The Set Up (One Direction)

What kind of a school sets you up with someone? I mean honestly who does that! Well, one school apparently does, they think its better for the future. Everyone knows about the "Set Up" dance, anyone whos anyone knows about it. Every year all of the years take a 100 question questionnaire about themselves. The school pairs up people and they are forced to go to the biggest dance of the year. It can be anyone from any grade. Unfortunately for Morgan Greene, she has to struggle and deal with the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend for two years and having to be paired up with someone she hasn't met. Friends will test each other on different levels than ever expected.


15. The Storm is Coming

Chapter 15: The Storm is Coming

          I rush through my garage door, my bag falling off my shoulder as I run towards my car.

          "Shoot," I scream as my iPhone clatters to the garage floor. I bend down to grab my phone and slowly bring it to face me. I squeeze my eyes shut afraid at what I will see.

          "God damn it." I look at the single crack through the screen. At least it's only one crack. My two year record of my perfect iPhone screen is now shattered.

          I toss my books into the passenger seat, and start my car. I pull out to the street and drive to school.

           Anxiety from school started to take over and I started picking at the leather layer on the stirring wheel.

          God, I am so tired. I stayed up all night doing my stupid homework. I was texting Liam for a bit about the homework we had in Calculus. But after that it was all homework. Being in higher classes is starting to take a toll on me, emotionally.

          I do my normal routine and pull into my parking spot. I go to my locker, put my books, which I don't need, away and start walking to class. I see Liam and we cross paths.

          "Hey Stud," Liam throws his arm around my shoulder and we divert our course towards our class.

          "Hola, comó estas."

          "Um, I barely know English, so I definitely don't know Spanish."

          "You're supposed to take two years of a foreign language."

          "Supposed to take it, doesn't mean you have to learn it." Liam and I walk into our class, taking our seat. I pull out my binder and pencil placing it on my desk.

          "Class time to learn, not chat." Mr. Frey spoke starting the lesson. At the time, I was already not paying attention.

          I don't even know what he taught us. I practically drew things in my notebook the whole class period. I couldn't have been more excited to get out of that class. I mean Liam was the only fun part about it. But when you can't talk, there's no point in wanting to be in the class.

          I hustle out of the class making my way towards my second period. I walk past a few acquaintances and some friends. I was also eyed from across the hall by Louis' date to the dance. Why does she hate me so much? I don't even know her name. I start to walk over to her, and I have no idea why.

          "Hi, I don't think we've actually met. My name is Morgan." I shoot her a friendly smile, but she just glares at me.

          "Hi, I'm Claire?"

          "You and Louis are together, right?"

          "Yeah, about that... I know you and Louis are good friends," Claire pulls me away from the crowd of people surrounding us, "but I am his girlfriend now. I don't want you associating with him. Do you understand?"

          I stand in front of her completely baffled at what this girl just said to me.

          "Excuse me?" I cross my arms, and my eyebrows rise.

          "You heard me, and I expect you to comply. Thanks." She struts away and looks over her shouldering flashing a mischievous smirk.

          What just happened?


          The bell rings after my last class; I stand and wait outside for Maddie.

          Footsteps appear from behind making me to turn around. Maddie wraps her arms around me.

          "Morgan, I have been meaning to ask you," Maddie smirks and we start walking towards our cars, "Do you like Harry? Because I recall remembering you hated him."

          "I don't like him." I sternly say, grossed out at why she would think that.

          "You just seemed really happy before and after the dance, while you were with him."

          "Maddie, you know I don't like him, I told you what he did. I am not going to even think about forgiving him. Just drop it." I conclude her conversation and say goodbye. That conversation was a waste of precious oxygen.

          At the dance, I think the reason I seemed like I didn't completely hate him was because it was in the heat of the moment. I honestly have no feelings towards him. Yes, he is attractive, I will admit that. But, his personality isn't something I would want; he's too full of himself.

          I fall to my couch and turn the TV on.  I watch some of the shows I recorded, ones I haven't got to watch yet. My eyes start to become heavy and I start to dose off.

