theroy. Anyone up for hearing it? I'm telling you guys anyways.

My Theory is that once you die, you get stuck into a Time Warp, you know, re-living the day you died over and over again for eternity? It seems llogical, I know, but Its just a theory!"

It wasn't a very long blog, but it did give me some Idea. I made a mental note to go to the local library to see what I could find about ths 'Time Warp' Thing. I believed it, somewhat.

I sat my laptop aside, running my fingers through my hair, I was going to skip school today, I hadn't seen a reason to go.

I closed my eyes, driftng off to sleep again.

I awoke with a startled gasp, felt like I was beng pulled down into the darkness,I feared that if I didn't wake up when I did, then I probably wouldn't.

I got up from my bed, and went over to my closet, picking out something to wear.

I settled on some red polka dotted skinny jeans paired with a black sweater. and a black scarf.

I pulled those on, pullng my hair back into a messy bun.

I grabbed my phone off the table, making my way down the stairs.

I locked the door behing me, puttng my ear buds into my ears, getting lost in the world of music.

I wasn't looking to where I was going and ran smack into someone.

"I'm so sorry," I apologzed, looking up. I came face to face with an older looking man, he had grey eyes, and was wearing a black hoodie, covering up his hair.

He just smiled at me, before saying

"It's okay, child."

I thought that was a bit weird, I looked down at the ground, and looked up agin. The man was gone.

I found that a bit strange, too.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued walking.

I came to the bookstore, walking in.

The smell of dust and old books filled my nose, I schrunched it up, sneezing at the dust that filled my lungs.

"Hello Miss, what can I help you with today?" An elderly woman came up behind me, I whipped my head around, looking dead into her sea green eyes.

"Do you have any books on somethng called a tme warp?" I asked, feeling stupid as soon as the words left my mouth.

"We do. What do you need it for?"

"A-A research paper at school." I stammered, I was never good at telling fibs.

"Okay then dear, here's a few books.." The woman trailed, leading me over to a huge bookcase.

I thanked her and began searching.

I found a few good ones, I walked over to the check out, and laid the books on the counter. I only had three.

"That'll be $22.50, Ma'am." I pulled out my wallet and paid her the money. I grabbed the bag of books, walking out the door.

It was cloudy out, it was probably going to rain.

I loved the rain, when I was little I'd go out and dance in it, even though I would always get sick after.

A smile appeared on my face, those were the days I'd never get back, becuase now I'm as good as dead.

Well, techinally, I'm already supposed to be dead.

I chuckled to myself, walking along the sidewalk.

Thankfully, I made it inside of my house before it began to rain.

I set the books down on the nearest able, I kicked off my shoes, proping them up on a pllow.

I opened up the first book, cringing at the pictures that were in it. It was scary.

I closed it quickly, getting this scared feeling settling in at the pit of my stomach.

I left my seat from the couch, going into the kitchen. I splattered cold water onto my face, trying to calm myself down.

I slid down onto the floor, the room suddenly spinning wildly around me. I pulled my self up from the floor, typing in something on my phone. I wasnt quite sure of what I should say, but I knew I had to text Aiden.


I got a reply a few seconds later, he told me he was coming over right away.

I checked my face in the mirror, to make sure it didn't look too bad. I heard a knock on the door, I jogged over to answer it.

"Hey Is everything okay?" Aiden asked, pulling me into a bone crushing hug. I pulled away from him slightly, shaking my head.

"Want to talk about it?" He asked, running a hand through my hair, pushing it behind my ear.

"Yeah, I'd like too, but just anywhere but here."

"Okay." He said, pullng me along with him.

We arrived at the Local coffee shop, somethng that wasnt starbucks. At this moment, t was something I was completly and totally fine with. I just needed to tell someone.

Even though, they're likley to thnk i'm crazy.

"Okay, so what was it that you had to tell me?" Aiden asked. This coffee shop was crowded. And when I say crowded, I mean it was overflowed with people. Aiden and I had barley found a place to sit.

"I can't say right now. It's wayy to crowded." I said as I licked my lips.

"Well hurry up and get done! You're worrying me over here." Aiden replied getting up the throw his things in the trash.

I scarfed down the rest of my chocolate covered pretzels and walked outside with Aiden.

I looked over at him as we walked down the sidewalk.

" I think you can tell me now." He chuckled, dropping his phone into the cement.

I heard him curse as I was walking on.

I was about to cross the street before I heard...

" REESE! WATCH OUT!" I only had time to look back at Aiden before I was hit.

I couldn't tell you what hit me, but I sure can tell you how much it hurt.


How much it hurts to know that I will never be normal again.

How much it hurts to know that i'll be living the day I died over and over again for eternity.

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