The Set Up (One Direction)

What kind of a school sets you up with someone? I mean honestly who does that! Well, one school apparently does, they think its better for the future. Everyone knows about the "Set Up" dance, anyone whos anyone knows about it. Every year all of the years take a 100 question questionnaire about themselves. The school pairs up people and they are forced to go to the biggest dance of the year. It can be anyone from any grade. Unfortunately for Morgan Greene, she has to struggle and deal with the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend for two years and having to be paired up with someone she hasn't met. Friends will test each other on different levels than ever expected.


16. The Irony

Chapter 16: The Irony

             “Happy Halloween!” I run into my mom’s arms. She holds out my favorite candy, and a whole lot of it.

             I grabbed the candy and started hugging it, “Thanks! How could I ever repay you?”

             My mom chuckles, “You wish you could have enough money to repay me for everything!”

             “Yeah, I know.”

             "So Mo, what are you doing tonight?” She asks setting her groceries on the island, I decided to help her unpack them and place them in the cabinet.

             “I don’t know, I will probably end up staying home. Maybe watch a movie or two and snack on this amazing God created candy.” It’s really depressing that on the biggest party night of the year, I’m stuck at home doing nothing. It’s very pathetic if you ask me.

             “Really? You talk about all these friends you have. I am starting to think you just make them up,” concern crosses over her face.

             “Yeah definitely, I make up people to seem cool, especially to my mother.” I roll my eyes, and smirk at her.

             “Just sayin’,” She throws up her arms in defense and we both brake out into laughter.

             “I’m going to do some homework.” I walk up my stairs with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. My bag is slung over my shoulder, and I walk into my bedroom. I toss my bag onto the bed and take out my binder.  I painfully start my homework on a night that’s supposed to be full of fun.


             “So class did everyone have a good, non-illegal influenced weekend?” My Drama 1A teacher asks the class. I sit next to Niall holding my monologue script, reading it over as kids talk about their weekend.

             “What’d you do Mo?” Niall leans over reading my monologue.

             “Uh,” I laugh, “homework.”

             Niall chuckles, “That’s funny! Seriously what’d you do?”

             I glare at him and he finally gets it, “Oh. You were serious.” I nod and he hugs me.

             “Sorry love, I would’ve invited you to do something with me but,” He trails off and I know why.

             “No, it’s fine. I had to study for lots of tests.” I lied.

             “Oh okay, I was starting to feel really bad.” I shake my head and smile at him.

             “What’d you do?” I ask, placing my script on the floor.

             “I went over to Sophia’s; she had a small get together. I should’ve asked if I could have invited you!” He hits himself in the head.

             I chuckle finding my chap-stick from inside my bag and apply it to my chapped lips, “No, it’s fine. I would’ve rather stayed home.”

             Out of the corner of my eye, a figure walks into the classroom. My head turns noting Harry walking up to the teacher handing him a white slip. The teacher reads the slip over and nods. He talks to Harry for a short bit. He starts to hand him some papers.

             Oh no, please don’t tell me he got transferred into this class.

             “Niall, did Harry transfer into here?” I point over to Harry who is writing something down on his paper.

             Niall starts shaking his head, “Oh yeah. He decided to transfer out of Stage Craft and had his way, manipulating people to get into this class.”

             “Great,” I mumble under my breath. Harry turns and quickly finds Niall and I out of the groups of students.

             “Well, well, well, look what we have here. I totally forgot you two had this class.” Harry says engulfing us into a hug.

             “You knew, don’t kid yourself, Styles.” Niall chuckles to himself.

             I stay silent and pretend to read my script, “Why are you so quiet?” Harry asks me tilting my chin up towards him.

             “Reading, what does it look like?” I snap. His eyebrows furrow, and his pink plump lips frown.

             “Since when did you become so sassy?” I fake a smile and Niall chuckles. Harry and I both glance over to Niall, he’s almost crying.

             “What’s so funny?” I ask, and Niall bursts not able to control his giddiness.

             “Nothing.” I give him a death glare and he shrugs, as if he were trying to say sorry. Harry has a confused look on his face and I try to contain my smile that’s forming on my face.

             “Okay, then. Well what are we supposed to be doing?” Harry asks, flipping his paper around.

             “You read, memorize, and perform it.” I snap once again.

             “Okay Ms. Sass-ta-queen,” Harry pulls out his phone to his text tone, he smiles.

             “So you guys down for a party tonight?” Harry looks up from his phone and smiles widely, his dimples are making themselves very visible and his green eyes become a bright green. I roll my eyes, I can’t party. There is no possible way my mom will let me go to a party, let alone that it’s a senior party.

             “I’m already going, Morgan you should come it’ll be really fun!” Niall says pulling my monologue out of my hands, I shake my head.