          I wake up to pounding rain drops falling onto my window. A flash of light occurs on the other side of the glass and a low rumbling sound causes my body to freeze. I curl up into a ball and hide under my blanket.

          "Mother of God, why do you do this to me?!" I scream and start tearing up to another rumble from the skies around my house.

          My phone starts to ring and I grab it from the coffee table.

          "Hello?" I speak softly.

          "Morgan?" Niall's voice speaks through the phone.

          I sniffle and calm my voice, wiping my tears away. "Hi Niall, what's the occasion?"

          "It's thundering and lightning outside."

          "No really? I never knew."

          "Are you okay?" He speaks.

          "Yeah I am fine." I cough and another flash shines through the sheet.

          "I'm coming over," I hear background noises, unable to make out what it exactly was.

          "No, it's fine. I'm fine." I stand up and run to my window shutting my blinds. I run back to the cover of the blanket and couch.

          "Morgan, it's your worst fear. I have witnessed what happens when you and storms are in the same vicinity. I am almost to your house. Be there soon." The line goes dead.

          I shake my head unable to process the fact the Niall remembered it was my worst fear, on the other hand, why would he want to come be with me. I have been such a jerk to him.

          Without even a minute passing he is already knocking at my door. I walk over and unlock the door and he rushes in, drenched.

          "Hi." He smiles and takes off his wet raincoat. He fixes his hair and hugs me.

          "Why would you do this?" I ask.

          "Just because we aren't on the best speaking terms doesn't mean I can't be there for my best friend." He places the bag he brought on the island and takes out the items. I cross my arms watching him do his thing.

          "Movies to pass the time, popcorn, ice cream and candy to watch the movie. What else... Oh, some board games and some packets of hot chocolate. It is going to be a long night. You have hot water right?" He runs his mouth without stopping until I break out into laughter.

          "What's so funny?" He looks at me with a confused look.

          "You just... I still can't process this." I grab one of the movies inspecting it. Niall grabs it from my hands, exchanging it by putting another into my hands.

          "C'mon. Let's just have fun like old times. By old times I mean, a few months ago. You have no idea how long I've been waiting to have an excuse to hang out with you again." Niall drags me by my arm over to the living room and puts the movie in.


          "Yes, Mo," He checks his phone, tapping on the screen.

          "Are you with that girl that was...," I trail off trying to find the right words, "that girl, the one at your house?"

          Niall turns and looks at me, "Yeah... She's a long lost friend of mind. We've had a thing for a while now."

          My heart starts hurting to his words.

          "How long is a while?" I force myself to say, wishing I wouldn't have.


          I play with my fingers. Another light flashes followed by thunder. Niall scoots himself to me and hugs me.

          "Actually, about 38 days after we first met."

          "You counted?" My words were shaky but I managed to say them.

          "How could I not, I met my best friend, one of the most important things in my life." I feel him smile into my shoulder. Tears start to fall harder, not from the storm but from the fact that my heart broke then healed from his words. I guess my heart was just being bipolar or something. It was annoying.

          "Niall, I have to tell you something." He pulls back, nervous.

          Damn it, Mo. Just tell him!

          After a little self-pressure, I find the balls to tell him. I take a deep breath and the words start spilling out of my mouth.

          I start to tell him about the fight me and Jason just recently had. He listened and was a good listener at that. He grabbed my hand at the right moments, hugged me when the time was right and told me about how much better I deserved than Jason.

          "No more talk about bad things, let make tonight about you and I. Two best friends catching up, and having a blast." Niall stands up to the kitchen returning with a bowl of popcorn.

          The whole night cleared my anxiety, aside from the part of the storm.

          I had no time to worry about anything, Niall wouldn't let me. It felt nice to have fun for once.

          "Wanna go bowling tomorrow with the boys and me?" Niall blurts out crossing his ankles in the middle of our board game.

          "Well I would love to, but Louis' girlfriend hates me and I can't talk to him." I move my game piece over two spaces and grab my card.

          "What do you mean?" Niall grabs the dice and rolls a four, "yes! Take that!" He smiles and moves his piece over four places, winning the game.

