The Life I Had

Annabelle Reese is your average fifteen year old, she loves to party and isn't afraid to tell people how it is.

One night, when she;s out with some friends at the local Carnival, something tragic happens,

Annabelle is Murdered.

The catch?

She still wakes up the next morning, believing what happened the previous night was just a dream.

But when things begin happening the exact way that they did the day before, she figures out that it wasn't a dream. It was all reality.

She believes that she's in something called a 'Time Warp'.

But that's not whats happening to her at all.


5. -Day Four-


-Annabelle Reese-

I feel like i'm falling for eternity, I don't know whats going on.


Within an instant, I'm back in my own bed, the darkness twirling around me.

I open one eye, wearily looking around the room.

No surprise it still looked exactly like it had four days ago.

I mumbled something under my breath, kicking at the floor.

Around that time Leah came running through my door.

Without a word I went over to my bathroom, cutting on the shower.

I let the warm water sooth my body. I needed it after all of the stress ive been through.

I got out with a loud huff, annoyed at the fact nothing seemed to be right.

I wrapped a towel around my hair, and around my body, going out into my room.

I pulled some clothes on, hearing a horn blow outside. i guess i should go to school today, considering i dont have anything else to do but sit around and worry about when im goin to die again.

I grabbed my bag from the table, going into the kitchen. i saw something out of the corner of my eye, it was proped up against the door.

I felt my eyes burrow in confusion, i picked up the yellow envelope, reading the front. There was no return address.. thats strange. i shurgged it off, putting it down into my bag.


"Hey Rosa, Aiden." I greeted, I remember 'yesterday' when I almost told Aiden twhat was going on, then I got hit by a car. How ironic is that? Pretty ironic if you ask me. These things are only supposed to happen in movies.

My life is so cliched.


"Hey babes." Rosa greeted, moving some books from the passanger seat.

"My Mocha?" I questioned, I needed it to wake me up.

" Back there." She pointed to the back to where Aiden was. I mentally groaned. I just knew Aiden, was going to "accidently" spill it somehow. My predictions were right, he did mangae to spill about half of it onto the back floorboard.

"Aiden! Seriously? You already owe me a bunch of things and now this." I scolded, taking the rest from him.

I rummaged through my bag, seeing if i could find a napkin of some sort. When rosa slammed on the brakes. 

I looked up from my bag alarmed.

"Why did you do that?" I asked,thanksful my coffee was sitting in the cupholder.


"There was a dog in the road,I wasn't just going to hit it." She answered, slowly pulling off. 

"If it were anything else, you would've went on." I laughed. 

"I know." She pondered, her eyes concentrating on the road.

"Why are you concentrating so hard?" I had to laugh.

"Just incase I don't see anymore dogs!" 

 "Okay." I said, continuing to laugh at her. 

I got out of Rosa's car, grabbing my bag, throwing it over my shoulder.


"Hey, Reese are you coming?" Aiden asked, jogging over to me, I knew what he was going to do, so I ran for it.

I made it to the front doors of the corridor, Aiden right on my tale, panting.

"Reese..How..In...The..." I cut him off, petting his head.

"You know, you should really run a bit more and you wouldnt be so tired." I laughed, moving along to first block. 

Oh how I hated to deal with numbers first thing in the morning. 

I grabbed my seat in the back, waiting for Rosa's lazy bum to get in here. 

I was scrambling through my bag for a pencil when something caught my eye. It was the letter from eariler. Honestly, I had forgotten all about it.

Looking about the class, I saw everyone had their attetnion on the teacher, I wasn't paying attetnion at all, considering i've had the same lesson for about 2 days.

I pulled it out gently. making sure not to make any noise. 

I opened it up, unfolding the fancy purple silk paper. I began reading.

Dear Miss Annabelle Garden,

      I am here to say I know who you are and I can explain whats going on with you.

You have seen me once before, but you wouldn't have known. I can help you get out of this, but only if you're willing. Meet me at the Pier, this a.m., at Nine O'Clock sharp, No later.

Goodbye my child.

-Sincerely The Unknowns.



I furrowed my eyes in confusion. I averted my gaze over to the clck, it was Eight-Thirty.

I had atleast 30 minutes to get to the pier, and it would take me that long to get there by foot. 

I pulled out my phone sending Rosa a quick text stating that I was going to borrow her car. As usual, she agreed.

The teacher was studying something on his desk,  paying nada attention to his class.

I threw a quick glance back at Rosa, she was giving me a thumbs up.

I walked right out of the classroom and school building without any comlications. 

I grabbed Rosa's car keys from my bag, I usually kept them, considering Rosa always looses anything and everything. 

I unlocked the door, sliding in.  I quickly glanced at the clock, Eight Thirty-Five. 

Crap, I had to get going.

I cranked up the car, speeding away.  My driving was pretty smooth for the most part, which was good.

I made it to the Pier, seeing the strangley familliar man sitting at a nearby table.

It seemed like a very private place, the tree almost coveres up the table. 

I pulled my jacket down, smoothing ouot my hair from my face.

I began walking towards the him, my eyes set on the tree.

"Hello, Annabelle. Have a seat." The man gestured, I sat infront of him. 

"Well first and foremost,let me introduce myself, I and Roger Whitekin, Your assigned Unknown." He held out his hand, his green eyes wandering up to mine.

"Excuse me, My assigned 'Unknwn'" I asked, confused.

"Yes, I am an Unknown. Its what they call us over in the Abyss."

"Abyss? Whats that?" 

"You must not know at this moment, but in time, you will find out." He stated simply.

"What are The Unknons anyways? How do I get out of this mess?" 

"We are a type of Guardian Angle, Only not the "Real Ones.'" 

"That doesn't tell me anything, I want to get out of this, I want to be able to live again." 

"In order to get out, You have to follow your fate, follow your heart. You must find inner peace with your soul, and before you can do that, something big will happen, something that will throw you off course, It will be something that you have to find." 

"And what do you mean by that?"

"I cannot tell you, only you will know. Only your inner peace will help you out. But you must find that within yourself before you actually begin your journey."

"Is that all you can tell me?" I asked, my brain trying to register what he was telling me. 

He waved his hand, a small black bag apperaing infront of me.

'This will help you, My child."

"When will I know to open it?"

"You will find the right time, but now I must go." 

'Why?" I asked, having so many more questions.

"And you, Annabelle, must go back too."

"What?" I asked again, but he was already gone.

The skies became a gruesome black color, my heart pounded in my chest.

Before I knew it, It was pitch black dark and I was falling. Falling into what seemed like forever.

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