The Set Up (One Direction)

What kind of a school sets you up with someone? I mean honestly who does that! Well, one school apparently does, they think its better for the future. Everyone knows about the "Set Up" dance, anyone whos anyone knows about it. Every year all of the years take a 100 question questionnaire about themselves. The school pairs up people and they are forced to go to the biggest dance of the year. It can be anyone from any grade. Unfortunately for Morgan Greene, she has to struggle and deal with the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend for two years and having to be paired up with someone she hasn't met. Friends will test each other on different levels than ever expected.


3. The Set Up

Chapter 3: The Set Up
            “Morgan! I’m leaving! See you after school! Love you!” My mom yells from downstairs as she rattles her keys.
            “Bye! Love you too!” I yell applying my final touches to my makeup.
            The school uniforms aren’t that bad but they are still pretty bad. You have a choice between a red shirt, a white shirt, and a blue shirt. You could only wear their pants, shorts, or skirts that they provide you. Today, I curled my hair and parted it down the middle.
            The only reason why I am kind of excited is because I will know somebody. Niall Horan. He is really sweet and kind. But, I am definitely not looking forward to seeing Harry in two of my classes. Scary thing is, I don’t even know the kid and I am worried about him.
            I grab my stuff and go to my car. I make a quick stop at Starbuck and to the bank to get some money. I pull into the school and walk to my first class. As I walk to the door I get a text from Jason.
            “Have a good day at school! I miss you so much! School here won’t be the same without you!”
            I smile and reply:
            “Same to you! I will text you right after school!”
            I take a deep breath and slowly walk into the classroom.
            I am one of the first to walk into the class and I walk up to the teacher and introduce myself to him.
            "Hi, Mr. Frey. I'm Morgan. I'm a new student."
            "Oh! Hello! Welcome to my class! Let me just look at where you sit."
            He looks at his paper that has the seating chart and looks up searching for the desk.
            "You can sit in the front row, the seat all the way to the wall." He says pointing at a desk.
            I nod and take my seat.
            I watch as each person walks into the class and takes their seats. Good, hopefully no one sits next to me.
            I see the guy with the buzz walk in. He walks past the third row, now he's passing the second. He turns to walk down the first row. Please stop. Please don't. No. He is still walking, coming closer to me. Great, of course he sits next to me. He glances over and smiles. I force a smile back.
            "Okay time for class! Everyone take a seat!" Mr. Frey says.
            "Teacher! The bell hasn't even rung yet!" Some kid calls from the back of the class.
            "Student. Take a seat or you'll get a detention." Mr. Frey says and the whole class ohhhs.
            "Funny guy isn't he." The buzz guy says with a 'just-kidding' look on his face.
            I laugh, "Yeah, let’s go with that."
            "Hi, I'm Liam." I smile.
            "Hi, I'm Morgan."
            "When'd you move here?" He says confused.
            "Last Thursday. It was kind of late notice." I play with my pen, spinning it around my fingers.
            "Oh Jesus. That must have been tough." He says amused by my pen spinning.
            "Yeah. Umm do you want to try?" I chuckle, gesturing him my pen.
            "Yeah! How do you do that?" He examines the pen.
            I grab his hand and place the pen between his pointer and middle finger and I show him how I move my fingers. Making him spin it twice then it falls to the ground and he keeps trying over and over again.

"Excuse me. Am I interrupting something?" Mr. Frey says crossing his arms.
            "Oh no sorry, go on." Liam says smiling at me.
            I get through the class and Liam and I talked more after the class.
            He asked questions about what I like and we talked about me moving here.
            I got through my second class with a breeze. It was easy. I didn't meet anyone new but that’s fine with me.
            I couldn't have got to Drama any faster! I couldn't wait to see Niall! I walk into the class to see people wondering around the open room. I slowly walk in and spot Niall right away. He's surrounded by a bunch of girls and a couple guys, all laughing. I introduce myself to the teacher and walk over to Niall and the crowd surrounding him. I set my bag down and as a stand back up I feel two strong arms wrap around me.
            "Morgan!" I hear a familiar Irish voice echo through the room, and it becomes silent.
            "Niall!" I say turning around and hugging him back. He turns around and faces the crowd of people.
            "Hey you guys, this is Morgan she's new. She is really cool!" He tells me everyone's name but I really couldn't remember them. There were too many people.
            "You want to be my partner today?" Niall asks me with a huge smile across his face.
            "Sure, I don't know anyone else." I laugh and we spend the class doing improv, vocal exercises, goofing around and talking.

            "Sit with me at lunch!" Niall says as we walk into the courtyard for lunch.
            "Are you sure?"
            "Yeah! Come on!" He pulls me to the place where he eats lunch. There's a large table with about 20 people.
            He sits down and he pats the seat beside him and I sit.
            "How do you like the school?" He says taking a bite from his sandwich.
            "Good. It's really nice. People are chill here!"
            "Yeah! It's a pretty chill school. We have parties, here at the school, like once every other month, amazing dances like the one that is coming up. It's the best one of the year!" He says finishing one half of his sandwich.
            "What dance is that?"
            "You haven't heard of it?" He says grabbing his apple.
            I shake my head.
            "That's all that anyone has been talking about the past couple of days. It's called The Set Up dance. You take a long-ass test that takes the whole day but it’s a questionnaire about yourself. You submit it into the computer and you are paired up with someone and you’re forced to go to the dance with them. That's pretty much the match maker of the school. They say, 'it will make the world better,’” He says quoting with his fingers and continues, “The test is taken on the week we get back from break but we don't know what day. That's why everyone is freaking out about it."
            "Wow, that's intense."
            "Yeah. Some kids have connections to the school, so they get to practically pick their date," Niall fake laughs and continues, "It’s so not fair."
            "Who are the kids?"
            "Don't know. I mean, I have a feeling I know who but it doesn't matter." I nod and we talk and laugh the rest of the lunch, talking about whatever pops into our head.
            The lunch bell rings and I go to my fourth class and that goes by fast. I get to my fifth class and I want to just go home. Luckily, I sit by the door so I can get in and out quickly avoiding the traffic of getting out. The bell finally rang and I was out of there. Only one more class to go.
            I walk through the halls, and through the large courtyard filled with all sorts of people talking. Cheerleaders, the Jocks, which is the group Niall is in with Liam and two other boys, then there’s the Geeks, the Dance team, and the Foreign Exchange students, the group I should be in.

 I turn the corner to walk down the dirt path behind a portable that Niall showed me to avoid people I don't want to see. I walk down the short-cut only to be grabbed by a strong hand making me stumble as I'm twirled around. I catch myself and look up to see the face of the one person I wanted to avoid. Harry.

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