          "The girl gave me an ultimatum. She was like 'Louis is my boyfriend now and I expect you to stay away from him.' I was like, bitch did you really just say that? It pissed me off!" My anger starts to get the best of me and I throw my game piece across the room. I shoot Niall and apologetic look.

          "Yeah, I don't like her very much either." Niall stands up, offering his hand, he helps me up and we walk to the kitchen. I jump up to the cold touch of the tile flooring; I hop along to floor and lift myself up to the counter.

          "Why don't you like her?" I watch as Niall pours water into a pot and starts to boil it.

          "She's like; I don't know she's just rude. The others agree with me, she is too clingy. We try to tell him, but he's just whipped. I've never seen him like this."

          "Really?" I start to wonder what she has on him. They literally met a week ago.

          "I think it's because she's sweet to him, she's all he could ever imagine." My air conditioner turns on, making the air around us more frigid.

          "Does he not see his friends hate her?

          Niall sighs and pours the chocolate powder into the hot cups of water, stirring the chocolate with the water very slowly, "She's done things in her past. She isn't good for him. She cheats on all of her boyfriends. He's so faithful and she's a slut."

          "So, she gets all pissed off at girls that talk to him so he doesn't but then she goes off and cheats on him, makes sense."

          I have met girls like that before. They aren't fun, but once the boyfriends tell you and the slut have to be friends she acts so fake, it's quite comical. Oh my God, Louis can't do this. He is way to caring and loving for someone like that. He will be crushed, without thinking I say, "We need to break them up."

          Niall turns his head towards with a defeated look, "Morgan we have tried. There is no way he will break up with her."

          The mischievous part of my brain starts talking for me, "Then we make him want to break up with her. We make him notice how bad she is."

          The edges of Niall's mouth curls up, he starts to laugh. "I knew I liked you for some reason."


          "And that's another strike for the Payne." Liam says strutting back, after his third strike in a row.

          "Jesus Liam, there won't be any more strikes to give out if you don't stop. If Louis were here he would be locking you in the bathroom, just so he could win." Harry playfully shoves him and Liam shoves back.

          "What can I say, I'm competitive. And I would've beaten him up if he came."

          "Morgan, you're up." Niall nudges me.

          "Alright, I will just follow that up." I grab my eight pound ball and toss it down the lane.

          I turn away after I roll, it not caring about my results. I watch the reactions of the boys; they eye my ball rolling down the lane. They all jump up in excitement. I turn to see all the pins knocked down.

          "I guess you followed it up." Liam walks over and high fives me.

          "I've never met a girl that is so into sports before, I like it." Zayn says.

          "My whole family is into sports. That's how we bonded." I shrug not impressed by the strike. But I am happy by the reaction I got from the boys.

          "Harry's up, this is going to be good." Niall says.

          "Shut up." He snaps back and does his thing. Gutter ball. Again.

          "Hey guys, umm-," everyone turns their attention towards me, "What do you think of Louis' new girlfriend?"

          It becomes silent and everyone starts exchanging looks.

          "I was just wondering how you guys felt," I add.

          "I don't approve. This is a ritual that we always do and his girlfriend ruined it." Harry spits out, the rest of the boys agree and murmur to one another.

          "Boys, I have an idea, we all are on the same page about her. We need to get him away from her. Morgan thought of an idea, she said we should make him notice how bad she is for him. "Niall speaks and the murmuring starts up again.

          "I don't know man that could be bad. I don't want to ruin our friendship." Liam shakes his head.

          "C’mon guys, he will thank us." Niall justifies, he starts to explain the options. The boys start to come through.

          "God, you should be a spokesperson, one that selling things." Liam shakes Niall's hand.

          "You mean a salesman?" Harry adds and Liam glares at him.

          "Let's do it." Zayn puts his hand on mine and Niall's shoulder.

          "Okay so here's the plan..." Niall begins to tell the plan of attack. This is going to be a crazy few weeks.

          This plan could go really wrong, what if we screw up and Louis hates us forever? Scenarios start to hit me hard in the face, and my nerves start to set in. I don't know if I can do this.

          My stomach starts to churn at the thought of these bad scenarios, this better work.

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