             “I can’t there is no way my mom will let me, especially if it’s a senior party.” I answer truthfully.

             “What does she expect? For you to sit at home all through high school and do homework instead of having fun. You are also in senior classes so she shouldn’t be surprised.” Niall tries to persuade me.

             He is right, maybe I should go. It should be fun and I didn’t do anything last night when she was surprised I didn’t do anything.

             It takes me a moment to weigh the options; finally I pull out my phone and text my mom.

             “Thank you!” Harry says relieved, I look at him with a confused look, “I’m not doing this for you, and I need to have some fun too.” Harry's cheeks flush and he stares down at the floor.

             That sends Niall way over the edge. He laughs so hard the whole class stares at us. My face become bright red and I try to tell Niall to clam down. Why does he find this so humorous?


             Once this school day finally ends, I go home and change for this party. My mom agreed that I could go only if I was smart and didn’t do anything stupid. Obviously I am not going to do anything stupid, especially not with my past.

             I stand inside my closet staring at my wardrobe. I have nothing ‘party-like’ in my whole freaking closet. I curse at myself going through each shelf and hanger. I look at my clock; I have about three hours until the party. I run downstairs and grab my keys; I book it out of my garage. I make my way to the nearest mall, which is about ten minutes away. Maybe I can find something here; I walk into a store that seems cute and teenager like.

             “Hello, welcome to H&M, are you looking for something in particular?” A short brown haired girl, maybe about two years older than me, asks putting some clothes away on racks.

             “Actually, I am. I’m going to a party tonight and I need an outfit fast.” She looks over and smiles at me. She quickly walks over and tells me to follow her. She knows exactly where the clothes she wants are. She must’ve been waiting for someone to ask her that.

             “So here I have a cute loose white tank, a dark scarf with small designs, grey leggings and some really cute jewelry.” She smiles handing me the outfit.

             “Thank you! Where are the dressing rooms?” I ask smiling at the clothes she picked.

             “Back left corner,” she leads me to the back of the store and unlocks one of the dressing rooms, “If you need anything my name is Patty.”

             I quickly exchange my clothes with these new ones and decide she was right. This is actually really cute. I switch clothes again carrying out everything Patty handed me.

             “So you like it?” Patty squeals with excitement and I nod.

             “You have a really good sense of style; I am absolutely in love with this outfit, thank you so much!” I hand her my card for her to swipe.

             “I have always wanted to be in the fashion industry since I could only remember!”

             “My mom actually co-owns a fashion company, Fadden, if you’ve heard of it. She has been saying she needs to hire an intern to help her out, you would be perfect for it.” I can’t believe I am actually trying to promote my mom’s company.

             “I have heard of it! That would be amazing! I wouldn’t even be able to express how much that would mean to me!” Patty grabs her face smiling in utter shock.

             “Yeah, here is the companies number and shoot it a call, tell them Morgan Greene requested you!” I write down my mom’s work number, Patty thanks me and I quickly make my way back to my car in the parking lot.

             Once I reach my house, I take my bags upstairs and put on the outfit. I fix my make-up and hair. The clock reads 6:45 when I glance over to it. I grab all of my things I may need for tonight and drive over to the address Niall sent me.

             The scene isn’t as crazy as I imagined it to be. Well, few people stand on the front lawn with red cups, and cars line the street. I don’t notice the blaring music until I get out of my car. I almost fall over from my high-heeled boots but I quickly recover.

             I walk into the crazy, giant house with hundreds of people in every place possible. I notice a few people from school but some don’t seem to mind me. I don’t think many people know I am two years younger than them, considering I am in their classes. Someone walks up to me and hands me a red cup full of beer. I wince at the smell and place it down on a nearby table.

             “Morgan!” I hear a voice yell, but I have no idea where it is coming from. I literally make a complete 360 turn before spotting Louis walking, or should I have wobbling, over to me. He is totally drunk.

             “Hi Louis,” I hug him and can instantly smell the alcohol on his breath.

             “So glad you’re here! C’mon everyone is over here.” He pulls me through the crowds of people to the backyard. Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam, Sophia, and Louis’ devil of a girlfriend, stand around in a circle, laughing.

             “Guess who showed up?” Louis makes my presence know as soon as he could.

             “Hi,” I shyly wave to everyone and greet them, except Claire. She stands across from me, glaring and trying to annoy me. And let me tell you, she is doing it exactly right; she is bugging the hell out of me.

             “Louis, can you please tell your girlfriend to stop giving me glares.” I say and Claire instantly stands up, and smiles at me before Louis could look at her.

             “Claire bear,” I cringed at that, “Don’t be staring at other people, you silly girl,” they both laugh and only them two laugh. Everyone else is so confused on what he sees in her.

             “I wasn’t glaring, I was just making sure this slut doesn’t steal my man.” She grabs onto Louis’ arm, she stands on her toes, kissing his neck. Louis’ eyes turn bright blue and I can just see it in his eyes, he’s under her spell.

