The Life I Had

Annabelle Reese is your average fifteen year old, she loves to party and isn't afraid to tell people how it is.

One night, when she;s out with some friends at the local Carnival, something tragic happens,

Annabelle is Murdered.

The catch?

She still wakes up the next morning, believing what happened the previous night was just a dream.

But when things begin happening the exact way that they did the day before, she figures out that it wasn't a dream. It was all reality.

She believes that she's in something called a 'Time Warp'.

But that's not whats happening to her at all.


2. -Day One-


-Day One-

                                                                         -Annabelle Reese-

I threw my pillow over my head, trying to tune out the sound of my little sister.

"Come on, Belle! You have to get up or you're going to be late for school!" She whined. Wait, why does that sound so familiar? 

"Didn't we go over this yesterday?" I groaned, annoyed, that she'd do this two days in a row!

"No, I didn't come in here yesterday morning, it was Sunday!" She argued, crossing her arms over her chest. 

 "No it wasn't! Yesterday was monday!" I said back, I'm pretty sure yesterday was monday. Then... oh. Wait.. The memories came rushing back to me, the carnival, my friends getting lost.. the knife.


I don't get it, I should be dead, but yet, why am I still here? 

I closed my eyes.

"Okay, I'm up, you can go now," I whispered to my little sister. I ran my fingers through my messy blond hair.

What am I supposed to do? 

I watched Leah hop off the bed, I got up. Going over to my mirror. I checked the date on the calendar


December 17th, 2012

I shook my head violently,  that was yesterday's date. This should not be happening, i'm supposed to be dead. I mean, once you die, you're supposed to die, right? 

It didn't make any sense what-so-ever. I groaned loudly, stomping away to my bathroom. The warm water soothed me just a little bit, but not enough to take my mind off things.

I stepped out of the shower feeling somewhat refreshed, I grabbed the towel off the rack, drying sections of my hair with it.  I grabbed the flat iron from under the cabinet, plugging it in. I applied eyeliner to my lower lid, deciding that I would leave it at that for today.

I left the bathroom, going to pick out my sweatshirt and sweat pants. I slightly smiled to myself when I didn't see the huge coffee stain on it. 

I fixed my hair, grabbing my bag from the table. 

I went down to the empty kitchen. Wait, does this mean that I won't get to see my parents again? I sighed at the thought, I guess today I'd better come home beofre I go out with Aiden and Rosa. 

I heard a horn blazing outside.

"Get your lazy tale out here!" I heard Rosa yell, I laughe silently to myself, walking out the door and hoping in the car with her and Aiden. 

"Geez, I'll be so ready when I turn sixteen!" I said, as I did before, oh boy, if only I would have known. 

"Hey Reese!" I heard from the backseat, it felt good to hear Aiden's voice. I just turned around and smiled at him.

"What's got you in such a good mood?" Aiden asked, schrunching his eyebrows together, sipping on his coffee. That reminds me.. I turned around, grabing mine from the cupholder.

"Peppermint Chocolate Mocha? and I dunno, I just am, I guess." I laughed, asking Rosa, but I already knew the answer.

"You betcha!" Rosa laughed, taking off from my house. 

"Ouch! What was that for?" He said, rubbing his head.

Aiden yanked on my hair, I knew what was going to happen next, I set my Mocha down, turning around to whack him upside the head. 

Thankfully, I avoided spilling my coffee. just as I thought that, Rosa hit a speed bump, causing the coffee in my hands to go flying everywhere!

"Ugh! This was not supposed to happen!" I groaned, turning around to face Aiden.

"Can I borrrow your sweatshirt?" 

"Yeah, sure!" he said, digging into his school bag, tossing it to me.

"Thanks! I flustered, pulling my shirt over my head and putting his on. Thankfully, I remebered the incident that happened, and wore a tanktop today. 

"Hey! Belle, Watch where you throw your things!" Rosa schreeched. Oops, I guess I forgot about that one.

"Yeah, Reese!" Aiden retorted, I tunred around, yet again, scolding him again.

"Oh sush it, Sanders!" I said, laughing. Two can play at that game!


 Rosa skidded into the parking spot once again. scaring me half to death!

"Geez Rosa, learn how to drive!" Aiden yelled from the backseat. I really hope that Aiden doesn't try picking me up again! Too late, he already had picked me up and thrown me over his shoulder.

