The Set Up (One Direction)

What kind of a school sets you up with someone? I mean honestly who does that! Well, one school apparently does, they think its better for the future. Everyone knows about the "Set Up" dance, anyone whos anyone knows about it. Every year all of the years take a 100 question questionnaire about themselves. The school pairs up people and they are forced to go to the biggest dance of the year. It can be anyone from any grade. Unfortunately for Morgan Greene, she has to struggle and deal with the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend for two years and having to be paired up with someone she hasn't met. Friends will test each other on different levels than ever expected.


14. The Dance

     It's been a few weeks since I hung out with the boys at my house. School these past weeks has been long and hard, the middle grades of high school have been said to be the hardest. Now I understand why they say that. This is one of my only breaks I have had, Madison and I decided it was time to go dress shopping. With the dance beings few days away, it would probably be a good idea not to wait any longer.

     "Morgan, how does this one look?" My attention turns to Madison who stands out of her dressing room.

     "It’s alright, it doesn't really compliment your body as much as it should," I look at her in a nude colored dress, with her skin color being darker; it didn't look well at all. Her body was so perfect, she had all the right curves and her stomach was as flat as could be. Her skin is tanned and complimented her blue eyes and blonde hair.

     "You're right; it's not really for me." She pivots turning into her dressing room. I have already tried on the dresses I picked out, none worked. I am becoming hopeless, thinking that we only have one more store to look at.

     "Okay, let's go." Maddie walks past me through the exit of the store. I quickly follow behind her into another and the last store.

     "These better work." I murmur to Maddie, looking through the racks of dresses.

     I am picky about the dresses I want, right now my eyes are set on something loose and red, preferably with long sleeves and lace, I love lace.

     After a good half an hour of looking Maddie and I meet up at the dressing room. She has ten dresses in hand and I have four.

     We both try on our first dresses, no luck. I try on my second and that's no good. Maddie tries on her second, third, fourth and fifth before she let me convince her it was her dress and for only her.

     My third dress was cute but I was hoping the next dress, which was a maroon long-sleeved dress, tight on the top and pans outward from my ribcage, was the one.

     I finally try on the last dress and walk out of the dressing room. Maddie's mouth drops with exuberant.

     "OH MY GOD!" She squeals standing up spinning me around for a better look, "Morgan you look stunning in this dress!"

     I blush and look at myself in the 180 degree mirror, I love this dress.

     "This is it." I finally decide after a few moments of critiquing myself.

     Maddie jumps up and down in excitement, "Calm down, Mads!" I chuckle.

     "It's just so beautiful! You're beautiful!" She hugs me tight and I change into my regular clothes.

     I hold the dress in my hand before realizing I needed to check the price. I pull the tag out and read the numbers, you're kidding.

     "Um... Maddie." She turns and looks at the tag I hold in front of her face. Her jaw drops in shock.

     "Holy crap." She looked at the tag disturbed at what she saw.

     "I can't buy this. I can't even afford half of the dress."

     My phone starts to ring, I look down to read the name on the glowing screen, it's Harry. I answer and walk away from Maddie.

     "Hello?" I say.

     "How's dress shopping?" Harry asks.

     "How'd you know I-"

     Harry cuts me off mid-sentence, "Madison tagged you on Facebook."

     I roll my eyes and look over at Maddie buying her dress.

     "Well, it isn't going well. The dress I love is extremely expensive." I almost brokenly say.

     "How much?" His low voice speaks.

     "Twelve hundred." I mumble.

     I can hear Harry huff through the phone, "How does it look on you?"

     "Erm... I don't know, it-"

     "Give the phone to Madison." He speaks up.

     I walk over to Madison who is standing by the register on her phone, I hold out my phone and she takes it.

     "Hello?... Hi Harry... Go for it.... Yeah she looks absolutely stunning in it... She looks perfect in it, trust me... Okay... Cool... Bye." She hands me back my phone and smiles.

     "Harry?" I ask.

     "I'll buy it for you." Harry boldly states.

     My heart stops and I start to become light headed, "No, Harry its okay please. I will find another-" Once again he cuts me off.

     "I'm buying it, I want my date to look hot, even if that means paying that much. It isn't a problem for me, don't worry." Harry flaunts his wealth even when he isn't being arrogant.

     "Thank you." I apprehensively thank him.

     "I will be there in a few minutes."

     Maddie and I wait for twenty minutes for Harry to show up. We look through the clothes section, putting clothes together that we would never wear.

     "I'm here, ladies," Harry says announcing his arrival, "Now put it on for me."

     "I just tried it on, it looks fine." I remind him.

     "If I'm paying twelve hundred dollars on you, I want you to put it on for me." He grimaces at me.

     "Fine." I walk back into the dressing room, trying on the dress.