             “Come on, let’s go. We will be going now guys.” Louis smiles at Claire and leaves, she turns back and shoots me ridiculous smile.

             “What a bitch…” I could really use a drink right now, but I can’t forget what I promised my mom. Damn it, me and my stupid rule-following-self.

             “If she really wants to play that way fine,” Niall says as if a light bulb went off in his head.

             “What?” Harry says.

             “Two can play at that game, Morgan I got it,” Niall pulls out his phone and unlocks it, “You’re going to call him and tell him he forgot something.”

             “Like what? He probably didn’t,” I fiddle with his phone scrolling to Louis’ contact.

             “I have his wallet. You’re going to tell him to come back here. And we will get the rest of it figured out. Here,” he hands me Louis’ wallet, “take this and tell him where to meet you. You’re going to have to kiss him in the end so just be prepared.”

             “Wait, what?” I gasp. Niall doesn’t listen and walks away with the rest of the boys. They disappear into the house and I call Louis doing exact as Niall told me to.

             “What, Niall?” I can hear Claire in the background, the sound is like moaning or… I don’t even want to know.

             “It’s Morgan, you left your wallet. Come back to get it, I will meet you in the backyard where we were before.”

             “Damn it,” He hangs up and I sit and wait.

             Finally, Niall and the rest come back. “Where the hell did you guys go, I have no idea what is going to happen?”

             “Ugh you’re such a worrier.” Harry complains handing me some gum.

             “What the hell is this for?” I ask waving the piece of gum in his face.

             “Gum, for you to chew.” He angrily says.

             “Niall, what is-,” Niall cuts me off, “-Louis is going to come back here, most likely with Claire hanging onto him. You’re going to flirt with him to piss her off. He has once talked about you before and stuff,”

             Harry mumbles, “Stupid idea,” I turn my head to him shaking his head in disgust.

             “Harry don’t get all upset because you don’t get to kiss her,” Zayn pats his shoulder and Harry shoos it away.

             “Louis won’t be mad at you, he will probably talk to you and he is very flirtatious even when he doesn’t mean to be. So he could flirt back and some might happen I am not sure what will happen but maybe something will happen. Let’s hope for the best.” Niall rambles on about this crazy ass plan that won’t work in a million years.

             “And I am, I am going to have to kiss him?” I state once more, this is going to be so weird.

             “Yes.” Harry reluctantly says, rolling his eyes.

             I look over to see Louis pushing through the crowds of people, and like Niall predicted, Claire is hanging onto him.

             The boys all look over at each other and walk away. What the shit.

             “Hey, thanks for grabbing it!” Louis smiles at me and I hand him his wallet. I have no idea what to do.

             “No problem, wait are you driving?” I ask remembering Louis is in a drunken state, he nods.

             “Um, you shouldn’t be driving. Here I will drive you both home. I grab his hand and I look around for the others before walking through the house.

             “I have to piss before we leave.” Claire yells over the music. I nod to her and she lets go of Louis hand rushing towards the bathroom. She should follow the motto: Always Classy Never Trashy.

             A random guy walks up with two hundred dollars bills in his hand, “I will give you each a hundred bucks to make out, right here, right now.” The guy is also drunk, but I start to put things together once I see Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam watching the man. They set this up. This is what they planned on doing.

             “Deal, I need the cash, we can split it,” I look over at the boys and wink at them. They all smile back, except Harry.

             “A hundred? Sweet, I’m in.” Louis seems a little distracted by the money to even remember his girlfriend. Perfect.

             I watch the bathroom door and wait until I see Claire walk out of the bathroom.

             Payback’s a bitch.

             Louis crashes his lips into mine, catching me off guard. He grabs my face; I put my arms around his neck and purposely back into a wall. The taste of mint and alcohol is actually kind of sexy. Our tongues dance around each other and we continue to kiss. Everyone is huddled around us, intently watching. I feel a little self-conscious but whatever I love revenge.

             After about fifteen seconds, Louis seems to get more and more intense, like he likes this or something. He presses my body into the wall, slowly grinding his hips into mine. I am not going to complain what so ever. It’s only a matter of seconds until he lets go of my face and grabs my thighs lifting me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, and not ever losing contact with my lips. His heart pounds through his chest and I can’t help mine from pounding from this feeling either.


{Haaallooooo eerryyonnneee! I hope you guys liked this twist to this chapter! Things are going to change dramatically! I am so sorry it took so long and I am really sorry if there are lots of errors! Anyways, I would really appreciate if you guys checked out my new movellas called: The Final Search! I am really proud of how it's going to turn out and I hope you guys enjoy it too! Please like, favorite, and comment on it! Lots of love, Nkpica27!<33}

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