"Aiden! I swear, if you fart or drop me, you will not live to see another day!" I yelled, drawing attention from passing students.

He almost dropped me, I let out an ear piercing scream, causing everyone to turn toawrds Aiden and I.

"What? Carry on, theres nothing to see here!" I waved at them.

They mumbled amongst their friends.

"Oh thank you jesus!" I laughed once Aiden set me back down on the concrete. He just left me there, standing alone.

"Well, aren't you a good friend?" I yelled back to him. He just winked. I rolled my eyes.

"You know, I think he really likes you too." Rosa stood beside me, I was about to say that we've already went over this, but then I remembered.

"I don't even like him in that way." I protested.

"Oh really? I see the way you two look at each other, you must be blind!" She laughed, looping her arm through mine, walking to first period with me.

We both took our seats near the back, not really listening to the lesson why I heard my name being called. I mentally groaned.

"Ms. Garden, care to explain what I just did?" I froze up as susal, and like yesterday, he moved on to someone else.

"Thank you!" I said silently. I dug around for my bag, when I found it, I pulled it up, wondering if the candy was still in there. it was! I laughed out loud, grabbing a kit-kat out and ate ie.

"Hey! Give me one!" Rosa said, hitting my arm.

"Do you want that or M&M's?" I asked.

"The kit-kat!" She cheered happily. I pulled one out and gave it to her. 

"Thanks!" She said, taking a huge bite out of it. The bell rang, telling us to go to our next period. Rosa was still sitting in her desk, nibbling at er kit-kat.

"Hey, Rose? Aren't you coming?" I laghed, gesturing to the clock. 

"Oh Yeah! You know, I didn't even know it rang!" She said, hopping up, her papers flying everywhere.

"Yeahh, well, I'm just going to leave you with that!" I snickered as I walked away.

"You'd better not!" I heard after me.

"Too late!" I yelled, laughing when I felt someone sling their arm over my shoulder.

"Ugh! I'm so going to get you!" Rosa said, obviously angered.

"Yeah, mhm, sure!" I laughed, going with Aiden to study hall. I'm probably just going to go to sleep, like always.

I sat in my usual seat, placing my head down in my desk.

"Psst, Psst!" I heard, I lifted my head up, looking behind me, Aiden was doing some crazy hand motion thing.

"What!?" I said, confused.

"You. Me. Lets. Ditch." He mouthed. I was completely up for it. I mean, You only live once right? Ha, that sayings so over rated. In my case, apparently, you wake up after dying. I guess, afterall, It all could have been a dream.

"Sure!" I cheered. I got up from my seat, grabbing my bag, but only then did I realize that I can't drive.

When we were out in the halls, I turned to him.

"Er, Aiden, you know I can't drive, right?" 

"Yeah, I know you can't, Why do you think I am?" He laughed, winking at me. I just rolled my eyes, and walked out to Rosa's car.

"Are you sure Rosa's fine with you using her car?" I arched my eyebrow.

"I assume so, she said I coud." He shurgged.

"So you're saying that Rosa said you, of all people,could drive her most prized possesion?" I laughed. He turned to me, looking serious.

"Yes, she did!" 

"Okay, well, whatever. Where are we going?" 

"Anywhere you want to go." He smiled over at me.

"Keep your eyes on the road, dummy! and I want to go to my house, and change, you know." I laughed, If we were going to g somewhere, I didnt want to go in baggy sweatpants.

"Awh, but, you're so pretty! and okay!" He laughed, I slightly punched his arm.


We pulled up to my house, I quickly got out, running inside. My parents werent home just yet. I made a mental note to come home again later to see them.


"Wow, that was fast for a girl!" Aiden said, eyeing me.

"Well, All I did was change my clothes." 

"I can see that." I had on a deep red sweater and ripped skinny jeans, it was one of my favorite outifts. 

"Ha, now onwards!" I laughed, poiting forward.

"And where would we be going exactly?" Aiden asked.

"I dunno! You were the one who wanted me to skip!" 

"Lets go to starbucks." He suggested, I obliged pretty quickly at that. Starbucks was one of my favorite places. 

"Yay! I love starbucks!" I exclaimed, biting my nails. Old habts die hard, I guess. 

"Stop doing that, you know how much that annoys me" AIden said, covering his ears.

"Oh sush it, It's a bad habit!"

"And keep your hands on the steering wheel!"

"Yeah, Yeah, whatever mom!" He laughed, taking his hands off, I thought I was going to die..again. 

