The Life I Had

Annabelle Reese is your average fifteen year old, she loves to party and isn't afraid to tell people how it is.

One night, when she;s out with some friends at the local Carnival, something tragic happens,

Annabelle is Murdered.

The catch?

She still wakes up the next morning, believing what happened the previous night was just a dream.

But when things begin happening the exact way that they did the day before, she figures out that it wasn't a dream. It was all reality.

She believes that she's in something called a 'Time Warp'.

But that's not whats happening to her at all.


6. -Day Five-


-Annabelle Reese-


The warm frigid sun shone down on my face. I opened my eyes regretfully, not wanting the day to begin.

The evnts of yesterday came fluttering back insde of my mind. The man... The Abyss... and lastly, How I should be able to get out.

I reached down beside my bed, seeing if the bag was still there. I silently thanked God that it was.

My eyes traveled ver to my dresser, I reached over to get my phone. I looked at the date. 

Decmeber 17th, 2012.


Of course, the date still hadn't changed. 

I sighed dramatically, running a hand through my messy blond hair. 

I knew that basis of how  I can get out, I just had to wait, but how long? 

A strange feeling settled within me. 

Out if the corner of my eye, I saw a note appear on my dresser, 

 I silently gasped, how in the heck did that get right there? 

 I was reluctnant to grab it, but I did anyways. 


"The Time Is Now." 

Was all it read. I furrowed my brows in confusion, how could this be?

"What?" I said aloud, maybe Roger could hear me.

"This doesn't explain anything."

"I-I mean, I don't feel like its time,  Should I really go ahead and open it?" I pondered outloud. 

My window was open, and suddenly a gust of wind blew in. I shivered. Was that a sign? 

I reahed slowly down for the bag, my hands shaking wearily. 

"This is it." I thought, before undoing the clasp that held the bag together. 

I closed my eyes, not really wanting to look.

I rambled through the bag, thinking I would find something very important. 

But to no such luck, I found nothing too important.

A Compass, A Map, Batteries and A Flashlight. 

That was it. I gaped, looking deeper into the bag, finding nothing but a simple piece of paer that stated 

"14 days." and nothing more.

What was I supposed to do with this? How could a map help me? All of these questions were running around in my head. 

I heard knocking, it brought me from my thoughts. 

I pushed the bag onto my bed, leapnig down the stairs to see who was at the door. 

I opened the door hastily, seeing it was Aiden.

Why of all times would he be coming now?

"Oh, Hey, Aiden." I smiled sightly.

'Hey Reese! Why arent you at school?" He asked.

"I could ask you the same thing." I retorted, really wishing he would go away.

"Why so serious?" He chuckled, I punched my bestfriend on the arm. He winced slightly. 

"Ouch, what in the hell was that for?" he said, rubbing his arm.

"Oh stop being a big baby, I know it didn't hurt. now if you will excuse me, I have some unfinished business to take care of." I smiled sweetly before closing the door on him. 

"Oh, well... Alright." I heard him trail off, but I didnt hear his footsteps leaving.

"Aiden, you know you can leave right?" I laughed. 

"Yeah, I know, but I choose not to." He said, I was gettng a bit tired of this, but yet, I couldn't exactly explain why. 

 I made my way back up the stairs, wondering what I should do about my situaton. 

I blew my hair from my face, this was definately going to be a difficult journey. 

I heard a distant 'Thump!'  in the back ground. I whipped my head back, coming face to face with Roger. 

A feeling of relief washed over me, I began to wave my arms around frantically.

"Roger! Thank God! I really need your help, Aiden won't go away and I--" He cut me off but putting his finger up. 

"Say no more, Child, I can get you started, and by the way, here's somthing for your little journey." He smiled lightly, handing over a small pocket watch.

"What's this for?" I asked, taking the pocket watch into my hands, and shoving it gently into my pocket. 

 "For time. It helps, trust me. It tells you what time it is where you are going and once it strikes 12, your day will end and it will restart, so use your time wisley Ms. Garden, I know this is a difficult task, but you do want to continue on living don't you?" 

I just nodded, not knowing what to say.

"I will give you your first destination. Venice, Italy." 

"How am I supposed to get there in a matter of," I quickly glanced over at the clock." 12 hours?" I exclaimed, he looked at me with a look of knowing.

"I will help of course, thats why i'm your assigned 'Unknown'." 

"Cool!" I beamed, but how was he going to help me?

"But, how are you going to help me?" I asked, amusement in my eyes.

"I am going to help you get there, of course."

"But when?"

"You ask too many questions, child.  But you wll know. You only have 12 hours left so chop, chop, if you want to get there before you die again." 

"Okay." I smiled warmly. 


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