The Set Up (One Direction)

What kind of a school sets you up with someone? I mean honestly who does that! Well, one school apparently does, they think its better for the future. Everyone knows about the "Set Up" dance, anyone whos anyone knows about it. Every year all of the years take a 100 question questionnaire about themselves. The school pairs up people and they are forced to go to the biggest dance of the year. It can be anyone from any grade. Unfortunately for Morgan Greene, she has to struggle and deal with the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend for two years and having to be paired up with someone she hasn't met. Friends will test each other on different levels than ever expected.


9. The Big Reveal

Chapter 9: The Big Reveal

                   I wake up to the sound of rain pounding on my window. Light flashes to jolt me out of bed. I quickly sit up and start to feel light headed. I groan as I look at the clock and throw myself back under my warm sheets. I shut my eyes, for which seems like only a minute, to have my sheets thrown off of me.

                  “Mother!” I yell pulling my pillow over my face to shield me from the light. Then, without warning my pillow gets pried from my hands. “Are you joking me right now?” I scream and hear chuckles. I turn over to see Niall hovering over my face.

                  “Good morning sunshine!” He yells back in my face smirking at me in distress.

                  “What the hell are you doing here? Who let your ass in?” I stand up from the fetal position abruptly and adjust my pajama shorts.

                  “We don’t have school today, and you wouldn’t answer your phone so I decided to come and tell you in person,” He starts to play with my necklaces on my dresser, “Oh and your mom let me in, I caught her just before she left.”

                  I roll my eyes and put on my Ray Bans prescription glasses. “Wait, why do we not have school today?”

                  Niall turns around, “The school board voted if we should have school off the day they send the results out. They voted that we should get the day off because in the past one of the staff members almost got killed by someone who wasn’t happy about their results,” He chuckles a little, “So here we are, no school. Yay!” He jumps on top of my bed and starts bouncing on it.

                  “Get off.” I say pointing at the ground.

                  “Make me.” He says crossing his arms and making faces like a little kid would make when they don’t want to listen.

                  I look at the pillow on my bed and back up to Niall, “Fine.” I grab the pillow at hit him in the stomach and I watch him fall down on to the bed. Whoops I missed. I watch as Niall moans and groans in pain.

                  “Sorry Niall. I warned you to get off.” I turn and walk out of my room down the stairs.

                  I walk downstairs in to the kitchen and start to play music from my iHome. Glad You Came by The Wanted starts to play. I put some eggs on the stove and sing along.

                  “Nice music,” Niall says walking into the kitchen, “These guys are so bad, they can’t sing and they’re gay. I can’t believe people actually listen to their music.” He says going through my music.

                  “First of all, don’t change the music, and second of all, they are really hot.”

                  “I can sing better than them. They suck.” Niall says rolling his eyes.

                  “Want any eggs or pancakes or waffles?”

                  “No, I was going to take us to go get some breakfast. Let go.” He says opening the door.

                  “I am not even dressed!” I say turning off the stove and walk towards Niall.

                  He shrugs, “Sucks to suck… hard.” He smirks and I follow him out to his car.

                  We hop into my car after arguing whose car we take and I turn on the radio. I pull out of the driveway and close the garage.

                  “Do you know when the results get sent out?” I ask Niall as he plays Battle Cats on his phone.

                  “Nope, but I am thinking around the afternoon. That’s when the lazy staff members stop watching Shameless in the teachers lounge and actually do things.”

                  I anxiously look at the clock and nod. I really need them to send out the results. Now would be good.

                  I look over at Niall, while he has his face down, his eyes fixed on his phone. “Niall, what are you doing?” I ask. He slowly looks up, peeling his eyes away from his phone. “Just checking Twitter, you know stalking some celebs.” I lean over and look at his phone to see him looking at Justin Bieber’s page.

                  I start to laugh in my seat, making me almost hit a car. “You stalk Justin?” I say, trying to control my laughter. “Who else is there to stalk? The Wanted?”

                  I roll my eyes and pull into iHop. We get out of the car and walk into the restaurant. “Hello, welcome to iHop, how many?” A petite lady with red hair says smiling. “Two.” Niall pipes up before I could talk. The lady grabs two menus and gestures for us to follow her to our seats.

                  We sit down in a two person booth and thank the hostess. Niall looks through the menu and licks his lips. “What was that?” I say laughing. Niall looks up and smirks, “Just all of this food, it looks so good.” I look back down at my menu and start to hear my phone beep. I pull out my phone from my back pocket and unlock my phone. It’s a notification from Twitter. I ignore it and set my phone down on the table besides me.

                  “Who was that?” Niall asks. I shrug, “Just Twitter.” He nods and puts his face back into his menu.


                  We finish our food, I ordered a stack of pancakes and a side of hash browns and Niall ordered waffles, pancakes, hash browns, eggs, bacon and sausage. My phone starts to beep uncontrollably. I get messages, more Twitter notifications and Facebook notifications. Niall looks up at my with a confused face, I give him the ‘I-have-no-idea-what’s-happening’ look. I open my messages first. It’s from my best friend, Madison; I smile and open the message. :

“How could you! I can’t believe you! I thought we were friends, but I guess not. How could you let me tell you who I wanted to get paired up with then you get pair up with him?”

                   At this point, the smile has disappeared and the tears are starting to form. I open the email that is from the school and go through the list looking for my last name. Greene, Greene, Greene, G-R-E-E… Oh there it is, I think to myself. I follow the dotted line to a number. 757. I scroll down to the seven hundreds. Seven-twenty. Seven-thirty. Seven-forty. Seven-fifty. Seven-fifty seven. I almost pass out looking at the two words. I put my phone down on the table and put my head in my arms. Niall grabs my phone and looks at the person’s name. “Holy shit,” he says a little shocked.

                  I look up at him and he starts laughing. I can’t help but smile back.

                  “Is this some sort of joke?” I ask him. He shakes his head, “Nope. I guess the staff decided they want to go clubbing tonight.” We both start laughing, and hard enough to have tears falling out of our eyes.

                  “So I am going to the dance with…” I start then Niall finishes, “Harry freaking Styles.”



{AUTHOR'S NOTE: Surprise Surprise! Can you guys believe it? I bet I got you(; Don't worry there will be plot twists coming up soon! I appologize for the wait. Like I said before in my blog, "My parents took my writting away to focus on school and now I am back and ready to write! I hope you enjoyed this last chapter! Much love, Nikki!<3}

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