"Don't play like that! Now I know not to ever ride with you again."

We pulled up into starbucks, I shivered as the cold air hit me.

"Here wear this." Aiden handed me his blue jacket, I wrapped it tightly around me waist.

"What do you want to get?" He asked me.

"The usual, duh!" I laughed.

"And what would that be?" He said, playing stupid.

"Don't be dumb, Aiden!" I scolded, going to find a table

"Here you go, My lady!" I snickered at that, taking a sip at my Peppermint Chocolate Mocha.

"Ooh, Yummy! What did you get?" I asked, schorching my tounge on the hot substance. I bit down on my tounge, scrunching my face up.

"The same as you." He replied. 

"Cool!" I laughed, tossing my hair over my shoulder, careful not to spill coffee on it. 

 "Do you want to go down to the lake with me and Rosa tonight?"

"Rosa and I." I corrected, " But yes, I'd love to come!" I mean, its not like I'd die again, right?

"Okay, I was worried for a second there." He laughed, throwing his Mocha in the garbage.

"You drank that fast!" 

"I know."


"Hurry up, we have to get back to school!" He ushered.

"Uh, You have to get back to shool, I'm going home." I chuckled, finishing my Mocha.

He drove me home, and thankfully my parents were there. I breathed out a sigh of relief, running up to the door.

"Mommy! Daddy!" I called out, just like a little kid. Hey, what can I say? I, I think I did, and this might very well be the last time I get to see my parents. 


I feel a frown come upon my face once I don't see them anywhere, oh well. I guess I won't get to see them afterall. 

I sighed loudly to myself, deciding that i'd go upstairs to take a shower.

I got out, pulling my hair up into a messy bun. My phone began to ring.


"Hey! It's Aiden, I'm on my way to come pick you up."

"Okay." I said and hung up the phone. I kepy my jeans on, thorwing on an old black hoodie.

I slipped my phone into my pocket, going down the stairs to wait on Aiden I heard a horn blow furiously outside. I peeked out the window. 

I walked out of the door, the cool air hitting my head, making me shiver.

Mental note: Don't EVER go outside during the mid-winter with your  hair wet. 

"You cold?" Aiden stated the obvious.

"Yes, captain obvious. We'd better be building a fire!"

"We are!"

"Okay!" I cheered, I didn't want to be freezing all night.  The sun was begining to set, It looked beautiful out there.

We pulled up to a long dirt road, parking over to the side.

"C'mon guys, we have a lot of walking to do!" Aiden clapped his hands together, Rosa and I groaned.

"Its not that bad! I'll carry you if I have to" Aiden laughd, holding his arms out. I ran over to him, jumping into his arms. He spun me around

"Okay!" I cheered, as he put me down. Rosa was laughing behind me. I turned around to look at her, she winked, and I blushed. 

We walked for what seemed like an eternity, before we finally came towards a lake. A smile crept onto my face when I saw that Aiden had started a fire. 

"Thank You Sweet Jesus!" I laughed, standing directly infront of the fire. 

"Who wants to play truth or dare!?" Rosa practically screamed. I was always up for a game of truth or dare.

"I do, I do!" I raised my hand, but quickly stuck them back inside of my pockets.

"Okay then. AIDEN! GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE, WE'RE PLAYING TURH OR DARE!" Rosa screamed out to her brother. I saw Aiden jump out of the corner of my eye, I began to laugh.

He walked over to us, giving me a confused look.

"You jumped!" I said in between giggles.

"Since you're laughing at it, you can go first! Truth or Dare?" Aiden suggested, I didn't really care.

"Dare." I smirked.

"Go jump into the lake, shirtless." I shurgged, taking off my swaetshirt. I had on a tank top, so it wasn't that bad. I ran, and jumped into the rigid cold water of the lake.

I screamed, the water was just too cold. I began swimming to the surface, but something was holding me down, I opened my eyes, trying to see in the murky, blurry water. I looked down, seeing my foot was caught up in a branch. I began screaming once more, only to et a mouthfull of lake water. I could feel my lungs begin to give out. 


No. I coldn't die this way, I'm already suposed to be dead.

I heard my name being called from above me, but I couldnt respond. 

My lungs were burning for air as they were being flled with water.

Dark spots began floating around me, I was slipping out of consciouness. 

I gave out one last strugled breath before everything turned pitch black, and I knew that It had happeed again. 


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