     I zip up the zipper; I walk through the exit of the dressing room to the waiting area. Harry sits up and leans forward putting weight on his arms.

     "Okay, I'll be at the register," he stands up walking over to wait for us.

     Madison chuckles, "If he got turned on with just seeing you for a second, wait until the dance when you're all up on him dancing away."

     "Oh shut up." I roll my eyes, and turn to my dressing room again.

     "I love you and you know it." Maddie shouts and I smile shaking my head.


     "It's time, it's time, IT'S TIME!" Cara yells as she skips around my house.

     "Yes, we know." Madison bluntly replies to Cara's comment for the third time.

     There's a knock at the door, I rush down the stairs and grab my wallet. I open the door to get the pizza we ordered. I exchange my money with the pizza from the delivery man.

     "Pizza's here!" I yell closing the door and placing the box on the island.

     I open the top of the box and inhale the smell of the warm pizza.

     "Smells so good!" Madison says eyeing the food.

     The girls and I surround the pizza and chow down.

     "Guys," Cara moans after her second piece, "we won't be able to fit into our dresses if we keep eating!"

     "Pshh, I play soccer, I can eat whatever I want!" Maddie mutters grabbing her third slice.

     "C'mon guys, let’s go get ready, we have only three hours until our dates pick us up." I grab my phone and follow behind Cara who is practically up the stairs already.

     "This is going to be the best dance ever!" Cara shrieks, handing us our dresses.


     "Done." Cara steps back looking at the finished project of my face.

     "Morgan, you have to stop being so stunning, it isn't fair!" Maddie says with a huge smirk on her face.

     "I probably don't look nearly as perfect as you two." I blush at their words inspecting my makeup.

     I sign in relief at a job well done by Cara and fix my curls. I spin around grabbing my dress from its hanger and change into the beautiful, but expensive fabric.

     I check my clock for the time, good we have a few minutes before the boys get here. We all look over each other and walk downstairs to wait for our dates.

     "I'm going to pee really quick," Maddie rushes to the bathroom and shuts the door. Cara and I sit on the stairs putting each other's shoes on. After that was over, Maddie emerges from the bathroom looking nervous.

     "What's wrong?" I ask walking towards her.

     "I'm just so nervous. I want to make a good impression." Maddie rubs her arm seeming to be embarrassed from what she just said.

     "He will fall head over heels for you, I promise." I grab Maddie's shoulders and pull her in for a hug. Our hug was cut short at the sound of knocking at the door. I rush over and look through the peephole and spy Maddie's date, Trent.

     "It's for you," I wave Maddie over to me to open the door.

     I watched as both their eyes lit up from the sight of each other.

     Maddie welcomes him in and we are introduced immediately.

     "Trent, these are my best friends, Morgan and Cara." Maddie grabs our arms and we exchange hellos.

     "Let's go take some pictures in my backyard until Harry and Zach show up."

     I lead the way to my backyard; I placed Maddie and Trent around the backyard to find the perfect backdrop. Maddie and Trent only let us take a few pictures before they force us to stop.

     Finally, Zach shows up and we do the same procedure to them, but they loved getting their pictures taken.

     "Where's Harry?" Cara asks when we walk back into my house.

     "I have no clue." I start to get nervous and check my phone. No messages, no missed calls, nothing.

     Where is he?

     I dial his number and it goes straight to voicemail. What the hell.

     "Guys, you might wanna check outside." Zach points through my front door which he opened. We all cautiously walk outside to see a huge party bus in my driveway. Harry walks out and flashes a huge smile.

     "Why," is all I can say. I'm partially embarrassed but then again I'm not.

     "I thought we should arrive in style." He grabs my wrist and the rest of the couples follow us up into the bus.

     Bright, colorful light flash and black leather seats line the interior.

     I have to do a double take to notice we aren't alone. Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn crowd around with their dates. Their attention is redirected towards the new guests.

     "Now we can finally get the show on the road." Zayn says walking over to hug me.

     "Hi Zayn." I whisper to him.

     "Hi Mo!" He squeezes me and travels around greeting everyone and I do the same.

     "Morgan give me a hug!" Louis wraps his arms around me.

     "How you doing, Lou?" I ask.

     "Great, it's been quite a while hasn't it?"

     "Yeah it has." I look over his shoulder at his date, she glares at me with green in her eyes. She must have feelings for him. I wouldn't be surprised if she tries something on the ride over to the dance, claiming him as hers.

     I glance over my shoulder, noticing Maddie and Trent laughing. And she was afraid to make a bad impression. Obviously she made a good enough impression.

     After Harry chats with each of his guests before wondering over to me, his date.

     "Well, well, well. Look who decided to come and talk to his date." I tease him crossing my arms.

     "Hey, you have to be a good host. That's what I'm known best for." Harry throws his arm around my shoulder and pulls us down to the leather seats.

     "This is going to be the best dance you'll ever go to." He says, staring through the bus window.

     "How so?"

     "Are you doubting me?" Harry shifts in his seat raising an eyebrow, a smirk appearing across his face.


     "You're going with me, do you really think it wouldn't be the best?" He gently squeezes my shoulder. I shrug and reach for a water bottle behind my seat.


     We walk through the doors to the school’s auditorium. The scene is crazy, with exotic cool colors flash throughout the room. Blue and purple center pieces pull together the room. People are already on the dance floor.  Some people are eating and some are just awkwardly in corners making out.

     "Hungry?" Harry asks. I nod and we walk over towards the buffet table. Finger foods spread along the dark blue cloth and drinks finish off at the end of the table.

     We finish our small meal and Harry instantly pulls me onto the dance floor. The pounding from the music makes my chest vibrate. I watch Harry push his way through the now tightly packed crowd of sweaty hormonal teens. I carefully watched the way his body moved through the crowd so flawlessly. His torso seems to keep going and never stopped, his black slacks made his legs seem ten times longer than they already were. Harry's curls flopped back to show each perfect nook and cranny in his face. He is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen in my life, it almost hurts to admit.

     Harry turns towards me once he found his destination in the crowd and took hold of my waist. His long fingers extended around my waist and locked together with his other hand in the center of my back.

     With perfect timing, a slow song started to play, "Time to slow things down a bit ladies and gents," the DJ spoke, the crowd buzzed and Harry couldn't take his eyes off of me.

     "I forgot to tell you," Harry spins me around, my back facing him, "you look amazing." He whispers into my ear sending chills down my spine.

     We sway back and forth to the slow rhythm of the music. I take in the smell of his cologne and shut my eyes.

     After a few more song with a faster beat we decide to get a drink of water and rest.

     "Wow, you really know how to dance." Harry gulps down his glass and sets it on the table.

     "Well, all we really did was just use our hips, but sure okay." I roll my eyes.

     Harry smirks, "Exactly."

     I search through the crowd looking for anyone I knew. I quickly spot Louis and his date rush out of the crowd towards the bathroom. She's probably not feeling well, or he wasn't. But they both had huge smiles on their faces. It puzzled me for a little until I spot Maddie and Trent making out in one of the corners. I'm really surprised they haven't gotten kicked out considering faulty members wander around.

     "Morgan!" I hear Cara wail, I spin around and Harry does the same. Cara is bawling with Zach following behind. The pain in her voice made my body go numb.

     "What's wrong?!" I grab her shoulders and Harry stands by my side.

     "I-" Cara tries to control herself but fails, she continues to cry, tears ruining her perfect makeup. Harry and I look at each other, we were both scared.

     "What happened Zach?" Harry pulls him aside and I can see Zach panic as he speaks. Harry's expression turns to fear and shock.

     "Cara, what is happening?" I say.

     "Some guy... some guy just came up to me. He doesn't even go here. He pulled me around a corner and-" I pull her in for a hug not wanting to hear anymore. Tears wet the skin on my shoulder, running down my back.

     "Harry, come here. Stay with her." I command and Harry complies.

     I rush over to Zach, "Zach, what did that guy do?"

     Zach shakes his head and looks around, "I went to the bathroom, and she waited outside for me. I came out of the bathroom and she was gone, I literally searched everywhere for her. I finally heard her scream at the back of the school by the garbage. When I turned the corner an older guy was on top of her. He covered her mouth and tried to take off her dress," He winced at the memory, "I kicked him off of her and he ran away."

     "Oh my god." I look over at Cara engulfed in a hug from Harry.

     "We need to tell the cops, she just was sexually abused."

     "I know, I know. Zach go call the police, Harry and I will go find a teacher or something." Zach nods and I walk over to Cara and Harry.

     We leave and find a teacher. The teacher takes Cara outside with another staff member.

     Harry and I sit and talk for a while, about an hour, then decide to go and finish the night with some dancing,  to clear our minds for a little.

     Harry takes hold of my hips and we start off where we finished. We grind to the fast pace music. The heat from our bodies radiate to the people around us. Beads of sweat dripped down my neck and formed droplets on his face. His green orbs didn't ever stray away from me. Neither did my eyes stray from him. The mint in his breathe was chilled and refreshing to my skin as he breathed on my neck. I spun around at times and danced with Harry like people would at a club from the front side. I will admit, he is a great grinder. While we danced, I could feel him being turned on. I have never done that to anyone. I loved the fact that I could do that to someone.

     As the final verse of the last song came to an end, Harry and I walked out with smiles on our faces, I really did have a fun time not included what happened with Cara.

     "Thank you; I had a lot of fun." I admit and he smiles.

     "Me, too." He bends down and plants a kiss that lingered on my left cheek. His lips were so warm and gentle, he was a perfect human. Not one flaw about him.

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